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  • When running multiple syracuse instances, would like to be able to specify which Syracuse instance the batch server will use.

    When running multiple syracuse instances, would like to be able to specify which Syracuse instance the batch server will use.

    We have a customer with 3 syracuse servers - the idea is that there will be 2 used by the users for general day-to-day activity…

  • ALERT: Eclipse Debugging in a Syracuse Cluster can exhaust Memory and CPU


    A problem has been discovered with memory and CPU consumption when Eclipse Debugging is being undertaken with a multi-server Syracuse cluster.

    This has been identified as an issue when using the Syracuse Load balancer:-

    The Syracuse nanny process…

  • Improve Menu profile import function

    This function is very useful to translate Syracuse menus, as it reads translations already done in SQL db.
    But, some items on the navigation page are not translated.

    Example with Fixed assets/Inquiries menu. ‘All legislations’ and ‘Germany & Austria’ and…

  • Critical security hotfixes for U9, V11 and V12.

    A security risk within Sage X3 has been discovered that may impact customers using Sage X3, Sage X3 Warehousing and Sage X3 HR & Payroll. The security risk is related to a platform component and has no impact on the Sage X3 application code or customizations…

  • Password check


    I need to add a check for a User's Supervisor to enter his password in a certain scenario.  How can I have the system prompt for a User's password? This is in V12.

    This function accepts anything as correct, or doesn't work.

    Read [AUS]LOGIN…

  • Syracuse service not starting

    • Review credentials setup in services
    • Review antivirus setup. Start by stopping/disabling antivirus, if Syracuse starts then you will need to whitelist Syracuse in the anti-virus settings
  • Exponential growth in Syracuse log files

    • Ensure you are running on latest patch sets of Syracuse
    • Review log files if there is extra logging of information
  • Error: "Process execution failed" when installing Syracuse Server

    • Check for antivirus and review if it is blocking
    • Stop Syracuse connections before initiating updates
  • ALERT: Syracuse Server Hotfixes are now available for V12 and V11

    ALERT: Syracuse Server Hotfixes are now available for V12 and V11 

    Syracuse Server version and Syracuse Server version 

    The Syracuse hotfixes contain fixes for issues:

    -Excel export does not work from a dashboard (X3-236950…

  • SyracuseServer hotfixes are now available for V12 and V11

    SyracuseServer hotfixes are now available on our ftp server  for  V12 ( SyracuseServer  and V11:  (SyracuseServer

    The Syracuse hotfixes contain fixes for  the following issues

    • Excel export does not work from a dashboard.
    • EDI: Wrong…
  • ALERT: V11 Syracuse and PU9 Syracuse

    Please refer to the Sage X3 Lifecycle Policy for information on the different Sage X3 versions' support status. Syracuse hotfixes that apply to the maintained versions, releases, and patch levels:

    The latest Syracuse releases are only certified with…

  • Alerta: Syracuse 12.10 o posterior no puede ser aplicado a 2019 R5 (12.0.20) o anterior

    Para los clientes que usan versiones fuera de la política de ciclo de vida de Sage X3, deben tener mucho cuidado al considerar la instalación de parches en cualquiera de sus componentes X3 de forma aislada.

     Un claro ejemplo de esto es la…

  • ALERT: Syracuse 12.10 or later cannot be applied to 2019 R5 (12.0.20) or earlier

    For customers running versions outside the Sage X3 Lifecycle Policy, you need to be very careful when considering patching any of your X3 components in isolation.

    A clear example of this is the latest Syracuse version 12.10 which has been significantly…

  • Sage X3 Security Hotfix (Node.js vulnerability)

    A Sage X3 security fix for Sage X3, Sage X3 HR and Payroll and Sage X3 Warehousing has been issued on March 12th 2021. This security fix is related to a 3rd party component Node.js

    The Sage X3 security fix applies to the Sage X3 web server (Syracuse…
  • Batch server difference between U9 and V11/V12


    I'm curious to know what is the main reason to change the batch server from the application server to the syracuse server level. 

    Any idea about the advantage or the improvement reason behind this major modification ?

    Can we always check by…

  • IMPORTANTE – Nuevo componente MongoDB y Syracuse

    V11 MongoDB

    Este instalador soluciona el problema que se producía cuando MongoDB y Syracuse habían sido instalados conjuntamente, con lo que en el directorio de certificados de MongoDB solamente aparecen los ficheros ca.cacrt y…

  • Add entry point to Syracuse class field control

    If you could add an entry point that could be utilized for class fields that would fire prior to the native format check, it would allow me to add code to auto-capitalize, auto-fill, etc. Currently this logic is blocked because the format isn't adhered…

  • Load balancer Syracuse - préconisations

    Les recommandations concernant le sizing des node.js de Syracuse ont évolué et sont désormais sur l'aide en ligne :

    Un nouveau paragraphe a été ajouté par rapport à l'utilisation…

  • ALERT: Version 11 - Hotfix for Syracuse (

    A new hotfix for Version 11 Syracuse has just been released

    This Syracuse hotfix contains resolutions for the following issues:

    • Random issue when printing (truncated or empty file)
    • Text editor issue when using > and < symbols

    You can…

  • Nueva versión del Add-on del SII V1.12

    Con fecha 23 de noviembre se han actualizado las versiones del Add-on para la solución Sage SII  V1.12 de Sage X3 para las versiones 11 y 12.

    Esta actualización es compatible con los nuevos controles implementados para 1 de Enero de 2021 por …

  • Syracuse Node.js keepalive settings

    I'm on V12p23, and I'm trying to resolve 'econnreset' and 'X3Dispatch' errors. End-users get the errors launching basic functions, and we see 'econnreset' errors on the batch server tasks. On the runtime server these seem to correlate with KERNELBASE…

  • Novo Componente Flash para V11

    Recentemente foi lançado um hotfix Syracuse Web Server (Syracuse 11.24.1) que aborda os problemas mais recentes relatados com o Visual Process Editor e o componente de exibição.
    Instale esta versão do Syracuse se você estiver usando…

  • New Flash Component for V11

    A new Syracuse Web Server Hotfix, Syracuse 11.24.1 has been released, that addresses the latest issues reported with the Visual Process Editor and display component.

    Please install this Syracuse release if you are using the new Visual Process components…

  • Which is the right Syracuse Hotfix for v11?

    There was a KB article #106630, which was for Syracuse, which was a hotfix for and addressed the & being replaced with &amp;.  But now that KB article no longer exists.  

    If you search the KB for Syracuse you'll find the original…

  • Error: "No web services processes declared in Syracuse Hosts"


    • Navigate to Administration>Administration>Servers>Hosts 
    • Select the host from the list and click Edit
    • Enter a positive value in the Number of Web service child processes box
    • Save and Test