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  • Importing long list of items into O/E

    Hi Sage City,

    I work for a company that sells imagery to companies that print and frame, as such our inventory is huge, we have upwards of 50,000 different items. Customers will order upwards of 2000 at a time which means our sales team is forced to spend…


    I wish there was an easy way to import an excel spread sheet with just two pages of data for one sales invoice.   Or that there was a template already set up - seems like way more work to set it up than to just type in the data within a sales invoice.  Can…

  • Open Invoice

    Invoice has been paid but still shows owing and doubled.

  • VI Import of A/P Invoices using AP Expense Distribution Table

    Our client has a system in place that kicks out a dept code.  This department code has been directly linked to a G/L account by utilizing the AP Expense Distribution Table (Code 5 on the Distribution Table is equivalent to the G/L account we want to import…

  • POR Optional Fields

    Good day,

    I am integrating my data into sage accpac. How ever I get the below error


    Purchase Order Line

    Attempt to change read-only field 'Optional Fields'.


    My Question is how do I change Optional Fields to be not read only?


  • ODBC Time Compare

    I'm trying to do a compare of Sage 100 TIME (hours past midnight - fractional) column in a SQL WHERE statement. I was able to get the DATE field to work with {d '2021-09-16'} but there doesn't seem to be a [t '17.500000'} like scalar function for…

  • Where can I find the received qty from a PO?

    As seen above, I am looking for received/delivered qty from a Purchase Order. Is it the Received STK or PUR in the PORDERQ table? so far I have been using received stk, but am unsure if that is correct

  • Sage 100c Premium (SQL) Disaster Reocvery

    I'm confused about the relationship between Sage data files and the SQL database. If a server dies, or gets ransomed, my first step will obviously be to reload the application server from backup, then the SQL backups. There is potential for different…

  • Incorrect Inventory Data (Deleted data is still here)

    I am using Sage 50 2021 version. Last week, I discovered there was a stock-in purchase journal in May was wrong so I deleted it. There was error message but eventually I got through it. Today I found out the inventory data is incorrect. If I run report…

  • Restore the Sage 300 System Manager

    Hello Everyone!

    I am currently learning Sage 300 2019. While using it, I accidentally deleted the Sage 300 System Manager, which contains : Common Services and Administrative Services. Can anyone please show me how to restore it?

    Thank you in advance…

  • Clearing Client Paid Transactions with Sage 50 Cloud, how?

    HI all,

    Our business has some long term clients, with a huge list of invoices and payments.  To prevent the client statement from getting too long, every year we clear the old data, to reduce the length of our receivables->client aged report.  We need…

  • Restore

    I replaced computer, reinstalled Sage Pro Accounting 2011, when I tried to restore payroll files I recieve error message " the file you selected is not a valid Peachtree backup file. Please select another file." backup file has .ptb extension any suggestions…

  • Call stored procedure using a button on Customer Maintenance

    We're looking to build a function to push newly entered customer data (for new account setups) out to an external database for one of our in-house programs (both Sage and external are on SQL 2016). What our developer is suggesting is using a stored procedure…

  • Payroll Importing

    We outsource our payroll to a payroll service. I need to find out how to set up a template so I can import information from them into Sage 50. I am having to create Journal Entries for about 75 employees every 2 weeks. This just seems so time consuming…


    Where can I find the job cost upload file?

  • Database setup : Unable to connect to database error 49153

    Hello Everyone, I am currently learning Sage 300 2019.

    I did install all the software and setup the database as seen on the textbook Using Sage 300 by 2017 Christine A. Heaney.

    After I setup the database in SQL Server Management Studio, for two database…

  • Error message

    Why does the error "abra32.exe has stopped working" appear?  It then closes out the system so it needs to be logged into again.  Any ideas on why and how to fix this?

  • SY_Message corrupted during upgrades to v2021.1

    I see this on two new upgrades to v2021.1 Standard (both on SPC, but that may just be a co-incidence).

    Edit a Role and I get this prompt when saving: (SY_RoleApply.Y2)

    But this is what I "should" see:

    Similarly, with the Document Date warning…

  • VI Export Job - Conditional export of two data fields into one column with different verbiage

    Running Sage 100 v2018 and have a similar issue that was resolved about 6 months ago..."VI Export Job - Conditional export of two data fields into one column" originally posted by SO1.  My situation is similar with a twist.  I am looking to export…

  • Merging Companies

    Has any come across this problem?

    I am trying to merge 4 Company Divisions into one company to get grand totals.

    It constantly tells me that I can not merge dues to short years being deleted.

    First, this is false as all are the same and second, if merge…

  • I have the Sage 50 accountants copy and I want to export entries to my client.

    When I select Accountants copy then export entries for Client nothing happens.

    How do I get it to export entries for a client. I have followed the instructions but it stops at Export entries for a client

  • Impossible de faire la sauvegarde

    Depuis quelques jours, je reçois toujours le message que mon fichier est de plus de 2ko donc la sauvegarde ne peut se faire. J'ai aussi constaté que j'ai énormément de fichiers qui se dédoublent dans podosense.saj…

  • Display Dashboard

    I was able to setup my Maintenance Wizard, but when I go into Display Dashboard, I get " Can't Reach this page" make Sure the web address is correct.

  • Updating price list item descriptions from inventory item descriptions

    Hi, I would like to update the item descriptions on all price lists to match the item descriptions in the regular I/C Items file.  If I were comfortable in MS SQL I'm sure it's not difficult to do there.

    But I believe it can also be done by exporting…

  • item at location does not match the sum of the lot quantities on order

    We have a customer that has recently upgraded to Sage 300 2021.  They encountered this problem entering a sales shipment and trying to apply Lot Numbers to it.  Although there was sufficient quantity available if they looked in either location details or…