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  • AOWSIMPORT answer


    For the creation of certain documents through web services it is necessary to use the standard AOWSIMPORT method. We would need to know the id of the created document.

    Does anyone have any solution?

    Thank you very much.

  • Respuesta AOWSIMPORT


    para la creación de ciertos documentos mediante web services es necesario utilizar el método estandar AOWSIMPORT. Necesitariamos saber el id del documento creado.

    ¿Alguién tiene alguna solución?

    Muchas gracias…

  • Información: Posible ajuste para acelar los servicios web SOAP

    Hemos descubierto que añadir un índice a la tabla ALOGIN puede ayudar potencialmente con el rendimiento cuando la tabla ALOGIN se hace muy grande, por ejemplo, alrededor de 100000 registros. Hemos observado una mejora definitiva en las llamadas al servicio…

  • SOAP Query Method Greater Than

    Hi all
    Anybody Knows how to indicate in SOAP query method a filter greater than. For example in ITM object do a query where ITMREF > "50000". How ishould be specified in:

    <objectKeys xsi:type="wss:ArrayOfCAdxParamKeyValue">…

  • Integration – Sync Shopify Products with X3 via Boomi & SOAP Web Services


    • A Shopify Developer account* (Obtainable from here)
    • A Boomi Integration account*(Obtain a Training account here)
    • A Sage X3 Classic SOAP Pool exposed to the Internet via HTTPS (Recommended) or HTTP

    Set up Sage X3

    • We will use X3's SOAP webservices…
  • is there a .Net automatic serialization and deserialization tool for sage x3 soap webservice?

    hello everyone i have a problem so we have a soap webservice created from sage x3 and we want to use it in another external .Net application that we are developing and we need a tool or a visual studio plugin that does the serialization and deserialization…

  • Soap Service Authentication

    I am testing connecting to the SOAP Web Service via a .NET application and all attempted requests get a 405 Method Not Found response. I think this may be because i am using basic authentication which is no longer an option for the SOAP service?

    The guide…

  • Web Service query com filtro Like?

    Saudações a todos!

    Estou trabalhando com Web Services e gostaria de saber se existe alguma forma de filtrar registros pelo método query da mesma forma que filtro pela left list.

    aqui temos um filtro pela left list

    e aqui estou…

  • CORS policy

    Hi Devs, 

    please assist with resolving Cors Policy errors. I'm retrying to send requests to a CRM  server running on IIS but they are blocked by CORS Policy (HTTP not ok). I am able to send the requests from Postman but I can't from a web app. I am…

  • Subprogram with rest

    Hello everyone

    I developed a web services(Subprogram) using SOAP, how I can do it again using the REST method,

    Please can you help

  • SOAP Security

    Please advise if there are any options to address the security concerns

    1. SOAP is enabled with encoding method, can encryption and signing of the SOAP message be enabled for secure SAGE communication?
    2. What are the possible restrictions that SOAP’s WSDL…
  • Sage X3 PU11 - SOAP Call in C# Language - Is there a common library DLL which we. can attached as a reference.

    Hello Teams,

    We are creating an Interface to Sage X3 PU11 and would like to know if Sage or any other provider has  created a common DLL library for the C# programming language. Will be used to call SOAP or REST in Sage X3.

    Thank you,


  • How use runAsync method with SOAP X3WebServices in VB.NET ?


    I am making a VB.NET application which uses SOAP web service with X3 V12.

    It works very well in synchronous mode using run method.
    But I would like to use this asynchronous function :

    Public Overloads Sub runAsync(ByVal callContext As CAdxCallContext…

  • SIH SOAP webservice x Stock issue lines creation


    When creating a Direct Sales invoice through SIH SOAP Webservice, the system returns the message below:

    <message>Line Number 1 \ Product ITMMOB001 : The stock to issue has not been determined \ Document line quantity 1 Processed quantity 0</message…

  • Max try reached on AOWSIMPORT SOAP call

    I've been using other SOAP WS to read/modify/create data with no problem, but if I use the AOWSIMPORT SOAP WS I get the error "Max try reached", this is happening for every I_MODIMP that I specify.

    What is causing this error?

  • Não consigo definir a Unidade de Venda do item quando registro uma encomenda por SOAP


    Não consigo definir a Unidade de Venda do item quando registro uma encomenda por SOAP.
    A requisição POST envio algo como:
    SAU: "UN",
    QTY: "",
    SAUSTUCOE: "1",
    STU: "UN",
    Mas a encomenda…
  • The Journal Table

    I was tempted to start a new series of articles called "Mysterious Tables of Sage CRM" but since this is supposed to be a sensible library of "Hints, Tips and Tricks" I have resisted. Nevertheless, there are a few tables in the Sage CRM database…

  • Date/Time fields, User Preferences and SOAP Web Services

    In this example, I want to explore how Sage CRM's SOAP web services interact with dates and times. The background for this article is the experience that a user may have within the main interface.

    As we can see in the image below this user has opted…

  • Embedding Sage CRM Screens (ASP & .NET extensions) in External Applications

    This article has been written for partners who need to be able to call Sage CRM screens in the context of external applications. This is not such a strange idea as there are several partners who have created add-ons to MS Office or to other desktop products…

  • The relationship between the SOAP Web Services and the other APIs

    A customer asked me whether the SOAP Web Services were an extension of the .Net API or a separate API built on top of the COM API.

    Below is a diagram that is frequently used to explain the Sage CRM Architecture.

    This diagram represents the hybrid architecture…

  • UpdateRecord Example using the SOAP Web Services

    Below is some code that shows how the UpdateRecord() method can be invoked using the SOAP Web Services. I have discussed the use of the Update() method in the article "Updating Multiselect fields using the Web Service Interface" and it is import…

  • Sage CRM 2021:A round up of articles about using SOAP Web Services

    I have recently been researching an article about Sage CRM's SOAP Web Services and as part of that I needed to look at what had been written on the community in the past about Web Services. I thought it would be a helpful if I shared my list of articles…

  • Sage CRM 2021: An Introduction to using the SOAP Web Services

    In this article I want to consider how Sage CRM's SOAP based web services can be used to extend its features and integration with other systems.

    Sage CRM actually has two forms of web service in the current system. It offers both REST and SOAP Web…

  • Dropdown field settings in SOAP Web Services

    In Sage CRM you can control whether dropdown fields are handled as enumerators or as strings in code.

    This is an important setting of which to be aware when creating your code.

    I started a project this week and failed to realise that I had changed the…

  • Finding Person Records by Email Address using SOAP web services in Sage CRM

    A customer had the requirement to be able to retrieve person records in Sage CRM using the SOAP web services based on their email address.

    On the face of it this looks like this may be a difficult job (but it isn't!). This is because of normalization…