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  • Sage 300 2021 Product Update 1 Available / La mise à jour du produit 1 de Sage 300 2021 est disponible

    La version française suivra. Cliquez ici pour lire.

    NOTE: This release announcement applies to Sage 300 for the North America region.

    What’s new

    • 1099 Tax Form updates
    • Data integrity checks for integrated products on web screens
    • Visual Process…
  • New and improved: Sage Knowledgebase for Sage 300

    Sage Knowledgebase (Sage KB) just got a major redesign—complete with an updated interface and additional features.  

    What’s new?

    In addition to a cleaner look and easier navigation, the improved Sage KB now offers:

  • 2020-2021 Sage Year-end Winter Schedule / Horaires d’hiver et de fin d’année 2020-2021 de Sage

    The Winter season—and year-end—are fast approaching and we want to share our office closure schedule with you:

    Sage Canada closures Sage US closures
    • December 25: Christmas Day
    • January 1: New Year's Day
    • November 26 and 27: …
  • Sage 300 2019 Ports

    Kindly help with a list of all Ports required to comfortably run Sage 300 2019 both Classical and Web Screens.

    There is a need to block all the other Ports for Security Reasons.

    Thank you

  • Sage 300 Database Setup Tracking

    Hi All,

    Is there a way to track which workstation PC is using ADMIN user to login Database Setup? and to modify database's description?

    Thank you.

  • Cannot Create order


    I am new to Sage. I am making orders on Sage300 using REST Api. I have created customer on Sage using the API successfully

    I am using C# for integration

    I am unable to create order on Sage. The API returns Internal Server Error. I have check credentials…

  • What is the effect of deleting a Pay ID that has not been used for a few years?

    I ran a report and see that I have 7 Pay IDs that were not used in 2019 or 2020. I would like to delete them so they are not used by accident. My only question is what happens if I run a pay history report for an employee that was paid using one of the…

  • How do I deal with scrap in an assembly?

    I am producing steel pipe (item 2) from a coil of steel (item 1). 

    for example an 8000 kg steel coil produces 1200 - 6 foot pipes and 34 kgs of waste steel.

    How do I deal with the scrap steel?

  • SIRC: Sage300c 2020 reporting cloud- won't load

    Using Sage300c for the first time. browser stucked on https://[IP.ADDRESS]:9113/#/Welcome 

    Web/ WepAPI already set to allow admin access 

    Any other suggestions ?

  • Sage 300 Premium 2014 - User Account

    I need help on the below , I need to know if the feature is available on Accpac:


    1. Can Sage 300 Premium 2014 show date/time of when a user account is:
      1. Created
      2. Modified
      3. Deactivated
      4. If that information is not readily available through reports/export of…
  • Save 20% on Sage Intelligence Reporting training for Sage 300.

    Don't miss out on saving 20% on the following upcoming Sage Intelligence Reporting Classes for Sage 300:

    Sage Intelligence: ADVANCE

    This virtual classroom course goes beyond the basics of Sage Intelligence to help you define more sophisticated…

  • Sage 300: Error when posting a Bank Reconciliation after upgrading to version 2021.0

    Issue: After upgrading to Sage 300 version 2021.0, customers may receive the following error message when posting the Bank Reconciliation: “Data Error. Check XX for bank XXXX was not found in Payroll”.

    Resolution: We are currently working…

  • Uni Sales Analysis Error in sage 300 2019 version PU4 update

    Hello Team,

    When we trying to process the  Item change code , the system pops out with following error , Kindly assist how to deactivate the following process for sales analysis



  • The field contains more decimals than the Currency code issue... in Sage300 PU4

    Hello team,

    An error occurs when we try to knock off the invoice with the  payment entry which states that a field contains more decimals than the currency code... 

    Product Sage 300, PU4 update.

    Thank you!!!. Kindly help us to resolve the issue.

  • Indexed Credit Card Receipts

    Good Morning All,

    I have a question regarding the credit card receipt indexing process via Sage Paperless. I am wondering if it's possible to see a list of already indexed credit card receipts?

    For example, when coding an invoice (or doing a new invoice…

  • Trial license for Crystal Reports Designer

    Hello all Citiers,

    I am working on an upgrade of server and SAGE 300.

    The server is Windows Server 2019 and SAGE 300 is Premium 2019 . The install of SAGE was OK although i had an issue with SAGE .NET libraries installation. This is now fixed.

    The SAGE…

  • Sage Advice guest blogger, Jeff Tweardy, talks about getting buy-in & adding value with Sage CRM

      "It is the users who ultimately make or break the implementation and it is the users who must make an implementation a success. So, how does your organization get users to buy in and use the system as management has requested?  With the right integration…

  • Upcoming Changes to Sage 300 Canadian Payroll for the 2020 Tax Year

    Sage is constantly monitoring regulatory changes that affect Payroll for the US and Canada. As such, we are aware of new requirements from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) concerning T4 Slips and Statement of Remuneration Paid during COVID-19 pay periods…

  • Contact tab - info is missing

    I have some users who can't see the information on the contact tab. Sometimes they can sign out and back in, but most of the time it is blank, even when other users can see the info. Has anyone else had this happen and how did you fix it? 

    This is…

  • What does Sage 300 Subscription Features Module in version 6.7A do? I saw it after updating from 6.5A to 6.7A

  • Adobe Flash And Visual Process Flows

    Since Adobe Flash is going away, what will be the resolution for the clients that are using the VPF's?  Is there a plan for replacement or re-engineering?

    I have a few clients that are heavily dependent on them, and would like to be a few steps ahead…

  • Sage 300 U.S. Payroll tax update (Q3 2020) is available

    NOTE: This release announcement applies to Sage 300 for the North America region.

    What’s new in Sage 300 U.S. Payroll v7.3I (Q3 2020)

    • Local tax updates
    • Support added for Head of Household filing status for Arkansas Income Tax
    • Ability to include…
  • Announcing Sage 300 2021

    NOTE: This release announcement applies to Sage 300 for the North America region.

    What’s new

    • Ability to accept payments through online providers (Available with a Sage 300cloud subscription)
    • Stronger default security settings
    • Withholding taxes…
  • Inventory item with difference version


    If we want to avoid creating an new inventory codes for each version of our product, is there a way of doing this? Or we have to create a new inventory code for each version? Thanks!

  • Sage 300 product updates are available

    NOTE: This release announcement applies to Sage 300 for the North America region.

    Sage 300 2020 Product Update 3 and Sage 300 2019 Product Update 6 are now available for download!

    What’s new

    Sage 300 versions 2020.3 and 2019.6 include product fixes…