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  • Changement d'email envoi de document sous outlook

    Bonjour à tous,

    Sous Sage100 cloud hébergé je cherche à changer l'email d'envoi sous Outlook. En effet lors de la création du pont entre Sage et Office 365 j'ai du m'identifier avec un email en et c'est d cet email que partent…

  • New to Sage. How to import files from OneDrive

    We are running Sage 300 2020.

    Our finance team has been working with Excel files on a network share and then importing to Sage 300 GL transactions.  

    We are in the process of decommissioning an old file server and moving their files to SharePoint Document…

  • Timeslips NOT COMPATIBLE with Office 365

    This is a known issue and needs to be fixed.  Office 2013 is no longer supported by Microsoft thus REQUIRING users to upgrade to Office 365.  We upgraded only to realize that Timeslips needs a 32 bit Outlook in order to function.  So we uninstalled/reinstalled…

  • Send to excel - MS365 apps for business

    We have been upgraded to Microsoft 365 Apps for business. 64bit 

    Which is great as we now have all the latest features 

    however the Send to Excel Button is now not working 

    Found a help page that links to a compatibility checker but the link does not w…

  • Reports not working with Office 365


    Clients who use MS Office 365 are having difficulty export excel reports though Macros have been enabled. Reports like the Payroll History Listing and the statutory reports.

    Kindly help.

  • Download reports in sage

    Sage reports should all be made to download as PDF.  We do a lot of sharing and a PDF report would be so much more easier then exporting to Excel and reconfiguring or printing and scanning back in.

    Using less paper is a bonus..

  • Sage 300 Office 365 Support

    Hi everyone,

    Does Sage 300 latest version - 2022 . supports Office 365? Does FR already works with 365 64 bits? Any comments working Sage 300 with Office 365? What version of 365 it is compatible?

    Thank you

  • Sage Intelligence: Report Designer licensed required when running report on Office 365


    When running the report in excel there are no values instead the error Report Designer licensed required appeared in the worksheet. this issue is on O365.


    There are missing components to ensure Sage Intelligence runs without issues.


  • Microsoft 365 TLS 1.0 Relay from Evolution via SMTP

    Hi All,

    As you may or may not know, Microsoft 365 has decomissioned TLS1.0 unless you opt in for legacy support by enabling it via PowerShell.

    Sage 200 Evolution does not have an option to adjust the TLS version (1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3) under the System Wizard…

  • Sending Customer statements takes about 3 days. Is there a way to make it faster/easier to send out?

    Good Day,

    One of my clients is sending their statements via email to their customers, using multiple groups/sales reps if not all of them at once.

    However, the process runs over 3 days to complete, so much so that the user is logging in via RDP to different…

  • Paperless Payroll Direct Deposit Stub Bulk Email not working properly with Office 365

    Our company needs to send 250 check stubs and direct deposit stubs to our employees, we do that process 1 day per week and send all un Bulk, we use Sage 100 Advanced 2018 (Version

    Each week at least 20 emails have not been sent, we checked…

  • L'intégration de Sage Intelligence pour Sage 50 CA sera bientôt retiré

    Sage 50cloud retirera la solution Sage Intelligence Reporting Cloud le 3 mai 2021. Gardez le contrôle des finances de votre entreprise avec une bibliothèque de rapports disponible dans Sage 50cloud Canadian Edition.

    IMPORTANT: à compter du…

  • Sage Intelligence's integration for Sage 50 CA is being retired

    Sage 50cloud is retiring the Sage Intelligence Reporting Cloud solution on May 3, 2021. Keep in control of your business financials with a library of reports available within Sage 50cloud Canadian Edition.

    IMPORTANT: Effective May 3, 2021, Sage Intelligence…

  • Sage CRM 2021 R1 - Outlook Plugin does not store images / attachments

    Hello Community,

    since the update to 2021 R1 there are big problems with the Outlook plugin.

    E-mails with attachments or larger inline images are not filed at irregular intervals. (Office 365)
    So far, no clear structure could be identified, which causes…

  • Sage BI report and Excel


    I have 2 report in BI that I have scheduled to run in Task Scheduler.

    This is Sage 300 2021 PU1 with Office 365 Excel installed on the server.

    If I open Excel and run the BI report from BI, it runs fine and generates my output files properly: 1…

  • Office update to 2019

    We have some users using Sage 500 locally, we just did an Office update to 2019. Now the export does not work in the Explore view. Options are greyed out.. Is there a setting in Sage needs to be updated?

  • Getting Error when trying to set up Email from Outlook via Office365

    Hello, we are trying to email invoices through our Outlook app (not via webmail) or a Sage partner server.  We have outlook setup and running, but when we try to set up the email we get these error messages.

    Any advise is appreciated. Thanks in advance…

  • ODBC - Sage 50 and Office 365 - Inconsistent

    We have three PC's using Sage and using ODBC to access the sage data in Excel and Access.  The PC's are identical: hardward, OS, everything.   Two work fine using teh 32 bit ODBC.  One, which happens to be the Sage Data server, will not allow the…

  • Error while sending email.

    Hi All,

    While sending emails by users other than system administrator (the email id used for office 365)an error appears. Upon checking the log the following error is encountered. 

    "SMTP: Could not send message. This may be due to AUTH not being supported…

  • Data in Onedrive\SharePoint - How often does it get updated?


    I am writing a dashboard that pulls data from Sage along from other software packages used within our business. 

    I note that with the Office365 integration of Sage 50 Cloud, once enabled it dumps some xlsx files in a O365 group (see https://ask.sage…

  • Sage CRM - Office 365 integration and shared calender's


    Apologies if there is already a thread linked to this but this is my first post as we have a bit of an emergency.

    We currently in the process of having Sage CRM implemented and I've now been told by our support partner that it's not possible to integrate…

  • Office 365 sync error

    Hi all

    Since few days, my sync with office 365 return an error for some users. Syncing only meeting from CRM -> Exchange (before it was bidirectionnal)

    I've opened a case at Sage but they don't know this problem yet, does someone have already faced…

  • Outlook 2016 Plug-in for Exchange Integration

    Curious if the current plugin is compatible or will be updated for Outlook 2016 and the ETA. Thanks! Office 2016 was released on 9/22 and will automatically update for users not managed by their Administrator blocking updates in February of 2016.

  • Outlook integration

    OK, so I'm clearly pretty dim. I have just downloaded a 30 day trial and the first thing I want to do is integrate Sage and Outlook 2013 but cannot for the life of me find how to actually do it. I've been to Preferences and there is no sign of…

  • outlook plug in and office 365

    I am having issues with the outlook plug in within CRM, Our solution provider has advised that office 365 is not supported however reading through the forums I am getting mixed responses. The error I am getting is that there is an issue with outlook…