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  • Sage 300 - sql query for recalculating AP Balances - reconciling to GL

    Hi, I am trying to determine why my GL and AP control accounts dont balance.

    Yes, I know I can isolate GL only transactions from my control account, but I would like to build a more robust answer.

    To this end, I would like to build a query in sql views…

  • EFT 2015 versus SAGE 50 2015.3

    Est-ce qu'il est possible d'exporter les informations de l'onglet Débit pré-autorisé de SAGE 50 vers EFT 2015?

    La connexion avec la compagnie se fait correctement pour les clients; fournisseurs et employés. SAUF que l…

  • Vendor Price Lists


    Is there a way to import Vendor Price lists from excel so that the prices are updated for existing products and so that new products are added into inventory?