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  • INTEGRATE SAGE 300 V 2022 WITH CRM (Error Code: Unauthorized, Error Message: Sage 300 WebApi Authentication error from invalid credentials)

    I have one sage 300 company on which it's API are currently used for other services.

    Now am trying to integrate it with sage CRM but I got Unauthorized error as invalid credentials.

    but it's api are working as per this image

  • Sage 300 -> CRM integration troubleshooting guide - Step 10 of 10

    Uninstalling the integration

    As there are many different components to the integration, uninstalling the integration will require multiple steps

    Master article can be found Sage 300 -> CRM integration troubleshooting guide
    revious article can be found…

  • Sage 300 -> CRM integration troubleshooting guide - Step 2 of 9

    The next step is installing the integration component on Sage CRM side. This is required as CRM needs to communicate with Sage 300 and will also add the menu's in Sage CRM under the administration menu in Sage CRM. The integration comes in 2 parts. Sage…

  • Sage 300 -> CRM integration troubleshooting guide - Step 1 of 9

    With any integration there are more than just 1 system to look at. In this case we have to make sure that Sage 300 is "ready" to integrate with CRM. We can do this by going through various steps to see if the integration on Sage 300 system is set up and…

  • Setting territory

    I must be missing something. I've got a Sage 300 system integrated with CRM. I was sure that when you set up an integration, you can set the default territory for the data coming across rom 300. I've got about 5 companies that will be integrated and each…

  • Unable to promote a vendor

    Problem details

    When promoting a vendor the screen does not load and the vendor does not get promoted


    The Bp used the incorrect integration, they needed to be on the integration for Sage 300 2020 and not the CRM version. 

    Sage 300 2020 PU4 also…

  • Sage 300 and Sage CRM Integration Compatibility Chart Sage updated CRM 2020 R2 & Sage 300 2021

    Sage 300 and Sage CRM Integration Compatibility Chart


    • Sage 300 and Sage CRM Support Matrix for current versions.
    • This KB explains the supported versions and installation process.
    • Sage CRM is supported for two versions while Sage 300 supported…
  • Sage 300 Customer Number change did not reflect in Sage CRM companies

    When Customer number is changed in Sage 300, The Sage CRM company linked to that Sage 300 Customer does not reflect the change. The Sage CRM company still shows the old Sage 300 customer number.