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  • Shortcuts in Favorites Menu on Desktop won't open

    I have many, many shortcuts set up in my Desktop Favorites.  All of a sudden, a few of them don't open. In fact, not only do they not open, but they lock up the desktop application.  The only way I can get out is to go to task manager and force Sage…

  • Sage CRM 2021: How a user's Favourite Records are stored in CRM.

    In the screenshot below, you can see that a user has selected certain records as their favourites.

    When a user marks a record as a favourite, an Ajax call is made from the interface to insert a record into the database table 'UserRecords'.


  • Sage CRM 2021 R2: Fixing the "Favourites" feature for a Custom Entity

    Sage CRM has a great feature — Favourites. All primary entities have the ability to mark them as favourite and access them easily from user Favourite list.

    We can extend this feature for custom entities as well. If you have used Advanced Customisation…

  • CRm 2017 R1 Favorites

    Hi Does anyone know how to remove the favorites "star" from the topcontent on a custom entity?

  • Favorites Disappearing

    Good Day Friends! 

    I work for an MSP and we support the Sage products. A few of our clients are experiencing issues with the Favorites menu in the Sage client mysteriously disappearing every few months or so and we have to re-open the favorites file from…

  • Can you add public items to Favorites using the Standard Desktop in Sage 2017C?

    Can you add public items to Favorites using the Standard Desktop in Sage 2017C?  According to the help documention Items added to the Favorites group are saved locally based on the Windows user name and password used to log onto the workstation.

    In the…

  • Saving a Report to Favorites in PU9

    We are currently going through the upgrade process from X3V6 to PU9 and are looking at the different ways that we can make certain reports easier to access. In the past using V6 we were able to favorite Reports>Reports and simply change the "Variant"…