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  • 100E - Sage 100 - Object Interface Course


    I want to read and write data in sage100 database, so after some research I found out this course for reference.

    But just need to validate that is this course really guides on how to read and write back data to Sage100 database or not?

    This is the…

  • Read & Write data in Sage100 using Business Object Interface


    I am new to Sage100 and customer is using Sage100 advanced which comes with ProvideX ODBC driver which only allows to read data from Sage100.

    I did some research on the functionality to write back the data in Sage100 but was not able to find any supporting…

  • Can you use Crystal Reports to change the value of fields in Sage 300 CRE...?

    If this is not possible what would the best way to accomplish this?

    I have the Certified Class description i want to assign to the Occupation field on the Master Employee Record, we would like them to match and currently they do not.



  • Creating upload files for Arcoro...

    We are in the process of moving to Arcoro HR and I have been building imports for this.

    Two of the imports concern pre/post 2020 employee tax info, and some of the data required is Year, Additional Withholding, Filling Status for that year, Exempt or…

  • SYSTEM Backup files - SMUSERTASKS - filie is approaching 10 MB on server

    SMUSERTASKS - if this is too technical of a question we can ignore it(delete).

       As a BW user for 28 years our file SMUSERTASKS has grown to nearly 10MB and takes 4 to 5 minutes to backup or restore (SYSTEM backup) . Should this file be this large and…

  • Sage 100 Premium 2020 SQL Server Transactional Replication for Reporting

    Version: Sage 100cloud Premium 2020 (Version

    Additional software: Scanco Operations Management & Multi-bin, Some custom DSD programming

    Hello all! First post here. Looking for some assistance when it comes to replicating data for reporting…

  • How do I join STOJOU to GACCCODE?

    I am looking to join the two above tables, According to the data models, the join is supposed to happen like this: 1;ACCCOD. How is that supposed to work if STOJOU doesn't have any accounting code? Also what does the 1 mean in the data model? Any and…

  • SDK invoice 0 $

    I import invoices with a c# program that I made using the SDK. It's working fine, but time to time I need to create an invoice with 0$ total. I'm able to create a sales order and manually transform the sales order to an invoice. Is there a way to do…

  • Fail to use SDK to import Sales Order in Peachtree Accounting 2012

    I fail to import Sales Order into Peachtree Accounting 2012.

    My Peachtree information:
    Release: Sage Peachtree Quantum 2012

    Error Message: The supplied property path 'InventoryItem.ID' has too many levels. Only a single level is supported…

  • Job related PO Receipts getting the error "Damaged data. Receipt. Table PORCPH1 not found."

    Project and Job Costing (Job related) PO Receipts getting the error "Damaged data.  Receipt.  Table PORCPH1 not found.". All other PO receipts have no issues. Please help us to solve this issue. Our Version is Sage 300 ERP 2019 and Database is Sql…

  • How can I go about joining the SINVOICED table to the STOJOU table?

    As seen in the subject, I am looking to join the STOJOU table to the SINVOICED table without the use of the ITMREF column. Data models show a one way arrow from STOJOU to SINVOICED with VCRNUM;VCRLIN. I am unsure of what to do with that, with VCRNUM only…

  • Export data from Sage 50 CA using SDK

    Hi all,

    Is there anyone has an idea to export the data from Sage 50 CA? I was looking at the method w the class "CustomerLedger" but it has only the Save method it does not have the get method, Please let me know if you have any idea of hints to solve…

  • 500 or more new GL Account import

    I am going to use an excel file and only need to enter new GL Account numbers and description of the each account.

    What should I name the 2 columns in the excel spreadsheet so that  GL import process will except it? 

    Is there a sample GL Account import…

  • Sage 300 Data Activation

    A data dump was made and restored on Sage 300 ERP. At the point of opening sage the below error message were gotten with the list of modules which are already installed.

    sage 300 has detected module update inconsistencies that requires activation. The…

  • Table for Recent activity Log

    Can anyone tell me is there any table where I can query recent activity (Insert, Update) in Sage 50 ?

  • Bank Import Error

    Hi When I imported one transaction to see how reconciliation works, i got the below error. It says 1 updated but It does not reconcile that transaction, please could someone throw some light ?

  • Importing Bank Statements to Reconcile Bank Account


    I want to import bank statements into Sage 300 - I am not sure what the below fields do and what their exact column name would be for my import file. Could someone please help ?

    Cleared Y/N - Integer   (Column Name ?)

    Used Y/N  - Boolean    (Column Name…

  • SAGE x3v11 ACGGRP field description

    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking for the description of this field:

    Table - FXDASSETS field ACGGRP_0
    The description must be similar, but I have not been found a table yet with this description, please someone has an idea where I…
  • Intermittent "[ProvideX][ODBC Driver]Internal error"

    I am encountering an intermittent "[ProvideX][ODBC Driver]Internal error" within an Excel workbook containing several worksheets, each of which contains a Microsoft Query (MSQuery) to various Sage 100 Advanced v. 2019 PU 2 files/tables. The query results…

  • Unable print _Manual check and payment register_databace connector error


    There is error message on the Sage100 as shown below. 

    How to fix the error?

    Thank you in advance for your help!

  • Oops, skipped a database conversion!

    We've skipped a database conversion during multiple upgrades (2017 to 2021), and now the database shows as "incompatible" and cannot be converted. The recommended solution is to get Professional Services involved. I'm wondering if I could start over with…

  • Exporting Data from Sage 300 Pervasive SQL Database on a Recurring Basis

    We are working with a company using Sage 300 on a Pervasive SQL database. 

    They are interested in exporting data such as GL, AR, and AP transactions and other table information, such as accounts, customers, and vendors. 

    I'd like to know if there are any…

  • Importing Transactions into Project and Job Costing


    I am getting the below error message when i try and Import transactions into Costs under the PJC transactions. The Error mentions PM0420 which either has to do with Document Number or Line Number, but I am not able to resolve this error  - Could someone…

  • error, "SqlDateTime overflow. Must be between 1/1/1753 12:00:00 AM and 12/31/9999 11:59:59 PM"

    In Database Admin, restoring a Client's backup, I am getting an error, "SqlDateTime overflow. Must be between 1/1/1753  12:00:00 AM and 12/31/9999 11:59:59 PM"

    What is this?

    I write reports, and get client databases to work in. This is the…

  • How to Import part of a previous database into Timeslips 2020?

    Need to import a Timeslips 2007 database into newly installed Timeslips 2020. Do not need much of the old data, but do need last several years of data. Is there a way to export the 2007 data and edit it before importing it to 2020?