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  • What CRM User to use during Sage Premium setup?

    During the Sage Premium setup, it asked for a SageCRM user and I have always used the sa user with no issues.  Can I set up a different user and what rights does that new user need to have to work properly? Are there written instructions to do this?

  • Sage 100c 2021.2 update failing

    I'm trying to install the update on top of my 2021.1 installation (test environment). I have restarted and tried running as domain admin, all still fails. There is no error description and I don't see anything in the event viewer. IT seems to be failing…

  • Create custom database using AddIn.sql failed with SQL error

    Hi all,

    I want to create a custom database using addIn.sql file from an Add on, so user do not have to go to MSSQL to create himself. But I have problem installing the add on because of this error:

    "CREATE DATABASE statement not allowed within multi…

  • Getting the below error in BW Sage 2015

     I did some searching on your site and see that KB 39468 may assist in resolving this issue but cannot locate where your KB's are stored. 
    And, if someone has insight into this error, please advise. 

    Is this a firewall error or possible port issue? 

  • Corrigindo Erro: Chave inexistente nesta tabela

    Saudações a todos! Neste post venho explicar sobre como corrigir o erro de chave(index) inexistente em uma determinada tabela.

    Antes de tudo, iremos replicar o erro: 

    Para solucionarmos o problema, primeiramente devemos ir ao nosso dicionário…

  • Sage 100 2021 premium slow performance

    Setting up my testing environment (test => prod) and performance is unberably slow. Typing in an item code in inquiry has a multiple-second delay between key presses and seeing letters. Search-while-typing is enabled, as it is in  in my live 2018 installation…

  • SQL Replicator and SQL Databases

    I had a KB that described the process of deleting the replicated database(s) from the SQL server (compnaydata, izenda, etc) to start from a clean slate, can anyone point me to this KB.


  • Project file

    Sage Estimating version 20.2

    Does anyone know if it is posssible to e-mail a project file to another Sage user without them have a copy of the database?

    And if so what files do we send and will they be able to open the file with there Sage Estimating…

  • SQL 2019 cluster environment

    Anyone ever installed Sage 200 Evolution in a SQL Cluster environment. Utilizing the "listener name " when populating the Licence details so that if one SQL server fails , it will switch automatically to the backup server with no issues with the licencing…

  • How to configure Quick Find to search for custom fields

    We received a case where a customer wanted to configure Quick Find to return the result of a search on a custom field that was added to the Company entity.

    When a user searches through the entities it can only display a maximum of 30 results based on…

  • Selecting the collation when installing SQL Server

    Welcome to my blog post with some useful information on SQL Server collations 

    The Sage X3 Version 12 Prerequisites for Microsoft® Windows - Microsoft® SQL Server 2016/2017/2019 have recently been updated to include the requirement to use the Latin1_General_BIN2…

  • Adding new GL Accounts

    I need to add 500 or more GL accounts  and Description using SQL UPDATE statement.  Which tables and columns need to be updated?

  • Is it possible to use the SQL Import / Export Wizard to copy from PRODUCTION to PILOT?

    I need to update the SO and PO tables on a daily basis to test an automation customization I am working on.  Has anyone used the Microsoft SQL Import / Export Wizard to create an SSIS package to copy data from PRODUCTION to PILOT?  Does that work?  If so…

  • Connection to Sage Data with postgresql fails

    Any help is greatly appreciated. 

    Using Sage 100cloud Standard. 

    My company uses Access to query Sage data. This works well, but I'd like to run more advanced and rapid queries. My system administrator has allowed me to install Postgresql on my computer…

  • Sage 300 Error=2 Native code message when loading data


    When loading data using database dumb in Sage 300 error=2 native code appears.


    SQL is not setup correctly.


    Ensure that the SQL Collation method is set to the sage 300 recommended collation.

  • Generar XML para dar de baja facturas SII de manera masiva

    Buenas tardes,

    Nos ocurre que un cliente estaba en el SII y, por motivos de volumen, este año se ha dado de baja. El problema que se nos da, es que hasta que se ha dado de baja en el SII ha estado enviando facturas a la AEAT. Todas estas facturas (miles…

  • Sage 200 Is the view created for custom reports stored somewhere on the sql server.


    Is the view created for custom reports stored somewhere on the sql server.

    We have a custom report for purchase legers that pulls a lot of data together. I was wondering if this view is stored somewhere in the sql server so that we can easily pull…

  • Need help with Taxable vs Nontaxable discounts on invoices.


    We are trying to set up an invoice report for a 3rd party company to help us manage our taxes. They require that we put taxable amounts on one row, and non taxable amounts on another row per invoice as we have some invoices that have both taxable…

  • Using SQL Function in SQL Requester

    Hi, I am creating a simple SQL Requester which will pull back data from 2 tables - PREQUIS and ACLOB.

    I wish to use a SQL Function I have to convert the CLOB Text from RTF to 'readable' text.

    This works fine in SQL, but when I try in the SQL Requester…

  • Sage Pro ERP 2010 on SQL Server 2016

    SQL Server 2008 will not get security updates after July 9 2019. Anybody has success upgrading Sage Pro ERP 2010 to higher version of Sql Server? Possibly SQL Server 2016?

  • Sage Pastel POS SQL


    I am trying to install the POS SQL software on a workstation. The software however, requires that the system must have installed a Sage 50c Pastel Software. Is this a compulsory requirement for a workstation. I thought POS tills is a standalone…

  • Tabla de relaciones Sage50


    Donde esta unificada la tabla de relaciones de la Bases de datos, o algún sitio donde puedo ver las relaciones entre tablas.

    Lo necesito para identificar las relaciones entre tablas. Grin