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  • Bank Feed & Importing Bank Transactions

    I have a new consulting engagement and my client uses Sage 50. They have always waited until their bank statement drops to enter their transactions. I would like to use a direct connect or import bank transactions each day to have more "real time" balances…

  • Sage 300 - Import items to populate quote

    I want to import items into an O/E quotation. 

    I have attempted to export an existing "QTxxxxx" to use as a template, but I get an error message "Can't Append Table. Error: Too many fields defined." even when I limit the requested fields to those in "Orders…

  • how to move a check from an ap vendor to a different vendor

    So we have been paying a certain vendor for a number of years. This year, our admin created a new vendor to pay them.  So I have five years' worth of data under vendor 1 and one check from July 2021 under Vendor 2.  Is there any way I can do a credit…

  • List of invoice credits


    We need to pull a list of invoice credits for our auditors. We need the customer key, document number, date and amount. Which tables do we need to use to extract this information?


  • Error While Importing invoice to Sage 50 using SDK - "Reference number is not unique for this customer or vendor"

    While creating and saving invoice to Sage 50 using SDK i occasionally get below error message - 

    "Reference number is not unique for this customer or vendor.

    Reference number is used by another customer or vendor."

    Not sure what this error message…

  • Adding a perform with two select statements in Sage 100 Visual Integrator

    Client running Sage 100 v2018.  Trying to export purchase order information based on two select criteria that is outside standard fields.  I'm able to create a Perform for the individual selections and when I add one of the two perform functions to the export…

  • I'm trying to "Start a New Year" and get error message ... moving current year's data to last year.


    I'm trying to start my new year and I get an error message "An error has occurred while moving current year to last year. As a result, the new fiscal year could not start. Please restore from backup or run Advanced Database Check" In the…

  • Can you install SSRS on the same server as Sage as it uses (I believe) Crystal Reports?

    We were needing to have Microsoft reporting services (SSRS) on the same server as Sage 100, but as sage uses the sql database, and has (I believe?) Crystal Reports built in, would there be any issue installing the SQL Server Reporting Services onto the…

  • Importation plan comptable

    J'essaie d'importer mon plan comptable dans Sage 50 comptabilité et j'obtiens le message d'erreur suivant: "Une erreur imprévue s'est produit. Veuillez reessayer plus tard". Que dois-je faire à part attendre à plus tard !…

  • What is the best way to get a GLCode attached to either an Item or a PO?

    I am trying to join one of the following tables to GACCOUNT. PORDERQ or ITMMASTER. There doesn't seem to be many ways to get from GACCOUNT to an ITMREF_0 or POHNUM. 

    I have tried a few different options but none seem to be working. Your help, as always…

  • EZ import

    Where are the EZ import files located.  Where can I find import examples?

  • Invoices in APIBH but not in vendor activity

    Hi, we have 2 invoices that can be seen though SQL in the APIBH file but are not displayed in the vendor activity window.

    Has anyone encountered this before? Ty.

  • Copie de sauvegarde pro 2016


    Je ne suis plus capable de faire de copie de sauvegarde, et ne peux envoyer celle à mon comptable non plus...

    Est-ce que c'est parce que ma version est désuète ?

  • Simply Accounting 2010 Help

    When trying to change the calendar year. I receive an error message regarding moving payroll information to previous year. told to do a advance database check, which resulted in message that problem was detected but not fixable. Any suggestions how i…

  • Bin locations not properly syncing between Item Management and Physical Count Entry


    We've recently started populating our Bin Location from within Reorder Maintenance in order to start utilizing the Physical Count Entry screen sorting by Bin Location. The locations do not seem to sync properly between the two panels though.…

  • Overdistribution Tier Created When Un-issuing an Item

    An overdistribution tier is created when we un-issue an item from a work ticket in which the item was never originally issued and the item has an on hand quantity in inventory of zero. This scenario occurs when we create a "rework" work ticket to add…

  • Override Unit of Measure in Visual Integrator

    I'm doing an import job maintenance.

    Our PO has the field L.QuantityOrdered as 12 and L.UnitOfMeasure as "EA".

    In Sage, the Item has a Sales UOM of "CS6", which translates to 6.

    So when we import the order, the PO means 12 total…

  • Activating Payroll Modules - Historical Data for 3 companies in Sage 300 going back 12 years to current

    As a system administrator, but not familiar with the app Sage 300 app.

    I wish to activate the Payroll Module for three “Historical Data” companies in Sage 300. Need this in order to access payroll information from 2009-Current

    Just wish to…

  • Database Upgrade Issue

    New Sage 100 Contractor User. I just installed the software (single user, accessing software & database directly from server, no network). When logging in to Sage 100 it says I need to upgrade the database. When I try to upgrade the database in Database…

  • Database error (operation=REV-POST, error=229)

    We are using AccPacc to work with Sage 300.

    When we call View.Insert the error message appeared:


    Timecard Detail.

    Database error (operation=REV-POST, error=229)


  • Stock change web service

    I am trying to use the SCS object as a web service to do a stock status change.  Has anybody had any luck with this?  It accepts the XML with no errors, but it doesn't do the updates.  I am trying to move stock from a status of "Q" to "A".…

  • Sales Return Import/Export Template

    Does Sage X3 has import/export template for Sales Return. Since we have integration to third party Sales application, this is becoming a challenge on the Sales Return front. Currently its integrated directly using Web services. System is having performance…

  • Import backorder PO's New Implementation

    Is it possible to import backordered PO's ? I see the qty backorder is a field to be able to import into in VI; however when I try to use it, it fails with a message "you cannot set backordered, invalid order status". This happens when I set the order…

  • Backup Does not complete to 100%

    We have repeatedly tried to run a backup of all companies and the backup process only reaches 94%.  At that point the Backup screen is frozen and the only way to exit from the backup screen is thru the Windows Task Manager and close out the program.  Note…

  • Restore the backup and do the respective declaration for 2016?

    I had Sage accounting installed, I got employed so I closed my business, no need to accounting again on the business.  But my accountant forgot to send 'revenue de societes' declaration for 2016.

    It is possible to restore the backups I have, to…