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  • Financial Year End - Rookie Question


    Rookie Question, but how do I set the financial year to be 6th April 2023 - 5th April 2024? Sage is currently only letting me select the month and year only. 

    Thank you 

    Kind Regards, 


  • Payment in advance - Supplier

    Does anyone know how to configure Sage50 book PA - Payment in advance (Supplier) go to Supplier Deposit ( Asset ) instead Trade Supplier ( Liability )? Thanks

  • Please could you add a 'Notes' box next to each e-mail address?

    If we could have a notes section next to each e-mail address, this would be great!

    We have a lot of accounts where there are multiple jobs & each with a different e-mail contact.

    This facility would mean that we can easily see which e-mail contact relates…

  • Split Payment Terms Option

    SAGE Cloud currently seems to only allow you to set very standard payment terms e.g. One payment required by a certain due date that you set per invoice. We need to be able to offer our customers split terms and for that to be easily managed in the software…

  • Duplicated Bank Reconciliation

    A recent File maintenance error check has flagged up that there is an issue with a bank reconciliation from last year. Looking into it there are 2 bank reconciliations for May 2022, both containing the exact same information & both dated & time stamped…

  • Why doesn't stock adjust if its been added to an invoice converted from a Sales Order?

    We raise invoices daily for our customers directly from the Invoice Module and experience no issues with stock adjustments.

    However today I've noticed that invoices generated from a Sales Order (normally raised from quotes issued), and where we later…

  • Bank Feed Rules - Include Bank Transfers

    The ability to create a bank feed rule to transfer between two bank accounts

  • Transactions still showing in Customer activity

    Hi, I can't seem to find an answer anywhere online.

    I ran Clear Audit trail and removed invoices up to March 2020, but when I go to either 'Transactions' or customer 'activity' I can still see invoices from 2018, can't access them as they were deleted…

  • Ability to add web URLs / sharepoint URLs in Stock code memo


    I am currently in the process of moving a lot of our network documents into our Sharepoint. We use chemicals internally in our manufacturing processes and wanted to ensure that the MSDS and Product Data sheets are linked back from the new location…

  • Purchase Order Report - Report for Goods Received

    I was looking for a 'Delivered Purchase order report' - basically one that had all of the Goods Received Note details on it, but it also included POP items too from the original PO.

    The standard GRN reports exclude things like price, etc. which…

  • Foreign Currency Customers and Suppliers

    Hi, I have foreign customers and suppliers and have activated the currency, set up bank accounts and worked out how to set up the customer/supplier account. What I can't find is whether I need to set up foreign currency debtors in the nominals or does…

  • Customizing Default Email Text

    Can anyone tell me please... is it possible to set up customized default email text on Sage 50?  TIA

  • System Crashing - Manual Allocation.

     Does anyone else have any experiences with SAGE50 crashing while trying to manually allocate stock in Sales Orders? There isn't an error message popping up, it just crashes straight to the desktop. I've tried restarting the system and re-logging in, but…

  • Customer Receipt - Show balance

    When you enter a customer receipt, would it be possible when you enter a customer in the account box (under customer detail) the outstanding balance shows.

    For example if I have a receipt of £60 on the bank statement reference JONES but I have 3 customers…

  • Sage.Reporting.Engine.Integration - "invalid report file" error when trying to run report

    We are using Sage Accounts 50 v28. I am trying to write sample report generation app using C# and I am stuck at very beginning because Sage is reporting me back that report file which I am trying to use is not valid even if it runs without any problem…

  • Sales Reports

    How can I run our sales reports for a calendar year not financial year. We need to report to ONS in calendar year format. Also how can I run a report to show the values on each tax code eg T0 in calendar year? 

  • Enable e-banking to foreign currency suppliers using foreign currency bank accounts.

    Enable e-banking to foreign currency suppliers using foreign currency bank accounts. We have suppliers to pay in euros and a euro bank account so payment using e-banking would be very useful.

  • Tidying up Ancient Sales Ledger Transactions

    We have 777 Sales Ledger Accounts that haven't been used since March 2018 They have a balance of £111k which coincidentally is balanced exactly by a balance of £(111k) in a "Debtors" nominal account.

    I would like to clear down…

  • Sort by balance

    When I sort my suppliers by balance, some of the accounts appear multiple times. 

    Would this be fixed by re-indexing suppliers?

    This does not happen when sorting by other columns

  • Retentions Receivable

    How do I account for retentions receivable please? Do I invoice the customer the full amount and credit the retention value? And then re-invoice the retention value on the due date? What N/C would these go to?

  • Duplicate Supplier Invoice reference warning

    Warn on duplicate supplier invoice reference even if the date is not the same (not just if date matches).

  • Running reports to show all customer e-mail addresses

    Does anyone know how I can run a report of all my customer e-mail addresses so that I can do an e-mail shot with a new price list?

  • Sagepay/Opayo Downloads

    Can we suggest that when we download receipts from Sagepay that we are given the chance to change the bank account destination and input a reference. PayPal receipts via Sagepay have to be changed by transaction edit. It would be easier and save a lot…

  • Post year end adjustments - After running year end - Question on 'Ledger Year End' journal posting


    I'm trying to find an answer to my question, but somewhat struggling.

    I need to post some year end adjustments to our accounts, normally the accountants advise us to post these on day 1 of the following accounting year, but this messes up my accounts…

  • Email help for old version of sage

    Hi I don't know if anyone has some experience setting up and sending invoices and statements by email on a fairly old version of sage.

    We have recently upgraded our computer and moved over the sage software. To send statements on our old computer…