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  • Payroll Reports Showing Different company


    We manage multiple companies with 1 or 2 logins.

    When doing reports, we will be in Company A, generate a report, but it would show Company E details.

    Using Chrome.

    Thank you

  • Migrateing Sage Pastel Payroll to Sage Payroll Cloud

    Please advise if anyone can help with the Migraton of Sage Pastel Payroll to Sage Business Cloud Payroll & if it is differant in any way?

  • Try a new and improved payroll software!

    Sage Business Cloud Payroll is an intuitive, cloud-based payroll that helps you manage everything payroll related in just a few clicks:

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  • Upgrade to Sage Business Cloud Payroll - it's free for three months

    Sage Business Cloud Payroll is an intuitive, cloud-based payroll that helps you manage everything payroll related in just a few clicks:

    • No need to install updates.
    • Process payroll with 4 simple steps.
    • Send real-time data submissions to HMRC while always…
  • How to limit access to Payroll cycles

    I have a client who have a multiple payroll cycles on their account.  They now want to employ someone to manage the Weekly wages cycle, but don't want that person to have access to the Monthly wages cycle.

    Is it possible to limit that person's access…


    we have six paygroups for our monthly pay runs. only one playgroup payrun could finalise for the month of May. The others allow command actions to the last confirmation pop-up then returns to the editing window.

    Is this a general problem or unique to our…

  • ETI TAKE ON ERROR -Incorrect number of fields in record &/ Last field does not contain 'F'

    Good day, 

    Please can you assist me with this error on VIP Cloud (IMPORTING ETI TAKE ON) : Incorrect number of fields in record &/ Last field does not contain 'F'

    .As I have informed the Support Team, my Bookkeeper is closing down at the end…

  • 2020/08 Biannual submission

    Good morning,

    We have a couple of new clients that we have taken on and found the EMP501 Biannual hasn't been submitted. SARS has asked for it to be submitted. However, in both Easy file and Efiling, the period doesn't appear in the drop-down box, has…

  • Plan ahead for payroll year end 2021

    Welcome to Sage City

    You can visit any time, find answers, ask questions, and share your Sage Business Cloud Payroll forum experiences.

    Our Sage City support community is for everyone - all our customers, partners, accountants and colleagues.

    What to…

  • Nett Pay List

    Good day

    Please we need Nett Pay List to print according to Department not Employee code and or Paypoint.



  • Zambian: National Pension Scheme (NAPSA) ceiling for 2021


    Please confirm the National Pension Scheme (NAPSA) ceiling for 2021

  • Processing Payroll and Avoiding Common Errors

    You may be new to Sage Business Cloud Payroll, or a seasoned pro, but errors can crop up from time to time. This month we are focussing on how to prevent payroll errors, and the best ways to resolve them quickly, and without any hassle.


    UK Payroll


  • Sage Cloud Payroll integration with Dynamics 365

    Is it possible to integrate Sage Business Cloud Payroll with Dynamics 365, or do we just abandon Sage Payroll and implement HR on Dynamics 365?

    These are the 2 options I am grappling with

  • Sage Business Cloud Payoll - New Look (Unable to delete finalised Payrun)

    Dear Team,

    We are happy with the new look. However, we have a challenge amending Finalised Payruns.

    Previously, we had the option to remove and re-enter the pay run (which was tedious, but solved the problem). Unfortunately as we speak we are unable to…



    I like the new look, however I have two MAJOR problems:

    1. REMOVING PAYRUNS - Further to the new look, it appears that the option to remove pay-runs has been removed. As we speak I have a challenge correcting year to date values with a case where…
  • Sage Business Cloud – Growing with your business.

    Payroll Keeps Getting Better

    As we start a new month, I think it is important to keep everyone up to date with how Sage Business Cloud is moving and growing as a technology, but also as a service. Our team works hard, ensuring you feel supported and listened…



    Please assist. 

    We have a problem with our final PAYE Report , it is not agreeing with the reports we had previously pulled on a month to month basis before the year end 2020. The payroll totals as well as EMP201 are not the same, specifically for…

  • Roll over


    My system has been rolling over for 2 days now..Can someone help

  • Accounting Integration


    I know there is no integration available for Analysis Codes (only GL). Does anyone have any recommendation for a work around to extract data that I can import journals that will include the date, transaction (Salary, UIF, etc) and a department (setup…

  • Payslip and EMP201 UIF Differ

    Hi there, the UIF shown on my employees' payslips differs from that shown on the EMP201. The EMP201 is showing exactly double the payslip amount. Any ideas why this could be?

    Thanks in advance, 


  • What is the Sage Business Cloud Adviser Program?

    Cloud-connected payroll allows accountants to run an accurate and efficient payroll service as a profitable add-on offering. 

    Exclusive pricing available for accounting firms and payroll bureaus. 

    Click here for a specialist to share details of our Adviser…

  • Add Employee ID Number to UIF submission report

    Please can you include the employee ID number on the UIF Submission report? This would be a big help for UIF audits

  • Sage Business Cloud Payroll Support Centre Operating Hours | Festive Season

    Dear Customer and Partners,

    Please take note of that there will be change to the operating hours of our support centres over this coming festive season:

    On the following days, our support centre will close at 12pm.

    • 24 December 2019
    • 31 December 2019

    Hello, we have a error on only 1 employee payroll screen, it is block by USER.  We have reset all USERS, and cleared cookies from setting in Chrome, and still cannot access into the screen.

    Please help

  • ACB payments


    Can anyone please assist me, I did the ACB bank setup and Exported the pay file, then imported in into my FNB account and it showed that 3 of my 4 transactions were successful, but it appears that it wasn't, because the employees have not yet receive…