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  • Fixed Asset Summary Report only printing page 1


    My Fixed Asset Summary Report is only printing page 1 after I run report. I'm using Sage FAS version 2019.1.2.

    Here's a screenshot of my settings:

    Any help is appreciated!

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    In our monthly series of free one-hour webinars, the next Sage Fixed Assets (SFA) webinar will be presented on Tuesday, October 19, 2021 at 2:00 pm EDT. Hosted by the team of Sage U certified trainers, this webinar will cover "What’s New in SFA 2022.0…

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    A free one-hour webinar will be presented on Tuesday, September 21, 2021.  This event will be hosted by the team of Sage U certified trainers for Sage Fixed Assets.  The start time is 2:00 pm EDT. 

    This webinar will cover the SAP Crystal Reports 2016 for…

  • Upgrading Network Client on the Network Server

    Hello all,

    New to the Sage FAS application.

    I currently have a server running Network Server version 2019.1.2 that also has the Network Client version 2018.1 installed.

    I understand that the Network Client needs to be upgraded so that it can connect and…

  • Placed in Service Date

    How do you change the place in-date on multiple assets?

  • Free Webinar in August - "Transfers”

    A free one-hour webinar will be presented on Wednesday, August 11, 2021.  This event will be hosted by the team of Sage U certified trainers for Sage Fixed Assets.  The start time is 2:00 pm EDT. 

    This webinar will continue the subject of how to handle transactions…

  • New Product Version Updates Notification

    Would it be possible to notify others about the new version of Sage Fixed Assets besides the primary account contact?  As IT support staff, we also need to be aware of the product updates in order to plan our upgrades.

  • Reducing the value of an asset


    An asset was added in 2018 for $248K. Due to a settlement in our favor, the asset value needs reduced to about $100K. I know I would just change the acquisition value of the asset for each of the books, but how would I handle depreciation? I don…

  • Importing Disposals

    We have many clients with 100s of disposals each year with numerous disposal dates and proceeds amounts. Instead of individually selecting and disposing of the assets, it would save us a great amount of time if there was a way to import such information…

  • Change in useful life

    Recently changed over to Sage Fixed Assets.  During internal audit it was noted that the useful life of assets changed on the import/opening balance date.  This has caused depreciation to be off.  Is there a way to recalculate depreciation on an asset to…

  • Luxury auto PIS in 2020

    I have two assets that were placed in service in 2020 and the company was sold in 2020. When I depreciate - it is taking the whole amount and is not subjecting it to 280F(d)(7) luxury automobile limitations for TY20. Can you provide guidance on how to…

  • Sage FAS 2015.2 was copied to a new server but no Network Server setup was done, what steps to follow?

    We do not often support Sage FAS clients and need help.

    User1 retired his pc and ran the client setup.exe on his new pc and was ok until user2 ran her FAS client and she got the message that there are 3 client licenses in use.

    So no problem, I say go…

  • Company vs Security Profiles

    If a user is assigned a company profile, do they have to have a security profile as well?

  • Sage Fixed Assets Premier Depreciation 2021.1 crashing when running depreciation reports


    We recently upgraded to Sage Fixed Assets Premier Depreciation 2021.1, and the program is crashing when I run depreciation reports.  Not always, but more often than not.  Depreciation appears to be calculating correctly.

    I talked with my IT team,…

  • Installation of FAS Lite


    My client just purchased FAS Lite.  They would like to install it on the server so multiple people can access it (one at a time, of course).  Is this doable?  Or are they only allowed to install it on a single workstation?  The installation instructions…

  • Auto Depreciation not reconciling with our Lawson #s


    Our company is in the process of converting from Lawson to Sage and we aren't getting our autos to reconcile on life to date depreciation. The first year of depreciation reconciles in both systems because we take the 168 allowance it's the years…

  • 5 Reasons to Download the Latest Version of Sage Fixed Assets

    The Sage Fixed Assets team has been busy adding features, improving performance, and updating tax laws to Sage Fixed Assets Depreciation as well as Planning, Tracking, and Reporting. When is the last time you updated your Sage Fixed Assets software? If…

  • Centralized Fixed Asset Management


    If we were to handle fixed assets (entries, depreciation, disposals) from a Corporate standpoint for a group of 10-15 entities (all different legal entities in different states), what would make more sense: setting them up as departments within…

  • Form 4562 - 2020

    Did the Sage Fixed Assets Premier 2021.0 download include an updated Form 4562.  I have ran depreciation for 2020 tax assets and the form still shows up as 2019. Thanks for the help!

  • Free Webinar in January - "What’s New in SFA version 2021.1"

    Hosted by the team of Sage U certified trainers for Sage Fixed Assets, a free one-hour webinar will be presented on Tuesday, January 26, 2021 at 2:00 pm EST.  The January webinar will cover:

    "What’s New in SFA version 2021.1"

    The new update…

  • Issue with customizing asset list - fields are selected but never appear

    I was able to customize the asset list. I select the book I want and then add them to the selected fields list and click ok. It acts like it is adding fields but does not show up.  The fields with the * do not show up on the asset list - why is this? Or…

  • Sage Year-end Center: 24/7 resources and information

    Closing the year? We’re here to help.

    As you work on year-end processes, visit the Sage Year-end Center to find*:

     Helpful checklists: Print step-by-step year-end tasks
     Technical articles: Browse year-end-specific topics and guides

  • FAS Premier Depreciation - User Session Control

    Hi Everyone!

    I have a client who sometimes needs to kick users out of FAS to free up a session for a more key user.

    They are using FAS Premier Depreciation 2020.1.1. What are our options with Premier for force ending user sessions? In the Network version…

  • Fixed Assets 2020 Downloads

    I tried to find the downloads for Sage2020 and could not find them easily.  On the FAS downloads page all I see are the 2021 downloads.  When I click More at the bottom of the Latest Product section nothing happens.  I had to go to the KB and find a how…

  • 2019.1 Asset Detail Line Height

    A little behind here but my company just updated our Sage to 2019. I can now change the row heights in the asset listing, but my asset detail lines are cutting off my data and I'm not finding a way to adjust those lines.