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  • Sales Invoice created and shipped from SO has date of May 2120 vs May 2020

    Twice in the last few weeks, a retail sale created from a Sales Order shipment has been populated with a year of 2120, as opposed to 2020.  The month and the day of the transaction were correct, but somehow the year of transaction date and the shipping…
  • Will Sage Pro ERP v7.3 client work on Windows 10?

    Will Sage Pro ERP v7.3 client run on Windows 10?

  • Is exporting possible?!? I'm trying to obtain a list of customers and vendors in .CSV, Excel, or any electronic format.

    Hello! I am trying to obtain a list of customers and vendors in .CSV, Excel, or any electronic format. Is this possible with Sage Pro ERP 200? My client has version 7.5, Build B3500, copyright 2008. 

    If you have any information (good or bad!), please…

  • Sage PRo ERP Accounts payable

    Does anyone know how to approve invoices individually in Sage Pro ERP? I know how to approve them all with the button "Approve All" but I don't see how to select just one.


  • sage pro erp 2010

    I am a developer and I have a customer that wants me to support a retired version of sage pro erp 2010. I need help getting the tools I need to provide support.

  • Help with importing excel for specific customer pricing sagepro erp

    Hello all and thanks in advance for any advice I receive. My father in law owns a produce business and I have started working part time issuing credits ect. It was brought to my attention that they have 8 or so customers who have very specific pricing…

  • Sage Pro ERP 7.4 Purchase Order - Created by which user?


    I have a question regarding purchase orders on  Sage Pro ERP 7.4. Is there any way to check which user created each individual purchase order and when? We have been experiencing some discrepancies on the quantities of our purchase orders.

    Any help/insight…

  • Quantity discrepancy when entering shipment


    I am having an issue entering a shipment on Sage Pro ERP 7.4. I have a sales order with an open quantity of 1550 units. However, the system only shows 1200 units  are available to be shipped from that location. Sage pro is showing 1550 units available…

  • How do I refund a partial prepayment?

    A customer prepaid for an order on which one of the items is not immediately available.  We have changed that item to a lower priced product, invoiced the order and applied the deposit.  This left a $100 unapplied deposit that needs to be refunded.  The…

  • Sage CRM 7.2 Integration with Sage Pro ERP:

    Hai friends,

                                 I am trying to integrate Sage CRM 7.2 with Sage Pro ERP. I have successfully installed the Sage CRM 7.2 in the system.But i am facing problems while integrating the same with the Sage Pro ERP. Could anyone know how to overcome…

  • Feild Search Look-up Does not Work

    I am using ACT! Pro single user, no server. I had to reload ACT! Pro and now when I right click in a felid I can't perform a look-up. No error message, it just doesn't do it. Can aynone help? Thanks.

  • Reversing / Undoing Payment on Account

    Hello, I'm new to Sage Pro and I made a mistake today that I was wondering how to undo.

    Basically I paid an unpaid invoice on accident in transaction -> enter cash receipt -> payment on account.

    Is there a way to undo what I did? Please advise…

  • What is the best migration path for Sage Pro and Sage PFW customers, given that these products will soon be end of life?

    During Sage Summit 2013, we had this question come up:

    What is the best migration path for Sage Pro and Sage PFW customers, given that these products will soon be end of life?

    How would you answer this question?

  • *ALERT* This information applies to all Sage customers

    We have a new blog post that we highly recommend that you read as it references a new viral threat that may impact vulnerable networks and private PCs and has a very high potential to destroy production data. Please find that blog post here: http://sge…

  • RE: CRM Synchronization fails

    Have you recently upgraded Sage CRM to Sage CRM v7.1.

    AFAIK, Sage integration does not support Sage CRM v7.1. Can you please confirm you are using GUMU integration which supports Sage CRM v7.1 onwards. If yes kindly contact our support team on [email protected]

  • Blank SQL Server Records

    We have been using reselling Sage Pro for a long time. One of our Pro74 clients, with a SQL Server 2005  backend, is getting blank arcash, armast, and sotran records. When I say “blank” I mean completely empty records except for the id_col field. This does…

  • BI Beyond Reporting for Sage Pro

    BI Beyond Reporting for Sage Pro - webinar
    Thu, Oct 3 at 11 am PT
    Register here

    Analytics and data warehousing solutions provide BI capabilities that go beyond Crystal, MS Access and Excel-based reporting. 

    If you struggle getting the right information out…

  • Undo Bank Reconciliation in Sage Pro 100 ERP

    I started to do my bank reconciliation, got interrupted and exited the program.  I was unable to return to it until the next day.  Unfortunately I forgot about being partially done with my reconciliation and accidently reconciled it before it was complete…

  • Create a WO on SO Entry in Bill of Material Setup


    We use the Bill of Materials and the Work system. It used to be in Accpac that I had an option when creating a Bill of Material for the SO system to ask if they wanted to create a Work Order when adding that item to a Sales Order. It seems that…

  • Changes to Sage Pro ERP Support Hours

    Effective August 1, 2013, the Sage Pro ERP customer support business hours will be adjusted to Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. PT/11 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET.

    The Knowledgebase will continue to be available 24/7 with an extensive collection of valuable…

  • Welcome to the new Sage Pro ERP Forum in Sage City

    Welcome to the new Sage Pro ERP forum in Sage City, the new online community of Sage.  Please feel free to post your questions and topics to be answered by your peers. We will also try to answer your topics and questions the best we can.