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  • Upgrade to Sage 100 2021 Custom Panels not Showing Up


    We are doing a test upgrade from Sage 100 2018 PU 6 to Sage 100 2021 PU 3.  We have installed Sage 100 2021, PU 3 and Payroll and migrated several companies to test.  However, none of the custom panels or UDFs are showing in the tasks.  We have run…

  • I am getting an error message while trying to import AR_InvoiceHistoryDetail records into Sage 100 2021 from Sage 100 2018. Error #112 Keyed File Error (Record Key Size Invalid)

    I am getting an error message while trying to import AR_InvoiceHistoryDetail records into Sage 100 2021 from Sage 100 2018. Error #112 Keyed File Error (Record Key Size Invalid), I got an error during month end close about an open invoice in the system…

  • Integration with Sage 100

    Hello Team,

    Could you please help me with the following questions?

    1) Is it possible to integrate data from Sage 100 via web API?
    2) Does Sage 100 have a cloud version? or it is just an On-Premise version?

  • error #47 substring reference out of string in Sales Order

    we are attempting to delete a SO. we have successfully done so to other SO but this one item gives us an error #47 Substring reference out of string and we are unable to do anything. 

  • OLE Error 424 - for some users only

    Running Sage 100 Advanced 2018: I have created a UDT to hold key information needed for our accounts by zip code, and a Button Script to look up the data by zip code, populate certain fields, then show a message to the user. I can run the script just…

  • Quantity on sales order does not match order tab quantity

    Sage 100c Advanced SQL 2018

    So I think this is happening because of me... 

    Before last year, when we pulled orders on paper, we would take the sales order and move it to invoicing, then key punch all of the backorders on the Sales Order Invoice…

  • Display Inactive Warehouse in Lookup Views

    Trying to figure out where this check box resides in V2019.

    Per the What's New guide for V2018:

    However when I go to said tab, I cannot locate it:

  • How can I bring up a deposit or check to edit it (change amount/date/account)?

    I need to change accounts on several checks and change amounts on deposits, how can I go about locating, opening, and editing them?

  • Reconcile Bank Out of Balance By Field - Huge Amount!

    Hi there.

    My company almost exclusively only uses the payroll module, but we use the bank reconciliation report to keep track of cleared checks. I print off a report of uncleared checks, the accountant lets me know which have cleared, then I manually…

  • Integrate BOI with Sage 100 ERP 2018

    We have an eCommerce web application built-in in Ruby on Rails. And, we need to integrate Sage ERP with our ruby server,
    Which will fetch products data from Sage ERP and writes orders data to Sage ERP?

    We have installed Sage ERP on our windows server…

  • AP Vendor number linking to GL Detail Posting

    I need to pull in the vendor number field for AP invoices and AP checks (manual included) to a the GL_DetailPosting table. We need to know by a posting date range, which vendor number a posting to the GL account is for. I cannot find a linking in the…

  • I updated Sage 100 2018, now the reports in HRMS 2017 will not work.

    I updated to Sage 100 2018. We are currently up to date on Sage HRMS 2017 Q4, version 10.7038. The reports prior to the Sage 100 2018 in Sage HRMS worked. After the update to Sage 100 2018, the reports in Sage HRMS 2017 either error out to Microsoft Foxpro…

  • Error creating record in SO_SalesOrderPayment table, "you must enter payment information, Sage Exchange Vault Payment Identifier"

    Hello Everyone,

    I am trying to figure out how to know what is the cause of an error that will not let my software create a payment record for an incoming Sales Order. The error I got from the business object is:

    "Error Creating record from table to SO_SalesOrder_Bus…

  • Importing manual checks into Sage 100 2018 payroll

    I'm trying to design a VI job to import manual payroll checks to assist with conversion from another payroll system. When I test it the log says all the records are importing successfully; however, when I actually try to import the data the header record…

  • Generate Invoice from SO without Shipping Items - Down Payment Required

    We have some customers who are on credit hold. We require that they pay either a percentage of the order or the entire order before the items are shipped. How would we create an invoice from the sales order listing the items and their cost and then once…

  • ¿Como instalo el cliente del Sage en la Desktop?

    Buenos días estimados,

    Favor de brindarme el procedimiento de instalación del sage en un cliente / usuario.

    El servidor sage 100 2018 esta instalado en Server 2008 R2.

  • Al realizar el proceso de facturación la pantalla se congela y aparece el siguiente mensaje:

    Problem signature:

      Problem Event Name:                      BEX

      Application Name:                           pvxwin32.exe

      Application Version:              

      Application Timestamp:                  59bb97cb

      Fault Module Name:                        dtsh.dll

      Fault Module Version:                     6.1.7600.16385

      Fault Module Timestamp:               4a5bc8ec


  • Announcing Sage 100 2018 and Sage 100 2017.3



    This notice is sent as a benefit of your Sage Business Care plan to let you know that the following products are available:

    • Sage 100 2018
    • Sage 100 2017.3 (Product Update 3)

    Note: If you are not the person who installs Sage…

  • Sneak Preview: Sage 100 2018 Payroll Setup

    Happy National Payroll Week!

    Sage 100 2018 will be released this fall, but you don't have to wait to get a sneak preview of feature enhancements that will impact Payroll, including a new setup wizard and new menu tasks.

    The videos below offer a first…