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  • Is Sage 300 2022 PU2 Compatible with MS Office 2021 32bit?


    One of our client upgraded their Microsoft Office version to Office 2021 MSO (Version 2205 Build 16.0.15225.20028) 32-bit. Does it compatible with Sage 300 2022 PU2?

    They need to run FR, but encounters the following errors:

    Description: PrintReport…

  • Discontinuation of a module how it effects opening company in web screens

    Client had activated AP/AR in version 61 but did not use and module was uninstalled

    Have loaded a new server upgraded to version 69

    In sql you can still see the tables - it opens in desktop version - but in web screens when we open that company it is…

  • Printing Multiple Invoices

    Hello everyone, this there a way to print multiple invoices under a customer number at once? (I use Sage300)

    Example: A customer sends me a list of multiple invoices that they need. I don't want to search each invoice individually and save as a pdf and…

  • Financial Statements fails to open in MS Office 2019 Pro Plus

    Hi everyone,

    Does anyone know a solution to this error when running G/L Financial Reporter to Print Financial Statements? We are using Sage 300 2022 and 32-bit MS Office 2019 Pro Plus on 64-bit Windows 10 Pro. I've enabled all macros and did a repair…

  • External network


    Is it possible if you have an external network (hosted elsewhere) that you can set up a workstation setup without having to use RDP



  • Anyone having issues with Sage 300 2022 Product Update 2 Installation

    Currently unable to complete the install of Sage 300 2022 Product Update 2 - the install shield keeps been suspended for over 40 minutes

    Gets to this point and no further:

    And the install shield:

    Any ideas on how to get past this?

  • Sage 300 2022 Activating Licenses (Editions Matter)

    Sage 300 2022 Activating Licenses (Editions Matter)

    In this blog, we will cover the best way of installing and activating your Sage 300 licenses.

    A very important tip before getting started is checking your details.

    When issued your license details, they…

  • Good news for PJC Web Screens users!

    With Product Update 2 for Sage 2022, users can now enter job-related documents in Accounts Payable on all A/P Transactions ( AP Invoice Entry, A/P Payment Entry and A/P Adjustment Entry) in Web Screens.  The 'job-related' button is now available for A/P…

  • Sage 300 What's New in Version 2022.2 training is now available on Sage University

    A new What’s New in Sage 300 Version 2022.2 anytime Learning course is now available on Sage University for customers and consultants. This course provides you with information on the exciting new features and improvements that have been implemented…

  • Sage 300 Integration

    Hi Everyone, 
    I am working on one sage integration with python web application and I want to send data from python application and create customer in sage. I am using desktop version of sage. My question here is if the API…

  • bank rec and GL balance


    I'm new to SAGE 300

    tying to reconcile the bank, bank is reconciled but GL balance is not matching.

    What happen if I post an entry through JE not bank entry, this would solve my issue?

    or please advise.

  • Increasing the Size for G/L Account Description to 120 Characters

    My client is running Sage 300 Premium Edition Version 2020.

    They want the G/L Account Description field to be increased to 120 Characters. Is there an available utility for doing this? How can I achieve it in the easiest way possible?

    All responces will…

  • Item Segment Length Change


    When I try to change the segment length I am getting the following error.

    How can I change the segment code length?

    Sage version: Sage 300 Standard(version 2019)

  • Do you know you can reserve inventory to ensure the required inventory will be available during shipment?

    Sometimes, an order was created but users may not ship the order right away. In the case that we don’t allow “negative inventory”, we need to make there are enough on hand for the order to ship at a later time. In O/E options in O/E…

  • Differences between Bills of Material and Kitting items

    What is a Bills of Material item (BOM)?

    • A Bills of Material item is an item that can be assembled or repackaged inventory items to create a supply of "master item" to sell.

     What is a Kitting item?

    • A Kitting item is an item that can be set…
  • Duplicate Sage300 User ID in intelligence Reporting

    There is a customer, some Sage300 user ID are duplicated in Intelligence Reporting security. Such duplicated ID cannot use run report properly. Would you kindly let me know how to rebuild the Intelligence Reporting User table or fix the problem?


    Does someone have a template that I can use for importing invoices into SAGE 300 AP using Excel?  I tried an export but the arrangement of the output doesn't make sense for a template.  Also, I cannot locate the function to import.  So I am not sure…

  • Sage 300 Tax Services: Multiples Tax Authorities

    Dear All, 

    I am looking for a solution regarding the below tax calculation.

    We have multiple tax authorities and some of the tax authorities are also taxable. I want to know how we can set up in Sage 300 tax services? The calculation is as below:

  • Sage version 12

    Happy Friday all!

    I am newer still to my company and have run into an error on my very old version of Sage.  Does anyone out here know how to get past the below error message for such an old version?

  • Sage 300 Canadian Payroll tax update (January 1, 2022) is available

    NOTE: This release announcement applies to Sage 300 for the North America region.

    What's new in Sage 300 Canadian Payroll (January 1, 2022)

    • Federal legislative updates
    • Provincial and territorial legislative updates

    For more detailed information about…

  • Sage 300 U.S. Payroll tax update (Q4 2021) is available

    NOTE: This release announcement applies to Sage 300 for the North America region.

    What’s new in Sage 300 U.S. Payroll (Q4 2021)

    • Federal legislative updates*
    • State and local legislative updates
    • Earnings and deductions related to COVID-19
    • Information…
  • Download or Print Select Invoices to Pay in Sage 300 CRE

    Is there a way to either download or print the vendor invoice list that appears on Select Invoices to Pay?  

  • Vendor Item Number vs Manufacturer Item Number


    In IC, is there a way to put a Manufacturer name? I saw Vendor Name in Vendor Details, but this only for Vendors and not Manufacturers.


  • Mismatch between I/C quantity and Lot/Serial quantity of an item

    How to fix mismatch between I/C quantity and Lot/Serial quantity of an item if there is a variance on the I/C Serial/Lot Number Quantity on Hand Report?

    Below is an example in our sample data for this item, A1-405/0 at location 1. As you can see the

  • Migrate/Extract data from Sage 50 to Sage 300

    How to Migrate company data from Sage 50 Premium 2015 to Sage 300. How do I extract data from .DAT file?