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  • Sage X3 _ Clean Install V12 Pu33

    All is working but the reference folder is giving the errors below

    Has anyone else had these errors

  • Sage 50 2018.4 installer - needed to reinstall but now version mismatched

    Hello! We're running 2018.4 on a few computers in our small non-profit accounting office.

    Long story short, we needed to do a new installation on a computer, and only have installers up to 2018.3. Now the computer with the new installation isn't able…

  • Is there an easy way to confirm tax version?

    Is there no simple way to confirm which tax update version you are on? I thought it would be as easy as opening PR, going to Help > About and seeing it right there. According to an old Sage knowledgebase article I found. Their suggestion is to check the…

  • Does CRM 2023.R1 have "Contact and Email Import" feature working for an on-premise Exchange 2019?

  • Payroll Quarterly Taxes

    Trying to run a quarterly earnings report for quarter 1 of 2023. The tax update is not finishing and I am getting an error. This means I can't find 2023 tax form I need. 

  • Installing Version 22.2 Update 3

    I installed version 22.2 update 3 on our Sage 300 CRE database server last night without any issue and confirmed the updated version on the PR.exe application. However, when I attempted to install the update on our shared workstation, I received the message…

  • HRMS Q1 SR1 Update


    I installed the HRMS Q1 SR1 update yesterday afternoon, but my Tax Version date is still noting March 16, 2023 in Calculate Payroll.  Version for overall update is correct, just not Tax Version.

    Is this a case similar to the incorrect date in the…

  • Sage HRMS Icon in Program Files

    Update the Icon used in the Sage HRMS Server installation within Program Files to be something other than used for Sage Abra. This causes confusion for some client's IT teams and can be a critical issue.

  • Legacy member

    Hello...I am a legacy member (2004)...I do have my old serial # and Customer ID....All of a sudden, I cannot open my 2004 software as the program is asking for the registration #?

    Any idea how I can get back in business here please ?



  • web screens

    Hello I am new to sage and we need to install web screens, I have read the installation in the manual and well it's very short and does not lend to much information.

    Before coming here I have searched google and youtube for any installation tips and…

  • Sage 100 2023 release

    Is there any update on the release of Sage 100 2023?

  • Cannot communicate with Sage Exchange Desktop 2.0. Verify the application is installed and running. Contact Sage 100 Customer Support if the problem persists.

    Sage 100 2020 Advanced 

    The customer just received the Paya Desktop update to

    This installed fine and can verify through the task bar that they are on the updated version

    Uninstalled, reinstalled so many times that I think  they can do it without…

  • Sage 300 2023 pu1 - Ops inquiry screens from Sage Windows Erroring

    Hi All

    Is anyone else experiencing the following

    Client is a brand new clean server,  Sage Version is 2023 Pu1 .


    When users tries to click the Ops Inquiry screen from the Sage 300 screens, eg Order Entry  the following error is received



    OS Build



  • Create-A-Check end of support

    Create-A-Check is a product that integrates directly to Sage 300 CRE to print checks. Sage has received the below information from AvidXChange on end of support for Create-A-Check:

    At AvidXchange we strive to create the best experience for our customers…

  • Q1 2023 Update

    I installed the Q1 2023 update, but when I go to check calculate payroll the date of March 30, 2023 is not there.  It shows March 16, 2023.  When I look at the version downloaded it says Version 10.7062-Q1 2023.

    Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!

  • Product Update I Sage Business Cloud Accounting I 31 March 2023

    As a result of continual improvement work, Sage Business Cloud Accounting ( SBCA) has been performing well since yesterday morning and this incident is now resolved. As we strive to provide the best customer experience possible we will not stop there…

  • Announcing Sage HRMS Q1 2023 product update

    What's new

    We are excited to announce the launch of the NEW premium web version of Sage HRMS! We hope you enjoy this new and exciting experience of being able to work from anywhere, anytime to maintain your employee’s data.

    This release introduces…

  • Product Update/ Sage Business Cloud Accounting/ 29/03/2023

    We continue to identify and resolve places where performance is suboptimal to make some short-term improvements. We will also keep working hard on the more permanent fix that will take us a few more days to fully test and implement. The team is working…

  • Since Updating to Sage 2023.1 Getting Error in Event Viewer on Windows Server

    Ever since updating to Sage 2023.1 I'm getting the following warning in our server logs that runs connection manager.

    RSA public key file not found: D:\Admin\WinSim80\xxx\xxx Inc.SAJ\\public_key.pem. Some authentication plugins will not work.For more…

  • WV Withholding Tax Update

    West Virginia's governor recently signed a bill reducing state income tax and the WV State Tax Dept issued new withholding tables.  I didn't see this update on the payroll tax update report for the update installed yesterday (3/21/23) or today (3…

  • March 2023 Service Release

    Will there be a service release in March 2023?  We were supposed to get a Big Announcement in "Early March" regarding new information about the Cloud.  When will that information be shared?

  • Sage BW 2023 - System Requirements

    Is Windows 11 go to go for the client PC ?

    Is MS Server 2022  good for the Server in a CS version ?

    I did look at all the docs online, and could not locate this information.


  • Sage 300 CRE Accounting - Windows 11

    Can we please install Sage 300 CRE on Windows 11 Pro Operating System now?

  • Canadian Payroll Tax Update 23.01 - Effective date of Tax Rates

    After running the Canadian Payroll Tax Update 23.01 should the Effective Date in Setup > Taxes > Tax Rates be: 1 January 2023 or 2 January 2023. Also, what should my Payroll Version be, mine says "Version (22.2.1)" - is that correct?…

  • purchasing sage update for network

    Is there anyway to purchase sage 50 update for network without cloud base or subscription?

    Thank you