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  • Order Entry 2022 and Item Drill button

    With the addition of the "Set Ship Date" and "Set Location" buttons in Sage 2022 it seems the "Item Drill" button to Ops Inquiry | Item Inquiry has been removed.

    I'm running 2022 product update 1. Ops Inquiry 6.9 is activated…

  • Is there a way to add an order line release?

    Looking to have a parent line with multiple releases created for that line, set at different dates, with the ability to change the ship to/ship via per release. Is this available?

  • Changing the FIFO dates in X3. Manually.

    Currently when product is received into X3 to any location it is tagged with a receipt date.  This is the date that travels with the product and drives the FIFO order for each product.

    Is there a way to manually FIFO inventory to give more versatility…

  • Payment Voucher Print

    Hi All,

    I am facing this issue very often as I was unable to click 'Record' to print Payment voucher for one of the payment entry type and sometimes, with few transactions under this payment type as well. I am using V11 of Sage X3.

    I tried to…

  • Making the Phase field in AR Invoice Distributions functioning

    I am trying to figure out how to make the Phase field in AR for Invoice Distributions functioning since clearly when setup originally that was not completed.

    I understand that this has to be done in GL > File > Company Settings > Custom Descriptions …

  • Invoicing partly in Order entry

    Hi All,

    I have a client who would like to create an order say of 10 items, ship all the items (10) but when it comes to the invoicing, he invoice in bits say he first invoice  5 items and the other items later.

    I have tried doing this but immediately…


    Is there a way to disable the forcing of capital letters in the PO no. field within order entry?

    We have a partner who sends us PO numbers that contain both capital and lowercase letters.

    When we transmit through EDI back to them the information is case…

  • Timeslips 2016 Bill Preview

    When I generate bills and view them in "display" the entire bill does not show up....i.e. the number of hours, the hourly rate, and the charge on the far right of the bill.  It prints correctly, but doesn't show on the screen. This has just started…

  • OE Transaction Credit Check 2018 vs 2012


    In SAGE 2012(right) O/E Transaction Credit Check, we have a brief description for the AR Transaction Exceeds of the Customer, when it exceeds the Transactions Overdue Day and limit amount set in the Customer master . However, the same description…

  • Warehouse Setup

    We have a warehouse that is not setup to track items at the Bin level - can this warehouse be changed to track at the Bin level?

  • Sales Order Entry -Address BT/ST Question

    We are using Sage 100 Standard 2017 and I have a question when you enter a Sales Order manually.  We have Customers that are Vendors and they sell to customers that we drop ship to.  so we want the bill to information to be our vendor which is the customer…

  • Employee Hourly Payroll

    Hello everyone,

    I am currently having an issue with my employee payroll hourly pay, overtime pay, and additional with holdings. For some reason that spot is the only spot that changes my amounts and rounds them up. Example: hourly wage $12.50 and overtime…

  • How to increase the size of the navigator window and overall layout of timeslips with changing the entire computer?

    Hi all.  We recently purchased a new computer with native 1920 x 1080 resolution.  Without changing the resolution or setting the display to larger 150%(it's already at medium) how do I increase the size of the icons and windows?  I am currently running…

  • Customer on hold - Order entry

    Is there a way to flag a customer in the order/shipment entry screen that tells the user that the customer's balance is overdue or that they are over their credit limit? 

    We are using Sage 300 Premium 2016.


  • How do I fix SEI connection issues?

    Users from one of are remote company locations can get to the https login page via the WAN and enter their AD credentials. Once the credentials are provided SEI never moves past the connecting screen.  We are using AD authentication and the users who are…

  • Accpac 5.5A conversion to Sage 300

    We are still running Accpac 5.5A STILL. We are looking to upgrade to Sage 300. There are a lot of features we like about Accpac currently that we hope will still be available in Sage 300. Things like having multiple sales order lookup windows open simultaneously…

  • negative amounts in remittance Payments Journal

    I began working for the subject company in October and continued to do payroll and remittances as it was done before. When I went to do T4's I noted that there was NOTHING in the Total Remittances field of the summary. Thought I'd try to correct this…

  • What size/resolution logo for Maintain Report Formats?

    Hi -

    I need to change our logo on our internal reports (Through Maintain Report Formats) and the last time I did it we were worried about Y2K....

    What are the recommended sizes in Pixels and/or Inches for the JPGs?? 

    Our logo is approximately 1.4 in…

  • Costing won't appear on order entry screen.

    I have checked the box in my user details that asks to show costing in order entry, but it still does not show up.  What am I doing wrong?