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  • How to adjust opening balances after exiting History Mode in Sage 50 CA

    We're coming up on year end and many of you may be working to update transaction entries into your Sage 50 CA company database. Have you been working in Sage 50 CA a few months, exited History Mode and realized that your opening balances need adjusting…

  • History mode

    Hi all,

    I'm entering historical A/R entries into Sage 50 and have entered up to December 31 2018 (Year end is July 31 ). Now when I have tried to enter more historical entries into January 2019 it will not let me go past Dec 31, 2018. I entered into a…

  • Can not leave history mode

    Hi There,

    All finished entering all the historical data into the program and my chart of accounts is all balanced however when I try to leave historical mode, the following memo pops up:

    Checking Customers...
    The sum of your Customers' information does…
  • Doing Payroll while in History Mode

    Your new company database does not yet include your former payroll data.

    Sage 50's history mode allows you to enter this missing information.

    Closing history cannot be undone, so be sure to make a backup beforehand.

    Enter Historical Amounts from…

  • RE: Square Processing Fees

    I did as suggested, but I still get this error when trying to leave History Mode and process all of my first months transactions - can you help?

  • Sum of vendors and customers doesn't equal balance of 2100 & 1200 due to using foreign currencies


    When I finished setting up a new company using set up guide, I cannot leave history mode and I had this message:

    CAD Balance
    $0.00 Total Outstanding Canadian Dollars Invoices
    $0.00 Total Outstanding United States Dollars Invoices (US$0.00 USD)

  • RE: Opening Balances for New program setup SAGE 50 2015

    $17,958.38 Total Outstanding Invoices

    $20,370.93 Current Balance of 1200 Accounts Receivable

    Basically you need to tell Sage 50 which one of the amounts is true:

    1. You're missing 2,412.55 worth of Sales Invoices - Enter the Historical Invoices so that…
  • Finish Entering history question

    I have set-up a company in Sage Simply canada but still waiting for my opening balances from my accountant.  Can I start entering transactions while still in history mode?  if so, how long do I have?

    can I hit "Finish Entering History" and go back later…

  • RE: Cant post opening balances in chart of account.


    Usually when you create a new company the database is automatically in history mode. In that mode you can enter opening balances.

    The program will basically post one sided entries into the accounts and sub-ledgers as of a day before the fiscal…

  • History Mode Does Not Advance

    When attempting to "Finish Entering History" I get the following message

    Checking Vendor....

    This module cannot leave history mode because the 'Prepayments and Prepaid Orders' linked accounts is not defined.

    As it stands Vendor linked…