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  • AatrixForms.exe

    Has anyone experienced an issue with AatrixForms.exe "dropping"?  I issued one set of 1099's and when I tried to issue the second set I received a message that AatrixForms.exe forms was no longer found. 

  • File Doctor 20.3 to 20.5

    If upgrading from 20.3 to 20.5, does File Doctor need to be run?  The instructions have the warning about not being able to run it after the upgrade to version 20 is done, but if we're already at a 20.x version, does that matter?  (we did run it and…

  • Anyone work with State of Ohio ODOT and have to submit Certified Payroll Report in xml format?

    Anyone work with State of Ohio ODOT and have to submit Certified Payroll Report in xml format? Have you figured out a way to submit payrolls in the xml format?

  • Preview W2's

    Is there a way to preview what W2's will look like before doing the actaul W2 process?  At this point someone at Sage helps me run them as I haven't learned the process yet.  Would like to be able to at least preview the numbers so I know we're…

  • Deductions

    In the deduction section, deduction amount but the lower amount (not the limit amount) was not taken on the first paycheck of the month.  Why?

  • Log4j Vulnerability


    Has Sage CRE 300 been affected by the recent Log4j vulnerability?  If so, is there remediation information available? 



  • Download or Print Select Invoices to Pay in Sage 300 CRE

    Is there a way to either download or print the vendor invoice list that appears on Select Invoices to Pay?  

  • Trial balance report and balance sheet by month for 2019

    I am in search of a resource to help me generate these reports from SAGE CRE 300.  The system will only go back 23 months.  Looking for recommendations on a resource that can assit me in createing these quickly.

  • Sage 300 CRE update 2021/2022

    Good morning,

    We are using Sage CRE 300 20.3.1 & I wanted to know if we have to update it to the new version of it. I am using this software in Canada.

    Also want to know if I can postpone the update until after January 2022. Any suggestions and ideas…

  • Timberscan Capture vs. Sage Paperless Construction OCR

    We have been using Sage Paperless for the past 5 years and it has done everything we needed it to so far. It cut down our initial AP process from 22 working days start to finish to about 10. However, we have transitioned to 1 person in accounting vs. 3…

  • Switching Billing/Cash Receipts to the AR Module from Job Cost

    We currently bill and enter cash receipts in Job Cost, but I want to transition it over to the AR Module. How would I go about setting this up?  

  • Washington State Long Term Care Tax 2022

    Has Sage started preparing for this new Washington State tax?

    Starting January 1, 2022, ESD will assess each Washington employee a 0.58% premium assessment based on their wages. The employer must collect this premium assessment through a payroll deduction…

  • Remove an invoices from our Invoice Aging Report

    Our GL is correct, but as a result of a conversion issue, we have an AP Invoice stuck on our aging report that we do not wish to show up there. We do not wish to pay it, because then our GL will be off. Is there a way to remove this invoice from the invoice…

  • CM Posting Issue


    We seem to have an issue where we posted a CM entry (10158)  and it appears in the GL, but not in CM. This is causing our reconciliation to not tie out.

    In CM Batch 10158:

    GL Batch 10158:

    Does anyone know what the issue is or how to correct this…

  • How can I get a report like the Check Activity Detail report with only YTD Totals for all employees in a specified date range Using Sage 300?

    How can I get A report like the Check Activity Detail report with only YTD Totals for all employees in a specified date range Using Sage 300?

    The Check Activity detail report is just what I need with just a bit of modifications.  The report only need…

  • ProCore

    We have ProCore but it is not currently talking to Sage/Timberscan.  Before we go any further, can someone tell me if ProCore will work with multiple data folders?  I cannot seem to get a straight answer.  We are a property management company delving into…

  • Open Invoice Register showing invoices which is fully paid.

    Dear Team ,

     We have a scenario where for some vendors, some invoices appearing in open invoice register which is fully paid , Attaching screenshot for one vendor for your reference , similarly we have few vendors as well .

    Thanking in advance ,

  • Report Designer

    We are located in Okotoks Alberta and are looking to hire someone on a contract basis to create custom reports in Report Designer. 

    Can anyone help us out with this?


  • Is Sage 300 CRE compatible with Windows 11?

    Is Sage 300 CRE compatible with Windows 11?

  • Payroll Report Needed

    I am looking for a Weekly Labor Report that includes ALL PR costs (Burden, Reimbursements, etc) that can be run by Period End Date NOT Accounting Date. (I know I can condition it with the PED after the accounting date is selected but that's not what I…

  • Job Cost - Setup issue

    Recently, each time I try to setup a job in Job Cost, I get a message that says "Having trouble reading this data".  When I click "OK" it then proceeds to the Job Setup screen.  We haven't performed any updates and it seems as though…

  • What is the latest update to sage 300 CRE?

    What is the latest update to sage 300 CRE? Where do I find the link? When I go online the link says there is an error.

  • Was there recently a new update for payroll Q3? Not tax update but the actual payroll program?

    Payroll Q3 update?

    Does anyone have the link?

  • Sage TL Licenses Renewal

    Dear Team ,

    Can we renew our Sage licenses directly through Sage customer portal without using a reseller ?. We are located in Bahrain and we wish to renew licenses directly from Sage . Would there be any problem in renewing directly ? In future if support…

  • Adding Dates Formula

    I need to create a formula that adds employee DOB to today's date.  I've tried using system date but I receive an error that the field types are different.  Has anyone used system date in a date calculation formula?