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  • BP Customer Situation - Unposted Invoices negative value

    Good day all

    We have encountered an interesting situation with a client. The client did a fixed asset disposal by way of sale. The BP Customer invoice was created automatically and posted successfully linked to a cash customer. Payments were linked to…

  • Sales Invoice Factoring Sage X3


    Need assistance with how to handle Sales Invoice Factoring in Sage X3. i.e. When a company sells a portion of their sales invoices to a factoring company from which they receive immediate cash for their debtors (normally a % of the sales)


  • X3 Bank Reconciliation Report showing details of items reconciled

    Is there a report in X3 that will show the items reconciled per reconciliation completed?  RAPBAN just shows the "after reconciliation" view and most auditors require a report of what was reconciled


  • Fixing Mandatory Dimensions issue

    As suggested by the title of this post, this error is because the system is looking for the dimensions.

    When this error occurs, it is because the company parameters for dimensions have been set to be Mandatory.

    Error message


    To correct this, please see…

  • Correcting a memory issue Error 160: Object memory space full *:

    This issue was observed while generating the Licence plate.

    Getting this error is related to the class memory field.

    To correct this error, you need to navigate to the following location within X3

    1. Setup > General Parameters > Folder Generation…
  • SIHI Line 30 Legal No Account Found & Rollback Following Error in Transaction

    Hello All, I'm using Sage x3 V5, While posting Invoice, I'm facing an error. Kindly support on below urgently:

    We are passing only Sales Transactions like Invoices & Credit Note  as we stopped using the Finance Module.

  • Please support on below : Legal No account found

    Hello All, I'm using Sage x3 V5, While posting Invoice, I'm facing an error. Kindly support on below urgently:

    We are passing only Sales Transactions like Invoices & Credit Note  as we stopped using the Finance Module.

  • Fixed Assets disposal

    Hello All

    An assets was created and depreciated for months, during review they discovered that they don’t have the physical assets so why is it created. Then a disposer was done by picking scrap as the reason for disposing.

    Please is there a way…





    How to generate a journal for Lease Payments

    SET UP

    Lease contract:



    You run Account.interface

  • Operating Budgets Review Request

    Good day,

    Under the review request (REQREV) How do you enter the requested amount on a budget line level where the remaining balance should be NIL. Sage only allows entry of 0.01 although the balance should be zero. Refer to below example. 

    Many Than…

  • Product Comparison - X3 vs 300 vs 200

    Hi Sage Community,

    I am looking for a product comparison between Sage X3, Sage 300 (Accpac) and Sage 200 (Evolution).

    Where could I find this please?

  • Purchase Orders - Partial Invoicing - Over Commits

    Purchase Orders - Partial Purchase Invoicing - Causing Over Commitment


    PO has Qty 3 at value 400,000 each = 1,200,000 total value (Comittment)

    First Invoice Received value 450,000. Invoice created against PO

    Result Commitment stays at 2 x 400…

  • Due date being paid Error Matching

    How to resolve "Due date being paid" error on matching screen. Please assist

    Thanks so much

  • Sage X3 Integration Support

    Dear All,

    We need Sage X3 Integration support.

    3rd party program is using SQL database and we want service integration with financial information.

    Could someone suggest any Company to us?


    Volkan Vural

  • error when creating a delivery

    Please assist with a solution for this error

  • FUNSTKACC: Too many constants sqlCstAnalyse 128 >= 128 or "Too many constants"


    GDOSLEG variable was increased to 250 when more legislations were added to the system. Find command cannot handle more than 127 characters.


    1. To be fixed on patch 26


    1. Run the function site by site or 

    2. Change the value of…

  • AP - AR Accounting Supplier Invoice did not create accounting document after posting

    I posted two supplier Invoices and observed it does not create a journal. I checked the accounting task and the journal on hold shows two. I check recurring tasks for the active time and it's okay. I deactivated the accounting task. Restarted batch server…

  • Unit of Measure will not accept entry

    Our clients common data product Unit of measure for stocking items will not allow us to input a value - and will create the product on the ITMMASTER table without a STK Unit

  • Journal Entry

  • Error during importing of large Sales Invoice data (@X3.TRT/ASYRSUB$adx (602) Error 50)

    Hi All,

    I am experiencing an intermittent error when importing large Sales Invoice files.

    During import the following error will be produced: @X3.TRT/ASYRSUB$adx (602) Error 50 : Function not defined for the value given ERR

    Thereafter, all invoices…

  • South Africa: Section 12C Wear & Tear Allowance as 2nd plan for depreciation context

    South African Revenue Services (SARS) grants an accelerated depreciation schedule for:

    • Machinery & plant (new or used)
    • Useddirectlyin manufacturing process
    • Brought into use for the first time by the axpayer
    • For purposes of his trade

    Write-off(% of…

  • Error: "No web services processes declared in Syracuse Hosts"


    • Navigate to Administration>Administration>Servers>Hosts 
    • Select the host from the list and click Edit
    • Enter a positive value in the Number of Web service child processes box
    • Save and Test
  • Error : File Non-existent TABACCNUM(xxx)

    There are instances you can get this error when performing matching. 


    The dataset returned by the process is bigger than the limit setup in the system


    Increase parameter MTCNBR  to a higher value and test.

  • Removing temporary files

    Some temporary files are not automatically removed and need to be maintained manually. In essence, some or all files in certain directories could be removed periodically, as noted below:

    For all cases described, ensure all Sage X3 services are stopped…