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  • Security password specifications for User Login

    Clients constantly receive queries from Auditors asking for password specifications for user login.

    On the Navigation pane:

    Expand                             Security

    Double-click on                 Profiles

    There will be an Active Directory and a Local profile. Double-click on the required profile…

  • Security Profile ESS User access


    If you Security Profiles are not setup Properly, ESS users have access to Editing the Role details when logged onto ESS and they view Role details > Select a role > select the action box > and click detail > And the Edit button is enabled on the…

  • Security in Sage CRM: A round up of articles

    Below are links to articles and resources that discuss the different forms of security that a system administrator or developer working with Sage CRM needs to understand. These covers aspects of application security, network security and database security…

  • Security Matrix - Restricting visibility to Assigned To and Created By

    Hi All,

    Is there a way I can setup a security matrix where cases of Team A are visible/editable only to Assigned To and Created By, but cases of other teams can be visible/editable to all the respective team members.



  • To Separate Out Security Profile option "Collaboration"

    This security profile option "collaboration" in V11 Patch 3,  controls 2 functions which a customer wants splitting out. If this is selected with "Create, Read and Write" Access, it allows Export to Excel due to the office integration