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  • Comment configurer la taxe d'hébergement ?

    J'aimerais pouvoir faire en sorte que la taxe d'hébergement se calcule automatiquement lorsque je facture mes clients. La taxe provinciale du Québec est taxable mais pas celle du fédéral. Merci

  • Posting an invoice, line items getting added.

    Our software imports invoices into Sage 50 Canadian edition via the SDK. For a couple customers, it seems line items are getting added in that we are not creating when the invoice is posted. 

    After trolling through the database it seems like these line…

  • Merge Old data

    There are 18 years of accounting data in our Simply. Is there any way to merge the old data so that we do not carry a huge data base. The old files are probably no need to keep.

  • Error Message Apr 27 2022 630am

    There is a maintenance notice that the site will not be available April 27 from 8pm to 12 am. Why can we not access the site now?

  • Cyber Security and Sage 50 CA

    The 8th layer of cyber security is humans; it's also a great podcasHeadphoneswhich tells us that human error is the main way that organizations get compromised. To lead cyber security awareness well, you need to understand things like marketing, communication…

  • Cybersécurité et Sage 50 CA

    La 8e couche de la cybersécurité (8th layer of cyber security ) est constituée des humains ; c'est aussi un excellent podcast en anglais Headphones qui nous dit que l'erreur humaine est le principal moyen par lequel les organisations sont…

  • ch 15 teses

    Can someone please help me how to this question. Page 615 #memo 11 . What type of journal would this be? please help 

  • Chapter 15 page 612 #15 help on this question

    Can someone please show me how you do this question. I messed up on this question because journal entry should say J72 instead of J70. Please help me 


  • GST Will not calculate

    Vendor Record is created with taxes selected for GST & PST

    When the Purchase Invoice for that Vendor is created the PST fills in but the GST is blank and it will not allow me to fill it in.

  • What is the best way to use Sage50 pro 2021 can.ed to manage charity donations and receipts?

    I just got the mandate as volunteer Treasurer, Should it be posted as invoices and payment or otherwise ?

    I've seen a Youtube video with Sage 50 setup specifically for donations and funds management. I can't see such options into the version I have.…

  • Upgrading from Sage 50 2015 to 2018 - issue! ERROR - "Previously installed in c:/Program Files (x86)/Sage 50/"

    1. My old system approached retirement, so I bought a new laptop. I used to run Win 10 but the new one has Win 11. 
    2. I transferred my files and backups to the new system. Installed my Sage 50 2015 version, and tried to update using CPUPx2018. That is what…
  • Signing Up & Migrating Data from Sage 50 CA to Sage HR and Payroll

    Do you want to manage your organization's Payroll from a pure cloud solution while working remotely?  Are you currently a Sage 50 CA or Sage Accounting / SBCA user? Or is your business growing and you're looking for a software solution that includes…

  • Switching from Quickbooks to SAGE

    Yesterday I bought Sage 50 CE >> Switching over from Quickbooks where I have one customer billing address and multiple ship to destinations.

    How does one set up customers like Sysco (DC orders; bill to Western h/o; ship to DC)  ; Amazon,COM; Amazon…

  • I can not advance to a new calendar year.

     Sage 50 2022.2, I have cleared all past years historical data, restored backup made in early Nov. (before installing 2022 upgrade) will advance to Jan. 1,2022 but backups made after 2022 upgrade will not.  Advance Database Check gives an error and the…

  • Sage Account breach

    I went to renew our Sage 50 software. I logged onto the website, and noticed something looked out of place. I couldn't access some things and it said to contact ____ at our company. However, there was never a person by that name at our company. I called…

  • Comment passer à l'année 2022 sans fermer l'année 2021

    J'essaie de travailler dans mon année financière 2022 sans fermer mon année 2021 car nous n'avons pas terminer avec le comptable externe. Comment faire?

  • Invoice Numbering sequence For Vendor Payments?

    Is there a preference and or setting in Sage to have an auto invoice number created when you make payment to a vendor PO? If so, can you turn it off?

    I see there's a setting field under, Company, Forms, Vendor & Purchases to auto number Purchase Orders…

  • I cannot open my company and the backups are nowhere to be found

    I need to do ONE last Invoice before I do my taxes and close the company.. of course this is when I lost everything. I click on SAGE then it opens the folder and for some reason the only file there is a shortcut which doesn't work. I don't recall that…

  • Using Foreign Currencies instead of Home Currency.

    Is it OK - in accounts terms - to use Foreign Currencies instead of Home Currency in all transactions?

  • Sage 50 to JobBoss Integration ? Help ?

    We recently purchased "JobBoss" an ECI manufacturing ERP software. Have any Canadian users with Sage 50 used this software?

  • Rename custom field names under the "Additional info" tab to something other than "field 1" ?

    Can you rename the custom field names under the Additional info tab to something other than "field 1" ? I need to add a customer & vendor ID to each customer/vendor record to run integration from another software.

    Since Sage 50 does not…

  • Installing Sage 50 2020 Pro

    I had Sage 50 2020 Pro installed...not the subscription.  I am downloaded a trail version of 2022 Premium and it seems to have taken over my exsisting program.  I have uninstalled the Premium trial version.  2020 Pro is listed as an installed program in…

  • Sales report by foreign currency


    We have sales in US and CAD. For the Sales Report by Customer : Is there a way to have the information in foreign currency, instead of CAD.


  • How do I include Prev Yrs Vac Bal on Pay checks

    Our accountant totally changed the GL structure of our accounting system, so we had to set up a whole new company file.  In our old SA company the Previous Years Vacation Balance showed up on our pay checks, but I cant figure out how to get this to show…

  • Description sur talon de chèque


    J'aimerais savoir s'il est possible d'ajouter la note dans la case "description" sur les talons de chèques?