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  • Selection Field: List a group of non-CRM using employees.

    This is how Cornerstone set this up:

     "Project Manager" is a user select field. All project managers are disabled/deactivated users, as they do not use CRM.

    Now I'm trying to integrate a new sales channel with a new operations team (project…

  • More thoughts about look up field types

    Some time ago I wrote an article called "Sage CRM EntryTypes used in the COM ASP API" in which I listed the different EntryType codes that can be used to define fields (Entries).

    I explained that within an existing system you can check which…

  • Changing a Checkbox to a Selection list

    Checkbox fields are brilliant for letting a user quickly collect certain types of data. But they do have their limitations and you may discover that you want to be able to store answers such as 'Y' (Yes), 'N' (No), 'M' (Maybe) rather than a simple…

  • Controlling the Display of Drop Down Options in Team Select Fields

    Many system entities such as Opportunities, Leads and Cases can be assigned to a Team. Custom Entities can also have Teams assigned to them.

    For historic reasons the Team field in the database is called channelid.

    • user_primarychannelid
    • opp…
  • Use Advanced Search Selects to create linked selection lists

    Many teams need to link selection lists so that the contents of one selection list determine the contents of another. For example Support teams love the ability when creating a case, to fill in a value for a type of support issue, and then narrow down…

  • Using an onChange Script on a Selection list to set a value of another field

    This is a simple real world example.

    There was a customer need to set a field values based on value of another field on the opportunity screen. The screens had been customized. The oppo_forecast and oppo_certainty fields were removed from the opportunitystatusbox…

  • Search Issue on multiple fields within the COmpany entity


    I'm hoping someone can help me with this search issue.

    I have created 6 new fields within the Company entity.
    All fields are created the same except for the column name being different.
    I also have all fields pointing to the same Lookup Family:

  • Applying a Change to All Fields (selection)

    Hi all, first post and hopefully a simple question. We have recently concluded activities for 2015 and we're now preparing to get an early start on 2016 activities. I want to organize cases by the year where we began activities. Because the calendar…

  • Hide fields based off selected from a dropdown. Cases


    I have the need to hide a number of fields based off what is selected from a drop down list on a field in the same screen.

    i've used a bit of Java that works in the Onchange script:




  • SEI Year selection


    After installing template for Sage X3 on SEI, our customer try to select year in popup filter but list is empty. 

    Is there a script or action available on administration to populate this list ?

    I try to add manually one record on the ZCALENDAR table…

  • Ajout sélection multiple ailleurs qu'en requête


    Il pourrait être intéressant d'ajouter la sélection multiple disponible dans les consultations de requêtes dans d'autres fonction d'X3. Comme par exemple dans les fonctions de générations automatiques type FUNAUTALL, FUNAUTDLV. Ou encore dans…