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  • Multiple Folders pointing to single SQL database


    I have a customer with a v12 installation with multiple folders (SEED, PILOT, X3).  Every folder is somehow pointed to the PILOT data.  I have checked SQL, and the normal SEED data is present,.  If I add record in any folder, it is reflected in all three…

  • Calculate aging over time

    Where can I find the information I need to calculate customer aging over time? Usually when I get stuck I can copy something one of my predecessors did, but no one knows of any report like this previously. 

    I want to be able to show a sales person, for…

  • How can I find the SQL execution plan for a custom view in SQL Server Management Studio?

    You may have created some custom views in your Sage X3 system but are finding them slow to execute.   The first step in diagnosing poorly performing SQL is often checking the SQL execution plan, but how can you do this with Sage X3 custom views?

    First thing…

  • Configurar Sage for Accountants para trabalhar com SQL da Microsoft em Linux

    Boa noite,

    Tenho um servidor de dados em ambiente Linux (Ubuntu) com o Microsoft SQL Server 2019 (Linux) instalado.
    Gostaria de configurar o Sage 
    for Accountants para trabalhar com SQL da Microsoft em Linux.
    Alguém já o fez?

    Luís Fre…

  • SII preparación de envíos es muy lento


    hemos entrado este año en el SII, y poco a poco hemos ido notando como la pantalla de entrada (preparación), cada vez es más lenta.

    Me explico, al darle al proceso se queda en una pantalla 6 minutos y luego acumula. Y repite…

  • Restoring historical data

    History of Question:
    * The SAGE 100 Con database had over 30 companies in it and performance was "sluggish."
    * Backups were made of all companies and copied to another server for safekeeping.
    * A 2nd SQL instance was created and all companies between…

  • 100C API - Função para executar as querys.

    Relativamente à execução de querys, deverá utilizar a função da seguinte forma:



    Bonjour à tous 

    Je voudrais savoir si quelqu'un aurait réalisé un script SQL pour importer un inventaire dans Batigest Connect.

    Par avance, merci pour vos réponse.

    Jean Baptiste

  • Encore (et toujours) des problèmes de requête SQL


    Je m'arrache les cheveux pour tenter de trouver des alternatives et adapter mes requêtes ACCESS (qui fonctionnait dans batigest i7) en requêtes TRANSACT-SQL (aucun souci sous SQL Manager) mais cette version de Batigest Connect…

  • Consulta SQL base de datos

    Me gustaría saber como hacer la consulta SQL de la venta del día para una fecha determinada y cada uno de los almacenes.y el importe de las formas de pago

    me pueden ayudar


  • Toujours des problèmes avec les requêtes SQL

    Voici là encore une requête ACCESS qui fonctionnait parfaitement sous Batigest i7

     Year(Interv.DateEff) AS [Année],
     Switch(Interv.CanalReception='A', 'Autre', Interv.CanalReception='M', 'Mail', Interv.CanalReception='P', 'Pages…

  • CHARINDEX et PATINDEX ne fonctionnent pas

    Les fonctions CHARINDEX() et PATINDEX() portant standard ne semblent pas fonctionner dans les requêtes SQL sous Batigest Connect. (J'utilisais la fonction InStr() sous Batigest i7 qui ne marche plus non plus).

    Y'a t-il une solution ?

  • Migration Batigest Connect - SQL 2019 non installé ?


    Je viens de souscrire à la Version Connect Premium avec le runtime SQL 2019.

    Je suis en train de faire un test de migration sur une machine de test car j'ai des applications tierces à adapter avant une migration définitive.…

  • Purge specific records from AR Invoice History-VI or SQL?

    Running Sage 100 Premium 2021: need to reduce the size of the AR Invoice History tables. The purge invoice history utility is good as far as it goes, but I need to remove invoices for only one division that creates thousands of repetitive invoices monthly…

  • Upgrading Sage 200 - Windows 2008

    We have recently been contacted by our Sage Support, telling us our Sage 200 system needs upgrading.

    We are currently running on Windows 2008, and the support have told us Windows have announced they are turning off the server(?) that our Sage connects…

  • Sage 200 Evolution Intercompany Integration AR into AP Tables / All other transactions

    Hi There.

    We are discontinuing a service with one of our Sage consultants. We wish to take on Transaction integration inhouse (SQL environment).

    What is the best way to go about this? Do we have to use a consultant, or can we adapt this technology? …

  • What is the newest SQL server version Sage 100c 2016 would run on

    Want to upgrade our Windows servers to 2019(from SBS 2011 and 2008 R2) and keep Sage 100 2016 for now.  I  have read that SQL 2008 will install but should not be used in a production environment.   Wondering what is the newest version of SQL that I could…

  • Sage 200 Report Designer - Join Not Detecting New Column in View

    On our picking list report we've got a join to an SQL view called 'SOPAdditionalChargeView' which is used to display the additional charge line for the order at the top of the picking list. Without going into too much detail I have added a column to this…

  • How Can I check or clarify SQL server is runtime edition version ?

    Hi, Everyone How Can I check or clarify SQL server is runtime edition version.

    Please help me.

    Thank you so much

  • Sage 100 Premium 2020 SQL Server Transactional Replication for Reporting

    Version: Sage 100cloud Premium 2020 (Version

    Additional software: Scanco Operations Management & Multi-bin, Some custom DSD programming

    Hello all! First post here. Looking for some assistance when it comes to replicating data for reporting…

  • Year end process when you use SQL POS or Debtors Manager

    Good Day Community,

    Once again we enter the Year end period and everything that goes with it. 

    Please remember that if you are using SQL Point of Sale or Debtors Manager, there is a right way and a wrong way to run the Year end. 

    You CANNOT run the Year…

  • Graphical Query Tool executed query

    I have query in the Graphical Query Tool that I'd like to see the actual query executed.  How do I see the query in SQL syntax?  I want to see the tables and how / what they are joined.  Is there a way of doing that?

  • Looking to build a report for Sales by GLCode by month

    Hi, as the subject says, I am building a report to pull sales numbers per company by GLCode in sql server. I'm having a hard time getting data that looks correct. I have tried a few different ways of joining SORDER table to GACCOUNT table. I've tried…

  • Warning: Updating to 2021 R1, R2, R3 and R4 with Microsoft SQL Server

    The releases above include new definitions of clustered indexes for SQL Server, to be created when the update is applied. The data indexed in a clustered index is stored in the index area of SQL Server. As a result, this might move data in your database…

  • Informes Personalizados

    Tenéis algún recurso o vídeo de como funciona el addon de informes personalizados?, no logro entender como funciona y como atacar a la BD, no veo nada para poner código SQL.....