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  • Multi-year (beyond Actual and Prior) comparative financial statements

    Has anyone ever created a Comparative Financial Statements for multiple years other then just Actual and Prior using Sage Intelligence? 

    Request is to be able to print Comparative Financial Statements that cover, for example, the last five years on one…

  • Can't get accounts to populate properly

    Hello I have a 2018 Premium install of Sage 100 and I cannot get certain accounts to populate with balances in Sage Intelligence. The balance says zero but there is a balance in there for the period and year selected. It's selective. Some accounts do…

  • Error Number: [462] BICore

    We are getting this error message on 4 machines (same company) running financials in Sage Intelligence.

    Error Number: [462]

    Description: [The remote server machine does not exist or is unavailable]

    Source: [BICore]

    The server is running Excel in a new…

  • BI tools menus cannot be resized

    Using RDS to use Sage 100/Sage Intelligence. When clicking the BI Tools, manage instructions or select instructions, the window pop up isn't able to be resized and can't see and select what we need. They have it restricted to change the resolution. It…

  • Report Writer - Searching for Consultant


    I run a fire protection company. We started a year ago and have grown to be 55 people and ~$7m of revenue. We use Sage 100. We're starting to need to get into analytics. We have an install and service part to our business and multiple services lines…

  • Function GetDataValue can only service SQL calls that result in a single return value' preventing deletion of report.

    I want to delete a report - get an error 'The function GetDataValue can only service SQL calls that result in a single return value' how can I fix this? We are on Sage 2020, not on a SQL server backend

  • One Report Two File Outputs needed

    Does anyone know if in Report Manager you can create 2 types of output files (xls & pdf) run with windows scheduler from one report or do you have to create a copy of the report to be able to do a second report output and schedule it after the 1st one…

  • Schedule a Sage Intelligence report to run automatically

    If you want to run a Sage Intelligence report using Task Scheduler I see that the workstation where you create the scheduled task must be turned on at the scheduled time. The workstation I wanted to use probably isn't going to be on so can I setup the…

  • Error running out the Financial Report Designer

    I successfully registered Sage Intelligence on a Terminal Server. The client is on v2020 Advanced. Excel 2007 is loaded on the Terminal Server. I can run out the non-financial report designer templates fine. When I try to run out the Financial Report…

  • Fetching Alternate Item in query

    Trying to return the corresponding itemno for a given icitem.altset #.   

    Normally, I'd just write a SQL statement such as:

    select [icitem].[itemno] from [icitem] where [icitem].[altset]

    but, alset is an integer, and I can't find a column in icitem…

  • Sage Intelligence Reporting - Unexpected Error

    Hi and good day to you.

    I have a number of companies or DBs but BIC on all these companies work fine.

    I just have an issue with one that brings this error message anytime I open the Report manager or generate any of the BIC report.

    This just started.…

  • BIM ERROR: 13 Type Mismatch

    Good day 

    I have Sage 300 People user who when they click on Report Manager under BIM reports an error  [13 ][Type Mismatch] [BI Core] pops up. When I log in on the same users's PC with my People Profile, I am able to launch Report Manager and run the UI19…

  • Microsoft Excel is waiting for another application to complete an OLE action

    I'm suddenly getting this error and the only thing that stops it is a reboot.

    Microsoft Excel is waiting for another application to complete an OLE action

    Running Sage 100 Advanced on Windows 2019 Server & Excel Standard 2016

  • Sage Intelligence Reporting Cloud retirement notification

    We are reaching out to inform you that Sage will be retiring the Sage Intelligence Reporting Cloud solution for Sage 50cloud and Microsoft 365 on May 3, 2021. To keep in control of your business financials, we have a library of reports available within…
  • Intelligence Sales Report does not tie to P&L

    When I run a standard Customer Sales report in Intelligence for a month (Nov in this instance) it does not tie to the PL or sales recap report .  Intelligence is typically higher than the PL.  I can trace it to a specific product line but I don't see anything…

  • SIR consolidated report recommendations

    A client has 15 Sage 100 companies & 9 Excel spreadsheets. Each spreadsheet has 20 tabs - one for each company plus several for combining different companies.  SIR will take about 5 minutes to load. I'm looking for a recommendation as how to structure…

  • Creating date "buckets"

    I am looking to create some buckets of dates in Sage intelligence. I am very new to Sage Intelligence, so please help me understand. 

    I started by creating a view in SQL (I was planning on creating a view for each bucket and then combining the views into…

  • Sage Intelligence SubTotal circular references errors when using Dynamic Range Refresh function.

    I am using SubTotals in a large financial report using Dynamic Ranges, when I refresh the report I receive Circular reference errors.  Note I manually fix the reference errors but they keep coming back when Refreshing the worksheet.  Any ideas?  

  • Sage Alchemex Reporting Excel add-inn

    Anyone using the Alchemex Sage One Intelligence Reporting Cloud Excel add-inn with Sage Business Cloud Accounting ? Mine has stopped working with no support forthcoming from the various support options.

  • Publishing Financial Reports after version 2018

    Good afternoon.

    It is my understanding that we are no longer able to publish Sage Intelligence financial reports that were generated using the Consol Financial Report Designer using the Distribution Tab in the BITools Ribbon beginning with version 2019…

  • Sage Intelligence Reporting Webcasts

    Hello to our Sage 100 U.S. members! :) 

    We understand the impact the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having and how it has and still is affecting your business. We want you to know: we're here to help and as the new year approaches, we would like to take the…

  • Sage Intelligence Reporting Financial Report Writing class (LAST ONE OF THIS YEAR) 4 hours Nov 16-17

    Attend this course to obtain hands-on practice modifying and creating financial reports using the Sage Intelligence Report Designer. You will learn how to use both the Layout Generator and the Task Pane. This course is useful for both Sage 100 and Sage…

  • cost of goods sold

    any suggestions regarding Cost of Goods sold for sage Intelligence reporting... this is after the fact General Ledger only does not tie to the A/P module. I need to be able to show the beginning inventory balance, plus the purchases, and then deduct the…

  • Parameter in Report Manager Duplicating some data

    Good Day,

    I have created a new report in Sage Intelligence. Client is Running Sage 300 2018.

    I am trying to exclude data before a certain date but the date only gets set on the run of report.

    I have tried to add in a filter and a parameter separately…

  • Sage Intelligence Filter and Parameter combination - need help

    Need some eyes on a Sage Intelligence Transaction report filters and parameters.  Please see attached file.  

    Adding filters with parameters works for one set but not another.  Can someone look to see if you have a suggestion as to why the filter/parameter…