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  • Printer setup for suppressed Point of Sale Receipts

    Where do you configure the printer to use for the POS receipts when the print dialog gets suppressed.

    We have tried creating a custom form with the printer setup done in the form designer but the Point of Sale module seems to print to any random printer…

  • Grayed out fields on Point Of Sale 19.0.2


    I have a challenge with one computer which has grayed out other field on POS on invoicing, quotation etc. the grayed out fiels are Quantity, Description, Ex price and discount basically only code is the only field which is not grayed out. I haved…

  • Offline POS processing

    Am getting this error on Sage50c in POS when I want to process "Your workstation has not been setup with document numbers or you are working on the server" when you want to process Pastel Point of Sale using the offline functionality

  • Sage 300 Retail: Error: ActiveX component can’t create object(429) when printing any POS reports


    Whenever printing a POS report an ActiveX component can’t create object(429) error occurs.


    That is usually the Crystal 8.5 runtime that is still part of the program, it is part of the old workstation setup and they may need to re…

  • Editing Point of Sale Customer and Supplier Documents


    How can I edit a customer and supplier document (invoices, purchase orders, etc.) on the Point of Sale module, before it is updated as a batch into Sage 50c Pastel?



  • Sage Pastel POS SQL


    I am trying to install the POS SQL software on a workstation. The software however, requires that the system must have installed a Sage 50c Pastel Software. Is this a compulsory requirement for a workstation. I thought POS tills is a standalone…

  • Multiple POS Locations


    What are the possible ways I can connect a POS till that is located in a different location to the server?


  • Point of Sale for Pastel 19 (Sage 50 Accounting) installation Error


    I'm installing latest POS for Pastel 19 that uses SQL server. I get the below error when downloading MS SQL server 2005 Backward compatibility components.

    I have registered the SQLDMO as per below but nothing happens still the setup wants…

  • É possível disponibilizar apenas alguns artigos no POS Touch?

    É possível disponibilizar apenas alguns artigos no POS Touch?

  • Aceder remotamente Base de dados

    Tenho um cliente com SAGE 50c versao 2018,60,009 que me deu uma autorização temporária (id e senha).

    Como consigo aceder remotamente à Base de dados? Onde encontro a documentação da API?

  • No POS como indico o local de carga e descarga?

    Existe alguma configuração para indicar o local de carga e descarga no POS?

  • Point Of Sale Returns Not Pulling the Lines

    Good day,

    May I kindly ask what might be the cause when I try to do a POS return on an Archived POS Invoice it does not pull the lines?

  • How do I use POS discount?

    When using Point of Sale, I cannot find a way to activate the "discount" feature.  I need to be able to give customers discounts, either by line or entire order.  I have looked for a switch in User Settings, but cannot seem to find where to do…

  • alternar entre a Gestão Comercial e o POS

    Bom dia, como posso alternar entre a Gestão Comercial e o POS?

  • Demand Horizon for "Purchased" Products

    In the product-site record there is a demand horizon.  

    From my understanding, anything before that time MRP considers Firm SOs and anything after is Firm SOs and Forecast Demand.  For me this makes sense for the products that are manufactured

    What is it…

  • Point of Sale Recommendations

    I'm looking for any point of sale recommendations for Sage 100. One that works and has an open API. This is for the lumber/hardware/construction retail industry with 20+ stores. Any recommendations????


  • Welcome to Sage City !

    Welcome to Sage City !

    Welcome to the Sage UBS Accounting discussion forums on Sage City.

    Please feel free to post your questions here so other members of the Sage UBS Accounting Support Group— including peers and Sage colleagues—will see it and can reply…

  • Disable credit card slips from printing.

    We are experiencing an issue with 2015.1 where our POS keeps trying to print credit card slips. We don't use credit card slips, we just have a signature line on our normal receipt. Every time we run a CC though, it throws a "can't open form" error. For…

  • DacAccess Query Error #19

    Hi Everyone,

    As we are gearing up for inventory time over here, I have been using the DacAccess Query feature to examine our inventory and possible files to purge in the new year. Today while trying to run a usual query, I encountered this error:


  • Split Tender Issue

    On occasion when using the POS split tender feature the totals from the split tenders will be equal to the total amount but, an error message will state that they are not equal.  I suspect this is a rounding error. A work around is to change a price by…

  • Modifying customer records and/or invoices with .IMP format


    I'm setting up a new POS system (VendPOS) to work with Sage50 2016.  I've been playing with the import utility and can create a compatible .IMP file to upload new sales invoices and customers to accounting.  Is there a way to modify existing…

  • POS module of BV double posts a transaction if you click a second time to process before the receipt prints...

    Hi there,

    New to the forum. My subject line should explain my problem. Just wondering if there is a fix in the software I can do myself?

    Thanks in advance,