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  • Sage X3 Technical Help

    In this blog I would direct your attention to an area in the online help that has information in some technical areas of Sage X3. I will highlight a few of them and also show you an area that discusses something new called ATP (Automated Test Platform…

  • Sage X3 Online Help accessible from anywhere

    The complete technical documentation and the Online Help is  accessible from anywhere including if you are not connected to Sage X3.

    • Technical documentation: You should review all the technical documentation before you install and configure Sage X3:
  • RE: Online help won't work

    Hi Abrussell,

    You can try to follow the link below to adjust your Internet Explorer setting to see if it can help you with the issue.

    IE Setting

    These are the Sage 50-Canadian Edition processes that must be allowed through the firewall:

    Located in