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  • How to replace or re-share a Sage 50 CA company file for Remote Data Access?

    Is the file you are currently working on updated to version 2020.2 and includes your most recent work but cannot be made available for Remote Data Access?

    Is there another file already uploaded for the company, that you want to replace with your updated…

  • Remote data access not working


    Our Sage50 setup includes 5 companies with multiple users in each company. One company was successfully shared yesterday by the data owner, with a second user able to log in and work. The second user logged out for a time and when they tried to…

  • Set up Sage Drive to work from home

    With Sage Drive, you and your colleagues can access your live Sage 50cloud Accounts data from remote locations using the Internet. You get the great features and reliability of your desktop software, plus the flexibility of sharing your data through the…

  • Remote Data Access Upload...Preparing Company files for Upload

    The upload module is taking a really long time and sometimes say Company will close due to inactivity but the Company hasn't uploaded yet.  Any ideas or help?


  • cannot access remote data feature

    I have a client that I set up for remote data access on his end.  Installed his new version of Sage 50 premium.  Set the file up to share, added me as a user and put his file in multi user mode.    I did this at his office location this morning.   When I got…

  • Sage Drive (now called Remote Data Access) 2020.2 release: Getting Started Q&A

    Sage 50 CA - Multi-user collaboration through remote data access – Sage Drive (is now called Point right Remote Data Access).

    The new naming now properly represents the functionality of this feature. And allows you and your accountant, bookkeeper or co-workers…