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  • Import Issue


    I am importing GL Accounts from a CSV file.  

    The problem arises for Cost of Sales and Admin Expenses account types where they are being modified to Purchases.

    We cannot also amend it by Editing as this is not an option.  Only the View option appears…

  • Sage 300 - Import items to populate quote

    I want to import items into an O/E quotation. 

    I have attempted to export an existing "QTxxxxx" to use as a template, but I get an error message "Can't Append Table. Error: Too many fields defined." even when I limit the requested fields to those in "Orders…

  • Importing data from Sage Accounts Production into Sage Corporation Tax

    If you want to import data from Sage Accounts Production, or Sage Accounts Production Advanced, into Sage Corporation Tax you can do so with the following steps >

  • Automatically create sales invoices

    Hi all,

    Is there a way in Sage50Cloud to automatically create sales invoices based on a spreadsheet/csv file?

    I want to be able to use import/macros/python etc to produce a physical invoice via Customers->Invoices and Credits (not simply importing the…

  • Remove the bounce in bounce out of VAT option for EU Suppliers

    I have been told by HMRC that the entries for VAT on imports from the EU should only be entered when a Postponed VAT Statement is issued.  

    At the moment Sage does this 'magically' but it is not necessary correct for timing.

    Please would you remove…

  • Data import export?

    Is it possible to export\import data from Sage50 CA to 3rd party app?

    Like export Vendor once it's created?

  • Importing of Sales Orders Is Theoretically Possible!

    I can see from various forums that this topic has been around for literally years!

    I understand that this is not possible today from standard Sage, but I have been informed it is possible through 3rd party developers.  So why has Sage not integrated this…

  • Sage 200 Import Supplier Transactions

    Hi Everyone, 

    Wondering if anyone can help please. We are importing supplier invoices into Sage 200, a single invoice will have multiple lines, so that we can see each line description in the nominal account. However in the Supplier account this invoice…

  • import des articles dans bl ou facture

    Bonjour, le module d'import des pièces permet d'importer des lignes avec des articles mais pas les codes articles.

    Ainsi dans le corps d'un bl ou d'une facture vous aurez un article comme du texte alors qu'il existe bien dans la base.…

  • Import Error in Sage X3 V12.0.27 (2021 R3)

    Hi all,

    I'm facing this error while importing data through data imports models.

    This error persist even after validation of import/export model and ojects.

    I've never faced this error on earlier versions of Sage X3.

    Any idea about this error…

  • erreur Import


    J'ai une nouvelle installation Sage X3 V12.0.27 (2021 R3) . Je rencontre actuelle le problème suivant lors de l'import.

    J'ai réussi à dépanner l'import, mais le problème persiste pour le TEST de l'import.…

  • Error 2146827859 when importing from Synergist

    We have three companies in Sage 50cloud Accounts Professional.  Two were set up some time ago, and the third one in the last year.  We import purchase invoices from a third party programme called Synergist which also has three companies to match Sage, and…

  • Automate your data entry

    AutoEntry is an intelligent, cloud-based solution which eliminates data entry, so users never have to manually enter invoices or receipts again.

    Capture and analyse scanned and photographed paper documents, automating data entry into your accounting software…

  • Visual Integrator job to import employee rate changes.

    I have a CSV file with new employee pay rates for a couple hundred hourly employees.  Is it possible/advisable to import the new rates with a visual integrator job, and have the change appear on the "Pay Rate Change Report".


  • Import des MFC dans la Trésorerie 100C


    Dans la Trésorerie il est possible d'importer des MFC (Mouvements Futurs Comptables) .

    Notre seul client qui effectue cette manipulation a un message d'erreur : Erreur Cohérence ou l’import ne se fait pas.

    J'ai appelé…

  • Erreur a l'import: Le fichier CSV que vous tentez d'importer est trop volumineux.


    J'essais, en vain, d'importer des factures avec l'option import d'ecriture rapides.

    Lorsque je selectionne mon .cvs (qui a literalement seulement que 2 lignes), j'obtiens ce message d'erreur (voir titre)

    Mes entetes de…

  • Company Library Directory Missing

    I imported a bunch of company records, but none of them have a Comp_LibraryDir value. Any ideas on how I can get that to populate or fill in myself through SQL?



  • Import Excel in SageX3 v12


     Nous utilisons dans la  grande entreprise où je travaille Sage X3 comme ERP, dans lequel nous stockons un nombre incalculable d’informations que nous générons d’abord dans Excel.

    Je cherche un plug in ou quelque…

  • Invoices/credits notes import : payment terms


    It's impossible to import payment terms.
    Some customers would like to do it.


    F POLI

  • Time Tracking

    Good day 

    We are unable to import our monthly time sheets and Your Call center is no help.

    Please assist 

  • Scheduled Credit Card Import Job Aborting/Canceling frequently since upgrading to V12P26

    The Import job which was setup several years ago has been working like a charm and kicks off about 4 am.  Lately, it's been failing once or twice a week.

    The job has been setup as a Group of Tasks starting with the Import of Visa/MC, Amex, Disc,PayPal…

  • How to Import New Inventory Items into Sage Evolution ERP version from Excel?

    I am trying to create new inventory item codes on Sage Evolution ERP version I want to import the data from excel into Sage. (I have previously done this on Sage One). 

    Please advise if this is possible. 

    Thank you

  • csv file uploads in reverse order

    Hi - We just updated to Sage 300 2020 from 2014 and use CSV files for exporting and importing sales orders between Sage and our warehouse Access db.  For some reason, some of the shipped quantities brought back into Sage come in with quantities in reverse order…

  • Echec import écritures comptables fichier déséquilibré

    Bonjour la Communauté.

    J'ai créé un import paramétrable pour importer le fichier CSV de mes factures de vente issu de mon outil de gestion commerciale. Le format d'import fonctionne. En revanche lors de l'importation, le fichier est rejeté car…

  • VI *.SQL Files Are Not Being Migrated To 2021

    I have seen two different upgrades affected by the *.SQL files under MAS90\VI failing to be migrated to the 2021 MAS90\VI folder during upgrades.

    Anyone else encountering this?

    The manual solution is to just copy them but I don't recall having to do this…