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  • Export data from Sage 50 CA using SDK

    Hi all,

    Is there anyone has an idea to export the data from Sage 50 CA? I was looking at the method w the class "CustomerLedger" but it has only the Save method it does not have the get method, Please let me know if you have any idea of hints to solve…

  • Intermittent "[ProvideX][ODBC Driver]Internal error"

    I am encountering an intermittent "[ProvideX][ODBC Driver]Internal error" within an Excel workbook containing several worksheets, each of which contains a Microsoft Query (MSQuery) to various Sage 100 Advanced v. 2019 PU 2 files/tables. The query results…

  • Exporting Data from Sage 300 Pervasive SQL Database on a Recurring Basis

    We are working with a company using Sage 300 on a Pervasive SQL database. 

    They are interested in exporting data such as GL, AR, and AP transactions and other table information, such as accounts, customers, and vendors. 

    I'd like to know if there are any…

  • Sage 2019.2 - Get Open Invoices using Query?

    Hello would like to know if it's possible to get a list of all open invoices using  SDKDatabaseUtility RunSelectQuery command?

    I've looked around here and also the DataDict but can't really find what tables I need to link to get this data.  Any…

  • Importing Journal Entries affecting cash into the Cash Management module

    I import journal entries (JE) into the General Ledger module, some of which affect cash accounts. However, they do not depict on the Cash Account Register in the Cash Management module.  I have to manually re-enter the JEs via the "Enter Bank Transaction…

  • OE import error "Negative Inventory Levels"

    Hi All,

    I have performed an OE import successfully in most of the cases. However, I have encountered the captioned error for some items at zero stock level at the moment which could be imported as OE successfully for one OE, but not the others at different…

  • The values of "Category" in timecard import sheets


    I need to know the values I should use for "CATEGORY" in time  card import sheets,,,,can someone help pleeeease?


  • Is it possible to import employee pay into Sage using the SDK?

    Is it possible to use the SDK to import employee pay into Sage? I'm thinking it would need to be able to create paychecks but if anyone knows of a better way for employee pay please let me know. I know you can import employees but I want to take all their…

  • What is the process to create Purchase Orders or Sales Orders via uploading a .csv file?

    I am a new user of Sage 50. I am trying to figure out how to create Purchase Orders or Sales Orders in Sage 50 via uploading an excel file (or CSV). Any help would be appreciated.

  • Sample ODBC/SQL queries for getting Sales Order information, Customer Information, and inventory information?

    Can anyone offer any sample SQL scripts for getting information, such as Customer Information (given a customer ID), sales order information (given a sales order number or customer ID), and/or inventory information (given an Item ID) out of the database…

  • Import Inventory Control Preferred Vendor flag is not working, how do you mass update preferred vendor in the vendor details?

    I am struggling with importing the preferred vendor field in IC Vendor Details, even when I export and force the field to Yes (Check box)  on re-import it still does not update the required field. When I check the ICITMV table that field does not even…

  • What is the template I need to use for uploading a bunch of assets from excel to Sage?


    is there a specific upload template I need to use to get my excel spreadsheet assets  into Sage?



  • GL -> Account Inquiry -> History Best way to extract similar info for external report

    I'm looking to pull the current balance of the GL for each account, basically exactly what is in the History Tab of account inquiry.  Whats the best way to accomplish this? I've looked around the GL tables for any sort of summary. Will I have to sum…

  • EFT 2015 versus SAGE 50 2015.3

    Est-ce qu'il est possible d'exporter les informations de l'onglet Débit pré-autorisé de SAGE 50 vers EFT 2015?

    La connexion avec la compagnie se fait correctement pour les clients; fournisseurs et employés. SAUF que l…

  • How can I export any/all the email addresses in paperless office?

     I would like to have a list of all email address associated with every account, but I am not aware of a method to do this.

  • dbClient.GetConnectionInfo(szFileDir, szHost, szPort) parameters

    I'm writing an application in VB.NET to run custom queries against the Sage 50 database. I've gone through the SDK manuals, but have some additional questions while walking through the sample code. We run the connection manager on the server and install…

  • Bulk Import of Items in I/C

    I'm wanting to add about 600 items to an already existing list of products in our datasbase.

    So, I exported 3 lists:

                    I opened I/C “Items”. I created a script that would contain all the columns we use in that first tab (of the Items Module), and the…

  • Vendor Price Lists


    Is there a way to import Vendor Price lists from excel so that the prices are updated for existing products and so that new products are added into inventory?



  • Vendor Selling Price Upload Question

    Hello, would like some help/advice.

    We uploaded a vendor selling price file into BV and there were about 8000 parts.  We later found out we only use 1000 of the parts therefore the system updated 7000 additional parts.  Is there an easy way to delete the…