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  • SAGE 50 Accounts integration with Microsoft 365

    We have run into a problem with integration. 

    We have updated Sage to V27 with the hope to be able to use Microsoft integration and new features.

    But Sage require full access to the MS Admin account, which is not possible for security reasons as all data…

  • Remote Data Access keeps dropping out

    The last 2 days our Data server Main reports no internet connection when there is internet. Suggests the Sage server and our local data server are discconecting . Remote users are getting messages saying the main computer is offline. We suspect its related…

  • Sage Accounts V27 Sage Drive


    We have a client on V27.1.562 with Sage Drive. Previously we've had no issues with logging on or connecting to Sage Drive. Since moving to V27 late last year we've had issues with connecting.

    Each time I go to login as Manager it tells me…

  • Sage Drive and Sage ID

    With the new changes to the Sage ID, does this mean that Sage Drive will stop working completely for older versions, regardless of their licence?

    More specifically, will you have to be on Sage 50cloud Accounts v27.1 to get the data synching features in…

  • Sage Drive

    I used to use Sage Drive to share access with the accountant, now I cannot add the updated backup to the Drive. Do I have to set up a new user directly in SAGE 50 Can. Ed.? I also used to use the Drive as an extra backup location, but I can no longer…

  • Issue with Remote Access after update from Sage 50 V26.3 to 27.1

    We use Sage Drive, I updated Sage 50 on the main pc today, after the update we had to close Sage a couple of times to allow the new version of Sage Drive (remote Access) to sync.

    After the syncing took place I made sure that the message was showing on…

  • Error code

    I am just finishing entering in history mode. I installed Microsoft 365 business and integrated with Sage. OneDrive synced with my files, so when I tried to open Sage again, it didn’t work, throwing an error code that couldn’t find files (I assume because…

  • Remote users can't see memorised journals after reuploading company to Remote Date Access (Sage Drive)

    I had to reupload and reshare the company cloud data with all users (long story). After doing so, remote users complain that when they go to 'Nominal codes>Journal entry>recall', they can only see the default journal templates - not any that have been…

  • Ability to delete file from Remote Data Access

    When "Connect to a company file", you should be able to delete a file in the event that you re-shared the company due to an error or duplication.

  • Make a new PC the main PC in Version 27

    The main PC has crashed and the drive is broken. I have a new PC connected to the dataset and is online. How can I make this new PC the main primary PC please?

  • Recent synchronisation issues


    Recently, mainly since 2021.0 installation or shorlty after, we are ofter experiencing issues while we are working on Sage. 

    This mainly reocurs when we either submit an invoice or close Sage. Sage Drive Synchronisation pop up is showing and it freezes…

  • Sage 50Cloud - host computer being a PC


    We are transferring to sage 50 cloud. We are all working remotely without a server. 

    I understand (just about) how Sage Drive works with regards to syncing and the need for the data to be hosted on the main computer.

    My work PC would host the data…

  • "Another user is updating the company file now and has blocked you. Try again."

    I haven't found any post referencing this exact error message and am astonished because it is the root cause of problems in our organization.

    We use Sage Drive and have around 3/4 users online when someone/everyone encounters this error.

    I've reached…

  • Set up Sage Drive to work from home

    With Sage Drive, you and your colleagues can access your live Sage 50cloud Accounts data from remote locations using the Internet. You get the great features and reliability of your desktop software, plus the flexibility of sharing your data through the…

  • Up date 2021 and can't open company in the cloud

    I update the Sage to 2021 and then I cant access my data from the cloud. I can't access company that was in Sage Drive and was not working before in this computer.

    Help Please

  • Sage Drive (maintenant appelé Accès aux données à distance) version 2020.2: mise en route Q&R

    Sage 50 CA: Collaboration multi-utilisateur par accès aux données à distance-  Sage Drive (est maintenant appelé Point rightAccès aux données à distance).

    L'accès aux données à distance, vous permet dorénavant de travailler…

  • Sage Drive (now called Remote Data Access) 2020.2 release: Getting Started Q&A

    Sage 50 CA - Multi-user collaboration through remote data access – Sage Drive (is now called Point right Remote Data Access).

    The new naming now properly represents the functionality of this feature. And allows you and your accountant, bookkeeper or co-workers…

  • Sage Drive issues - 23 June 2020

    Following Sage Drive issues last week, Sage Drive is now performing as normal. If you need to reconnect, please follow the steps in our Knowledgebase article

    We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

  • Sage Drive issues - 23 June 2020

    Following Sage Drive issues last week, Sage Drive is now performing as normal. If you need to reconnect, please follow the steps in our Knowledgebase article

    We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

  • Stuck in "reset password" loop trying to get SAGE Drive started.

    Just installed SAGE 50 v 26.3, went to get Drive set up.

    Add-ons -> Sage Drive -> Learn More -> Get Started -> SAGE ID signon -> Reset password <-

    After entering ID and password, window switches to "To protect your account, you should…

  • accounts freezing

    Hi, my Sage 50 accounts has just started freezing intermittently over the past 2 weeks. Despite many many hours on the phone and after lots of investigations by Sage support...I'm still having problems.

    It appears to be more on free text fields rather…

  • Work safely from home and stay productive with Remote Data Access

    In these uncertain times, the ability to work remotely and stay productive is crucial. Sage50cloud Accounting has the tools you need to take your business home with you, stay connected, and keep your business running.

    With a Sage 50c subscription, you…

  • Sage Drive Offline


    I have V.26 of Sage 50cloud.

    Every time I log in I get an error message which says the Sage Drive is offline and will be for some time.

    Ive searched through every help article I can find and not a single suggestion has worked so far.

    Ive updated the…

  • Sage Drive service unavailable


    I am using Sage 50c Accounts with 2 companies and 2 users.

    When I try to launch either company I get an error message that says: "Sage Drive service is currently unavailable and may be inaccessible for some time."

    It gives me the option…

  • Sage Drive Memo / Attachments workaround

    As Sage don't seem interested in implementing synchronisation of attachments at remote sites, I've gone away and found a work around. It does require a bit of confidence using Windows 10 command line, but if you're as old as I am, you'll have cut your…