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  • Supplier processing

    Good day, 

    We have recently moved Pastel Partner (PP) to Sage Accounting (SA). In PP, we had outstanding PO and GRN (linked to when creating a supplier invoice). These did not convert when our conversion was done, only the tax invoices were converted. 

  • Project Allocation to a Revenue Account

    Trying to delete this post


  • Reallocation from Opening Balance and VAT adjustment account


    I passed a year end VAT adjustment journal as the shareholder paid for the VAT in their personal capacity

    The entry went against the "Opening Balance and VAT adjustment" account

    I now need to reallocate this to their loan account

    PS this…

  • Sage 300 Web API calls

    How can one get Reversed Receipts from sage 300 web API

  • Item Adjustment

    Hi everyone,

    We have started a fresh in Jan1 2022 to Sage accounting with all opening balances from 2021.

    When we entered the inventory opening balances total values of each item were entered correctly but the quantities were duplicated for some reason…

  • Job Site Employee Allocation Issue

    Hi There, 

    I am currently using Sage 50, I am having an issue with employees time sheets not showing under the job they are allocated too. There for I can't see the total Expenses against a Job. 

    When I add in a timesheet for an employee, I am allocating…

  • Cash Invoice on Sage Acccounting

    Good Morning,

    I have a query - I have a coffee shop and I am trying to capture the sales invoices for the day (Cash sales).

    I cannot have a option to capture a cash sale directly to a cash customer (GL Account) and affect my inventory as well.

    I had…

  • Are sales orders available on Sage Accounting

    I have just set up one of my clients with a months trial on Sage Business Cloud Accounting Plus as they currently use Sage 50 Proffesional, which is now up at nearly £200 a month and the only reason they need that level of subscription is for the Sales…

  • Accounting Intelligence Reporting Not Working

    Hi All,

    I work for a group of companies all of which are on Sage One Accounting.

    When I enter into Accounting Intelligence Reporting and Upload my company data only the following reports work - Financial Management Pack, Dashboard Accounting, Financial…

  • Keep getting kicked out with an error

    Hi everyone,

    Has anyone else experienced issues where they get kicked out of the software for no reason.

    I believe there were issues with invoicing and suppliers but that these were rectified 25 days ago, and yet I am still getting these errors.


  • Sage Accounting Training and Certfication


    Is there a certification for Sage Accounting? I have completed the online training for Accountants & Bookkeepers but I don't see an option to do a final exam or something similar? Can anyone explain to me how is the process? Thanks in advance.…

  • SBA Budget Feature


    I was looking for a budget feature in SBA but it seems that there is no. I'm wondering how others solve this issue? Is there any budgeting application used for that? Any plans to bring that feature soon? I cannot imagine myself working with an…

  • Customer Tax Invoices not update

    Unable to edit a customer tax invoice by deleting items. It keeps loading. after retrying more than 10 times without any change, when it eventually deletes the item entries, the hours under 'Time Entries, Invoice time' increase dramatically, i.e from…

  • Auto Entry

    Is Auto Entry the only compatible program with Sage for scanning documents, receipts, invoices etc? 
    I am looking to see if Sage has a section already included in the membership package that includes a scanning function for easy uploads that’s free of charge…

  • link from Sage to Excel

    Good morning 

    Currently Sage accounting cant link the Sales Orders with the purchase orders. I would like to do it in excel.

    Is there a way to set-up at link to excel with only refreshing the sheet?

    Thanks for the advise in advance 

  • Signing Up & Migrating Data from Sage 50 CA to Sage HR and Payroll

    Do you want to manage your organization's Payroll from a pure cloud solution while working remotely?  Are you currently a Sage 50 CA or Sage Accounting / SBCA user? Or is your business growing and you're looking for a software solution that includes…

  • Pervasive error 20

    Hi, my workstations are getting pervasive error code 161. On the server I am getting pervasive error 20. I have restarted the services in services.msc and I have rebooted the server. How do I resolve this. Just started this morning.

  • How to rename custom invoice templates using Custom Layout Designer / Sage Company Settings?


    Does anyone know how to / if it's possible to rename custom-designed invoice templates (built using the Custom Layout Designer Add-on)? I don't see an option in the layout designer other than save as, & you can't do anything except select from a drop…

  • Sage Business Cloud Accounting Scheduled Maintenance | 17 February 2022

    Sage Accounting will be unavailable from 20:00 to 23:30 on Thursday, 17 February 2022 as we undertake important system maintenance.

    You will be unable to access Sage Accounting during these times.

    We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this may cause…

  • Inventory Adjustment Transactions

    I printed an income statement this morning and noticed the inventory account had a huge negative balance. 

    On further inspection, it comes from Inventory Adjustment Transaction

    1520 Inventory A      2957040

    5020      Inventory A Cost    2957040

    The transaction…

  • How to enter a client payment made on a third party platform that charges a fee. The platform is not a credit card, it is my scheduling platform?

    The client is invoiced for the full amount of our service.  She pays for the service on our scheduling platform.  The platform pays us the invoiced amount minus a fee. How do I credit the client the full amount, while having the cash reflect the amount…

  • FYI Sage development team - you have made a server-wide BOOBOO

    Support, please escalate this to your development team:

    At around 15h00 today (27/01/2022) someone pushed a button and activated multi-currency features for everyone, or removed the incorrect restrictions in the back end. This means that many / all of…

  • Bank Feed Review - Suppliers No VAT default


    Why is it that some of my suppliers on the Banking review page, have VAT set as a default NO VAT which cannot be changed? I have checked the suppliers accounts and they are set to standard VAT and they all have their VAT numbers in place.

  • Adding a user

    I am trying to add a user on an account but when the notice is emailed to them the link says it has expired even though I had just sent it. Does anyone know the workaround for this?