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  • Generar transferencias de las nóminas pago mismo día

    Buenos días 

    Existe la posibilidad que al generar el fichero de transferencia de nóminas se incluya en la cabecera del fichero XML la etiqueta <lclinstrm> como se indica en la imagen,

    Es la forma de indicar que la  transferencia sea pagado…


    Hello ,

    I have a challenge on the Sage 200 Budget and Projects module.the module is auto-filling the budget values even if i have not input anything. Attached are before and after pictures of the scenario.1st picture i zerorise all the budget inputs,save…

  • | Sage CRM | Free Virtual Summit 2022 | September 27, 1000 GMT+1 |

    Talking CRM 2022, a day long free virtual conference dedicated to Sage CRM.

    The event is an opportunity for customers and partners alike to learn more about the business advantage of Sage CRM. Talking CRM 2022 kicks off on Tuesday 27th September 2022…

  • How to sort currency on Currencies & Exchange Rates with default currency on top?

    Hi all,

    I need to sort the order of the currencies & exchange rates but with several important currencies such as EURO, Pound, and USD on top, while the other currencies (in the red circle) should be sorted alphabetically.

    I have tried "Allow Sort…

  • MPS Read Demand routine is already in progress


    For some reason our MPS read demand routine failed last night and now we cant run it again as it says its in progress "somewhere", but its not and there is no disconnected logins, so obviously its a flag set somewhere. I have googled around and I…

  • How to automatically add customized form to Menu after assign roles?

    Hi all,

    I am a developer making customized solution for my customer. Usually when I create forms, I will have to assign the roles to the forms, and after that I need to add the forms 1 by 1 to the Menu. If I have 20 new forms, then I will have to do it…

  • Tracking costs Associated with internal Assets in the Service Manager Module

    Sage Evolution Version

    Module : Service Manager

    We would like to track costs that are linked to our internal assets, such as motor vehicles, graders, excavators, Bulldozers etc

     Ideally, we would like to process service tasks as being not chargeable…

  • Integrate Sage 200 with PayPal

    find out how to integrate Sage 200 with PayPal to help ensure you get paid faster:

  • Sage 200 64-bit

    When are we going to get Sage 200 as a 64 bit app? There have been plenty of requests for the Sage BI and Outlook integration to support 64-bit but the truth is, the core product needs to be 64 bit. The latest Microsoft Visual Studio version 2022 is now…

  • sage bank feed login window cannot be displayed

    Hi there,

    I am trying to set up a bank feed, but I am getting this error message. 

  • Sage 200 budget allocation/amendment

    Is there a way of adding budget values within a project? For example, we have a project agreed for £5,000.00 materials, £2,000.00 sub-contractors and £1,000.00 lab analysis = total £8,000.00. When the contractors are on-site they realise they need additional…
  • How to set up Salary & Supplier Payments in Sage 200

    This video overview is a step by step guide to setting up Salary and Supplier payments in Sage 200.

  • Sage 200 & Go Cardless

    Get paid faster! Find out more about the integration of Sage 200 & GoCardless in our new video 

  • Sage 200 creates a new record in the Database after changes data

    Hello Team,
    I use Sage 200 API to receive data and sync them with my application.
    For receiving AR documents I use the following endpoint -
    But, I detected that when I change the Invoice, Credit Notes…
  • Sage Report Designer percentage increase in values?


    I have created a simple report that outputs information from purchase orders based on an item code or a supplier and it gives me when,whom and when those items where purchased, with po number quantity and unit buying price. 

    What I would like to do…

  • Cannot find Transaction. This transaction type cannot be viewed here. Please go to Order Enquiries


    I was converting a Pro Forma to a sales order and I recevied an error message. I tried to continue but I kept getting this error.

    I closed Sage and reopened it and it say COMPLETED under document status saying its converted it but it didnt.

    When I…

  • Error during the Online Card Receipt

    Hello Team,

    I know that you are busy, so I'll be brief.
    Could you help me with the following issue?

    I tried to create an Online Card Receipt in Sage 200.
    But Sage returns the following error message:

    Could you clarify which settings I should apply to…
  • Filter $skip doesn't work for method sales_transaction_enquiry_views

    Hello Team,

    Could you help me with the following issue?
    I am using the method sales_transaction_enquiry_views to receive transaction allocations.


  • Show Analysis codes on Sales Invoice List in the Invoicing Module

    I think that it would be really useful if you could add columns for Analysis codes on the Sales Invoice List in the Invoicing module, in both Sage 200 Standard and Professional. It seems like an oversight that it is missing.

  • Disconnected Logins

    Hi all,

    Just wondering if anyone knows which setting enables someone access to the Disconnected Login screen within Sage 200?

    Disconnected logins would be a frequent support ticket for us and I would like to allow department managers the ability to access…

  • Inactive/greyed out Customer Allocation button

    Hi, the issue with Allocation buttons getting inactive/greyed out was related to foreign customer account. Not only that, other allocation buttons are also missing.

    In contrast for local customer account the allocation buttons are completely.


  • Invoice PDF via API from Sage 200

    Hello Team,

    Could you clarify please, is it possible to receive Invoice PDF via API from Sage 200?
    If yes, could you provide the link to the API specification?
    Or maybe you could recommend another way how to receive an Invoice PDF for the integration process…

  • To have a field on invoice to populate 2nd ref

    I have had a few clients who wish to raise an invoice from the invoice list and record information at this point which will then post through to the 2nd reference field in the customer transaction enquiry screen.  This could be using the Customer Order…

  • Receiving removed Account Receivable entities via API

    Hello Team,

    During the official documentation, I cannot find an endpoint that allows receiving removed Account Receivable entities (customers, invoices, payments, etc.).
    How I can receive removed Account Receivable entities via API?
    Could you provide an endpoint…

  • Method to identify Reversing Journals and Accruals

    Submitted on behalf of South Tees Site Company.

    Currently when posting Accruals, Prepayments or Reversing Journals there does not appear to be any way of identifying what type of nominal transaction they are.

    So when posting an Accrual and the Reversing…