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  • Cannot find the object "EntityTakeOnRecord" because it does not exist or you do not have permissions.


    The scheduler script for rebuilding index for tables is giving the mentioned error on the subject.

    The script scheduled to run every Sunday 2000hr is 

    EXEC [dbo].[VIPUtilReindexAllTables]

    Please advise the way forward.



  • By the numbers: Data services for Sage 50

    Sage is proud to inform you about our latest service offering Sage Expert Services: Data Service. Affordable resources are now readily available to help you with a variety of data assistance. In addition to our standard data repair and conversions, we…

  • Please create your Company Tax Totals before doing a Statutory Tax Export

    When trying to run the Tax Certificate Export I get the following error message:



    This error message indicates that Monthly Tax Totals have not been created for a specific period or periods within the applicable Tax Year. To rectify this, you will need…

  • Introducing Sage Expert Services for Sage 50

    Sage is proud to introduce our latest service offering: Sage Expert Services for Sage 50—U.S. Edition

    Designed to deliver an extraordinary customer experience with personalized results at a competitive rate, Sage Expert Services gives you scheduled…

  • Payroll calculation is hanging or not completing

    You may run into a time when you are processing payroll and one of the items below happens:

    • Payroll calculation hangs
    • Reports do not generate
    • Unable to Transmit Direct Deposit
    • Close current month hangs

    Don't panic, it is likely you have a blank employee…

  • Key File Rebuild and Optimize removes all records.

    Our Sage 100 version 4.40 server had a few files fail the integrity test with either read or write errors.  I selected OK to rebuild them but now all the records are gone.  The log file shows all the records were recovered.

    Is this normal?

    I can import…

  • System File Rebuild Error

    I am trying to rebuild a system file (SY_SagePEPTask)

    So I go to the pvxwin32.exe, double click and then type in: Run SY_rebuldsystem.m4p

    The login box appears and I login and select the file to rebuild.

    Then I get this error,

    Error 88 invalid/unknown…