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  • Screen Field Size

    Good day Ladies and Gents 

    Can anyone let me know if there's a way to make the fields appear larger on a screen?  It seems to dynamically change when you change the size of your screen, but ideally there are some I could make larger by default and…

  • Error adding Custom Description field to BOMs and Work Order Screens


    I am trying to add a custom long description field to our Manufacturing BOM screen (BOH0) and receiving this error - 

    I've added a "Before Field" Action to the ITMREF field and added this as the script. 


  • Access Codes

    I need to restrict all fields besides the supplier section on products.

    I assumed I could set the function GESITM to view only for this groups functional authorizations and then add an Access Code I created to the supplier fields and set that to allow…

  • 4GL Calculate Fields

    I am trying to do a simple calculation where I need to multiply two fields and the total is displayed in another field. I believe this can be easily done through 4GL programming, but have some questions. My thinking is I would add an action to the screen…

  • Administration screens appear briefly before disappearing

    Problem details

    When entering the Administration area, the screen/panels appear very briefly before disappearing.  The lefthand side menu remains though.


    Check your browser screen settings and ensure that your zoom is set to 100%

  • Error: "The entered value does not repsect the field format or type" - Unable to add comments in the "Delivery Comment" box of Order Management

    When trying to add comments in the "Delivery Comment" box of the "Delivery" tab on the Order Management screen, I encounter the error message in the attached screenshots. This seems to occur when trying to add several comments.  I'm…

  • Sage CRM 2021: Controlling field and screen spacing in ASP pages and .NET code.

    Below is a screen shot of the Company Summary screen. Complex screens like this one, either for a system entity or a custom entity, can be built using the APIs.

    A partial rebuild of the Company Summary Screen using the .NET API is actually included in…

  • Phone Numbers in Company and Person screens

    I need to revisit the "Email and Phone Numbers in CRM" article. I wrote it a very long time ago. It is basically true but thinking specifically about Phone numbers and how they are used in screens I thought it would be pointing out where the translations…

  • Meta Data in Sage CRM. A round up of essential articles.

    Sage CRM is a system that controls its user interface using settings contained in the database. The database doesn't just hold the information about the contacts, companies, tasks and opportunities that are vital to the business, it also holds data that…

  • Metadata and Screens

    The screen shown below is the Person Summary screen from Sage CRM.

    The screen is built from HTML that has been returned from the Sage CRM application running in the web server as a result of a request sent from the browser.

    In this example it is the…

  • Access violation at address 1A7F37EF in module 'eware.dll'. Read of address 00000000

    We have a customer who has a custom page (asp) on the Company tab showing Order Items filtered on the current company (a very simple list block).

    This works fine when clicking on the tab after navigating from the Company Summary screen. But when then…

  • Position field missing "New Line" in screen customizations

    I am customizing the Company screen. When I try to move fields to a new row, "New Line" is not available. I see "Same Line" & a blank. I try to use the blank, update it, save it, but it always reverts back to Same Line.


  • Mobile View of Calendar: Where Can We Control This?

    I have multiple clients who use their URL on their phones instead of the App. All are using CRM 2017. The Calendar view for "My Desk" allows them to look at today or the week. If they opt for the week (and they all opt for the week) you can't actually…

  • Opportunity Adding New Panel [SafeCall Exception]

    Help! I am getting a [SafeCall Exception] error message on the screen after creating a new opportunity.

    This is the error that I am getting.

    [SafeCall Exception]: SQL Error
    oppo_dummy jscript error: [SafeCall Exception]: SQL Error Line: 38 Char: 0

  • Lead Summary Screen from Custom Lead Entry Screen


    I've created a custom lead entry screen, the lead creates perfectly. However once done the system doesn't redirect to the newly created lead but a previously created lead.

    Can anyone advise what I'm missing? Code below;

    <%@ CodePage=65001…

  • Ver 7.3 screen not displaying properly on iPhone through Safari (not the app)

    Hi...hoping someone can assist me with some strange behavior on my iphone.

    I am trying to access Sage CRM on my iPhone through safari. I can get to the login page and login fine. However, once I login, the screen does not display properly. I have tried…

  • Components : do they delete data?

    In regards to components, I thought their purpose was to add things to the Sage CRM interface. Can they also delete items?

    For example, if work was done on a screen (adding fields) and then a component was run that modified the screen, can the component…

  • Making field on screen Read Only

    I need to make a field on the screen read only when the screen is in Edit mode. I don't want to make the field read only in field level security as there are some procedures that will run that will update this field. I would like to do it on the screen…

  • Selected Value of a New Data Types

    Hi, as you can read from the subject i created a new data type linked to a custom object(a simple one, just a table linked to him) that on selection show me a parameter, how can i change shown parameter in another field of the same table?

    I'm using Sage…

  • Enterprise Management V12, patch 16 - Fields out of place and order.

    Hi all,

    We have  Sage X3 in V12 and we have just updated Patch 16. In doing so, some field screens are in the wrong order.

    In the SEED Dossier, Screen BPABPC [BPAC], we added a new field (XYSW, TYPE A - 10). Validate screen, now description field (XBPADES…

  • [4GL] Remove Row on a Screen

    Hi all, how can i remove, via 4GL, an ITMREF row on a Screen, for example, knowing only row's index number on Sage X3 V11?

  • How to increase the number of button on the screen header


    I would like to know if there is a way to increase the number of buttons showing on the screen header. As example:

    On Suppliers, I added 2 new buttons, Test 1 and Test 2, but on the header there are only 3 buttons


  • Creating new BP address field on Delivery

    The requirement is to print the company name, address, and contact details of the party responsible for paying for duties/taxes on a delivery. This may be different than the BPC listed on the delivery record.

    I am trying to add a BP number and related…

  • Product Desc 2 On Screen

    Is is it possible to have the product Desc 2 show up on Purchase order Screen? I looked at the screen level on PO and it is not hidden or available.

    Product screen:


  • Progress bar in Sage X3 4GL

    Hi everyone, I'm using "Call OUVRE_BOITE From GESECRAN" to show a popup window with a progress bar while doing some stuffs.
    How can I show the same popup window but with 2 bars, the first for the main task and the second for the sub tasks…