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  • Mobile Site List Captions

    Is it possible to add field titles/captions to the find lists on the mobile website?

  • Mobile App and Sage 50

    Our company is looking for mobile application software that can be synchronized by internet connection with office software such as Sage 50 accounts (using Sage 50 Accounts at the moment). We need to speed up the process for our remote field engineers…
  • Sage CRM for Android

    Dear Sage Team,

    I can see the Sage CRM mobile app (Android) was last updated on 05th Dec 2019. Is there a plan to release an updated version? Please share if there is a roadmap.

    An email with the same query to the app developer contact (sagecrmwebadmin…

  • Sage CRM 2019 R1 mobile browser issue, no data loads

    I am having an issue with accessing CRM via a mobile browser.  When navigating to the url, the login screen comes up, I can log in.  But once logged in, no data displays.  The mobile theme displays, but no data.  Has anyone experienced this and have a resolution…

  • Mobile enhancements for iPhone and Android

    We are delighted to announce the release of an updated enhancements to the Sage the CRM mobile App for iPhone and Android.

    What could be more important to a travelling sales team than being able to access important customer information on their mobile…

  • Sage CRM 2021: An Overview of System Security

    Sage CRM is a product that has an expectation that its users are going to want to access the system from a wide variety of locations, both inside and outside the corporate network and that they will be accessing it using a range of different devices.

  • Building New Mobile Screens: A Round Up of Essential Articles

    The mobile optimised theme for Sage CRM is one of its most useful features for customers. The optimised theme allows online access to Sage CRM using just about any mobile device. The theme presents a subset of Sage CRM's screens in a form suitable for…

  • Holiday Lessons in Customer Experience

    I am convinced that experience is the starting point for any learning and I believe that this is particularly true for anybody interested in CRM and the service provided to customers. This is down to the unavoidable fact that everyday we are all customers…

  • Sage CRM for iPhone - Adding Custom Entities

    Many people are asking us if it's possible to add your own custom built entities to the iPhone. Well, the good news is you can!! Below is an example of exactly what needs to be done. Remember, to create a custom entity for use on your iPhone, you would…
  • Sage CRM mobile app - Samsung / android internet appears to be offline

    Hi everyone.

    To be absolutely clear, this issue relates to the APP and not the mobile web access as posts seem to get lost in translation between the two.

    I having an issue with the Sage CRM mobile app whereby when clicking on the download data button…

  • Adding Documents tab to Company tab group for mobile devices


    I tried to add Documents tab to Company tab group for mobile devices. I used Firefox to access the mobile Sage CRM 2018. I can see the newly added Documents tab on Company tab group. However. when I clicked on the Documents tab link on mobile devices…

  • Sage CRM Mobile - No dates for appointments?

    Hoping to get a confirmation or some assistance with the weekly calendar view for Sage CRM mobile. We have had several clients inquire about this and we have looked into it and cannot find a solution. Clients are using the Week view when on their calendar…

  • restricting cases by company


    We added couple of screens to sage mobile, it does not limit the cases based on compny as it does on desktop. is this a bug in CRM or I am missing something.

  • calculated field in Mobile screen

    I want to set a screen for mobile. the screen works perfectly on desktop but as there are many calculations involves in the fields, (auto calculated fields for example)

    It doesnt seem to work on mobile, any guidence is highly appreciated

  • Mobile Apps custom port

    Can CRM 7.x server and the mobile apps (iPhone and Android) be configured to communicate on a port other than 80 or 443? The client has already dedicated those ports on their public IP address to other core applications.

  • Make an entity ReadOnly on mobile


    We use the mobile sage crm solution ( not the native apps ).

    I read in the mobile documentation that we could set an entity ReadOnly thanks to the js file 'wwwroot\smartphone\SageiPhone.js .'

    So I set the updateOpportunities parameter to…

  • Hide entity tab on iPad


    i need to display/hide tabs in condition to field values. In the crm desktop version, there's no problem with hiding tabs. For example, i added a tab "Protect Details" with the SQL condition proj_performance_line like '%Protect%'…

  • Leads can be added but cannot be viewed on mobile device apps?


    In the document, "Sage CRM 7.3 Mobile Features Matrix," it indicates that "Add \ Import Leads' is available, however, "View Leads" is not available for Sage CRM for iPhone and Android. Does this mean the user can not view the leads they add / import…

  • Android Theme 7.2 Issue

    I am having an issue with a client trying to use the android mobile theme on 7.2.

    Non-admin users do not have the 'Change' or 'Save' buttons avaliable on the top right hand corner for any of the entities.

    The Sageiphone.js is set to 'true…

  • Voice activated capability;


    I had a request from one of my customers asking if there was a way to have a note or communication created by just talking to CRM on a mobile device.

    Anybody knows of anything close?

    Thank you

  • Mobile Access

    Hi, everyone!

    I am new to Sage CRM and have changed the access for mobile to true.

    However, when trying to access from my android browser, I keep getting

    the message that my log-in is not correct. Is there a specific log-in I need

    for mobile?

    Also, I…

  • Need urgent Help for fetching Mobile no.


    Using Sage CRM v7.1 while updating Person we are updating Mobile phone in Phone/Email block but while creating report for Person using vPerson i am not able to get all phone no specially Mobile and business etc.. in Column for one person if user…

  • Sage CRM Mobile Application


    I was wondering what options are available to customise the mobile applications, specifically adding workflows to the apps?

  • Integer type field in Mobile

    We have an integer field on Case entity, called Case Counter. We have put this on Search Case screen as well so that users can enter a specific value in it and based on that retrieve the case record. Users have option to search 'Equal To', 'Gretaer Than…