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  • cash account file maintenance

    Created a new GL cash account and want to link the Vendor Class Key to the new cash account in AP. Apparently I need to tell AP that the account is an available cash account but I cannot find where to do that. We do not use Bank Book or any other cash…

  • Pervasive System Analyzer hanging during install Pervasive 9.1 & PFW 5.5

    We have a laptop that we use as a backup PFW when working one of the PFW workstations needs attention.

    We needed to to a fresh install of the Pervasive 9.1 client PFW 5.5 client on this laptop,  We have done this prior for other workstations, but this…

  • PFW 6.7 installation

    The computer that runs FRX 6.7 had failed and we need to re-install FRX 6.7 on different computer.

    When looking on the hard drive of the failed computer, I see the Sysdata as local on Program Files\FRx Software\FRx 6.7\Sysdata

    I copied the files and folders…