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  • How to adjust opening balances after exiting History Mode in Sage 50 CA

    We're coming up on year end and many of you may be working to update transaction entries into your Sage 50 CA company database. Have you been working in Sage 50 CA a few months, exited History Mode and realized that your opening balances need adjusting…

  • Sage 300 CRE - Opening Balances, data transfer from Sage 50

    Hi everyone.

    I am a new user of Sage 300 CRE (Can)

    We are having the issue with our assistant that we got the application from.

    I have to finish set up on my own. I'm transferring my data from Sage 50 to Sage 300 CRE (Cdn) and want to enter my opening…

  • HELP - Opening balances

    Hi - totally new to Sage and i have a free trail for Sage final accounts and having trouble with opening balances.

    i do not have data on SAGE one and am looking to produce mock YE accounts.

    i have posted my comparative TB which is fine and my current…

  • Opening balances for a not-new company

    Each year, my husband's sole proprietorship simply added all our receipts, invoices, expenses, etc., and sent it off to the accountant at tax time. For 2015, I'm determined to close the books using Sage 50 instead of accumulating these expenses and invoices…

  • RE: Opening Balances for New program setup SAGE 50 2015

    $17,958.38 Total Outstanding Invoices

    $20,370.93 Current Balance of 1200 Accounts Receivable

    Basically you need to tell Sage 50 which one of the amounts is true:

    1. You're missing 2,412.55 worth of Sales Invoices - Enter the Historical Invoices so that…
  • Opening balances in new company

    When setting up a new company from scratch is it mandatory that opening balances be entered before I can begin entering journal entries and transactions.  OR, can I start entering entries and go back to enter opening balances when I get them from my accountant…

  • RE: Cant post opening balances in chart of account.


    Usually when you create a new company the database is automatically in history mode. In that mode you can enter opening balances.

    The program will basically post one sided entries into the accounts and sub-ledgers as of a day before the fiscal…

  • Entering Opening Balances with Wrong Date

    I am taking over the bookkeeping for a new client.  I received a Trial Balance from the accountant.  This trial balance was at July 31, 2013 so I will be posting entries for the year beginning August 1, 2013 to July 31, 2014.  In error, I entered everything…

  • Opening balances - Total outstanding invoices & Accounts Payable


    I have a question concerning my outstanding invoices and accounts payable. I have entered all of my opening balances via the setup guide and entered all of my outstanding invoices via historical transactions. I know that what I have entered for…