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  • Locating your serial number

    Want to know how to locate your serial number so you can finish installing the latest Sage 50 US 2023.0 version?

    Head over to this article

  • Serial Number Import From File


    We're currently on Sage300 2020 Standard PU8.

    We sell serialized products; devices from vendors that already come with serial numbers, which we have to input into the system, currently by way of scanning bar codes. We have no use for serial…

  • Serial Number Import Macro

    Is there a Serial Number Import Macro available for use either at PO Receipt level or using the IC Serial/Lot reconciliation functions?

    From a Google search that pointed to the "Ideas" section of the Sage site the request for importing serials has been…

  • How do I find my customer and base serial number?

    You will require these details for many things like:

    • Registration
    • Acquiring support via email, chat or telephone
    • Logging into the customer/reseller zones
    • Purchasing new modules etc.

    In order to find these very important details in Sage 50cloud Pastel…

  • Inventory Distribution - Serial Number Duplication on Shipped Out Inventory

    Does anyone have experience with inventory distributions using serial numbers with a mask? 

    ISSUE: Serial numbers used for inventory that has not yet been shipped out does not allow reuse and displays a message to notify the user, but if the inventory…

  • Serial Number option not available in layouts

    In the inventory\order entry invoice\crn\rts\grv\SO\PO layouts, the only way to display the serial number is by the default memo in the layout. This cannot be customized any any way.

    Also if this "memo field" is removed, you cannot put it back as the…

  • how to update serial number on Sage 50 v22 ?

    Hi Folks,

    Anyone know how to remove an old (but valid) serial no + activaction code and replace with a new pair (with extra companies) ?