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  • Problem installing Sage CRM-it is using port 4433 instead of 80

    Hi all,

    on my server, I have existing web application of Sage 300(port 80: OAuth:4433), Sage 200(port 10445,10080,10443,10082,10444), SEI(port 81), and more web applications using different ports (8083,82).

    Today I am installing Sage CRM, the outcome…

  • If the Interactive Dashboard refuses to work, this could be a port conflict.

    If another program running on the server has a port conflict with Tomcat it will affect both the Interactive Dashboard and the SData integration with Sage CRM.

    Errors appearing for SData Provider requests

    A port conflict for Tomcat would not affect IIS…

  • Sage CRM R1 Calendar doesn't appear from external access

    Hi community,

    we got an issue with the new calendar function. When a customer log on the crm from an external client the calendar wont appear.

    Is the calendar using a new service or does it use the tomcat?

    Are there new ports for the firewall or do we…

  • Mobile Apps custom port

    Can CRM 7.x server and the mobile apps (iPhone and Android) be configured to communicate on a port other than 80 or 443? The client has already dedicated those ports on their public IP address to other core applications.