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  • How to configure Quick Find to search for custom fields

    We received a case where a customer wanted to configure Quick Find to return the result of a search on a custom field that was added to the Company entity.

    When a user searches through the entities it can only display a maximum of 30 results based on…

  • Quick find results


    Over the years CRM has given many ways to search for data in CRM and for the most part, the standard find screens do the job. However, the quick find is a nice simple interface, but I get support calls about it all the time where people think they…

  • QuickFind customization

    Is there a way to get the Sage 300 customer number (IDCUST) to show in the quick search results drop down so reps here know which account it is? Sage CRM 2021 R1 integrated with Sage 300 2021 R2.

  • Quickfind results list

    Is it possible to change which field is used for the quickfind results list?  I have a custom entity and the quickfind results all say <No value set> in the results list.  Clicking an item in the results finds a record with the searched for text,…

  • Opportunity is not listing on Quick Find result.

    Hi All,

    I m trying to search an opportunity in Quickfind. It is not listing on result even though I checked opportunity in Administration -> System -> QuickFind. Cases and Company are listing. Unfortunately opportunity and persons are not showing on result…

  • Quick Find server refused connection

    Quick Find is using up to 95% of CPU every time it tries to update index. Found the following in the QuickFind Log. Has anyone seen this? I have rebuilt the core and removed any custom entities from search.

    ERROR [taskScheduler-1]: 19-Jun-2019 03…

  • Control-Center, Calender & Quicksearch no longer work on client side (sagecrm2019R1)

    The Control Center, the calendar and the quick search function only work directly on the CRM server of a customer system that has been set up anew. At all clients these functions are disturbed / not available. What could be the reason? The logfiles show…

  • Error on qickfind


    after an upgrade to 2018R3 not all persones are indexed by quickfind.

    I've tried this solution:

    But with the same result.

  • How can I customize the search result of quickfind

    We have too many people with the same first and last name, for people I need another field like Pers_EmailAddress.
    I want the following output <pers_firstname> <pers_lastname> <Pers_EmailAddress>
    How or where can I customize this.


  • How to remove the communications from QuickFind

    It's about removing main entities from QuickFind. Is it possible?

  • Sage CRM 2017 R1 QuickFind not working


    We are using Sage CRM 2017 R1, and am currently facing issue with Quick Find. Not able to search anything, it says Please contact your system administrator.

    Tried restarting Indexer Service and QuickFind Service.

    Please help.