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  • Qu’est-ce que le mode IE ?

    Le mode IE sur Microsoft Edge simplifie l’utilisation de tous les sites nécessaires à votre organisation dans un seul navigateur.

    Il utilise le moteur Chromium intégré pour les sites modernes et utilise le moteur Trident MSHTML d’Internet…

  • ALERT: Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 no longer supported as a browser for Sage X3

    Sage X3 and support for Internet Explorer 11

    Sage X3 Version 12 release 2020 R4 and Sage X3 version 11 Patch 18 has been enhanced to replace previously used Flash technology in a number of Sage X3 components with HTML5

    These HTML5 components are supported…

  • Using Chrome to help write Client Side Scripts

    What I find is so useful about the Chrome developer console is that it lets you edit JavaScript code on the fly and so is a very good way of starting to evolve a business rule that needs to be written in the Custom Content field or even an onChange script…

  • Navigating Sage CRM in Different Browsers

    Sage CRM allows users to choose which browser they use.

    This article will introduce you to some of the the differences in keyboard navigation within different browsers that a user may notice.

    This article will compare Internet Explorer and Firefox and…

  • Using Drag & Drop to Upload Documents and Attach them to a Task

    In the article "Uploading and Attaching Documents to a Task in Different Browsers" I explained that in Sage CRM we can

    • Upload Multiple Documents and Create a Task
    • Attach Multiple Documents to an Existing Task

    The Drag and Drop document feature…

  • Uploading and Attaching Documents to a Task in Different Browsers

    Sage CRM has a group of features around managing documents. The changes are experienced slightly differently depending on which browser is used.

    • Upload Multiple Documents and Create a Task
    • Attach Multiple Documents to an Existing Task

    This article…

  • Sage CRM 2021 and Cascading Stylesheet Support

    Sage CRM only has a browser based interface.  The system screens that a user see as they navigate around the product are rendered in HTML.

    HTML tags are used to define the structure and content of a document. They say "This is a header", "This is a paragraph…

  • User agent strings & Sage CRM


    I was wondering if someone could explain to me how CRM decides what site is shown, based on the user agent string provided by the devices that is accessing it?

    We have had a number of customers, that have updated to IE 10 (automatic update), and…

  • is it only internet explorer that can be used with Sage 50c?

    I have read that you need IE 11 to use Sage 50c, is this correct, I can only use this browser?

  • More Thoughts on Security


    Last week I blogged on some security topics that were prompted by the Heartbleed security hole. Heartbleed was hot while it lasted, but in the end most servers were quickly patched and not a lot of damage was reported. Now this last week…

  • Are We Compatible?

    If you are thinking of upgrading your Sage 300 ERP product to the latest version or you are thinking of getting Sage 300 ERP but aren’t sure what is required to do so, let me outline some compatibility guidelines.

    Compatibility is often one of…