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  • Add a condition formula to the table of Crystal Reports in Development > Script Dictionary > Reports to activate/deactivate printing of one or group of Linked report!

    When a Report code attached to Function is a Linked report (a collection of some Crystal reports to be printed at once), it would be highly beneficial to be able to set a condition formula if they need to be printed or not. 



  • Memory error on PDF printing V12

    Good day Everyone

    We are experiencing issues when printing Sales Invoices to PDF through X3. This is due to a limit on Crystal 32-bit.

    Are there any other option on Sage printing to overcome this type of issue?

    Note that the customer needs to produce…

  • Error while opening crystal report

    Getting the below error while opening any report. What could be the cause

  • Creating Crystal Reports Interactive Dashboards for Sage 100

    I have several reports in Crystal 2016. Has anyone created interactive dashboards using crystal reports? The Business Insight Dashboard is canned and not really customizable. Sage Intelligence isn't all that friendly. Your still trapped in a little box…

  • How to change Detail Width in crystal reports

    Hi Sage X3 Community!

    Hope everyones doing well.

    I have an interesting scenario...  I have a label that I'm trying to get to print to 4x6, which is working.. however it keeps printing an extra blank page, and I believe its because the details section…

  • Crystal Report Error

    I made a report with crystal report on my local, it all went well but when running on the client pc the following message appears

  • Informes utilizando stored procedure

    Hola !! como están

    Necesito generar un informe en Sage X3 utilizando un stored procedure que resuelva cierta lógica y los resultados los almacene en una tabla "temporal" que se debe poblar con cada ejecución del stored procedure…

  • JrnlRow payrollfieldnumber

    How does the jrnlrow payrollfieldnumber relate to the DefaultPayrollField table and the PayType table. Is the PayType table a new table in 2021?

  • Financial Reports Formula to get a total from multiple range in a single line

    Hi, refer to the below, row 193 is the total from row 194 & 195 What formula should I put in cell A193 if I want to sum the range as show in row 194 & 195 and it will not show or print when it is Zero? Same goes to A203.  Any advice?

  • No reports work on Sage 2020 PU2 Virtual machine. Other workstations work

    We have a Sage 300 2020 PU2 installation that works on most workstations, but one virtual machine running windows 10 Pro 64bit does not work. 

    The issue is that when we print a report - any report, it runs the database record select and then stops before…

  • AccpacPrintSetup crashing after upgrading to SAGE 2020 PU2

    In previous version, SAGE 2017. This code works fine. But after upgrading, it crashes.

    Dim oRpt As AccpacCOMAPI.AccpacReport
    oRpt = oSession.ReportSelect("APWMSSOFTRMT[APWMSSOFTRMT.RPT]", " ", " ")

    Dim oRptPrintSetup As AccpacCOMAPI…

  • Macro printing Report still prompt for Connection Auth & Parameter

    Hi All,

    I have problem with printing report from macro. 

    this is my code in macro

    this is my parameter in the Crystal Report and this is the only parameter.

    But it still prompt for connection authentication and parameter

    Is there any other thing…

  • Report Designer - custom date formula

    Hi there,

    This is my first post in Sage 300 online Community, woohoo. I find myself in uncharted waters.

    I am putting together a custom date formula, where the date has DDD field, which means 3 digits for "day in year".

    Example would be that…

  • Formula to Suppress the footer option

    I have modified the original invoice footer with 2 format options by parameter field on Bill Type for user to select the format when printing.

    Footer A for Standing Billing
    Footer B for Tenant Billing

    Below is the formula from the existing sage invoice…

  • Commitment Count - Total & Unique

    Is there a canned report (or a canned report that would require minimal manipulation) to determine the total count of commitments that were issued in any/all jobs over a given period of time?

    We're trying to determine:

    1) How many commitments were…

  • I will build custom report AR aging with addtional descripstion and project in crystal report. what table will be used ?

    [sage300erp 2018]

    I will build custom report AR aging with addtional  descripstion and project in crystal report. what table will be used ? 

  • modify original

    HI I new in the Crystal report area and I would like to modify some standard reports that came out the box and when I do this, as soon I run the parameters input change complete, How I can maintain the same format.   for example: 
    this is the original report…

  • Alter Report Sort in Crystal

    My customer wants to alter the Accounts Receivable Aged Invoice Report to sort on the Salesperson number listed in the AR_CUSTOMER (name sp?) table rather than the salesperson number in the AR_AgedInvoiceRportWrk table which is the same number that is…

  • Issue printing customized Crystal Reports when parameters


    I'm running Sage 300 V2020- Running on a VM accessed by RDP and with SQL 2017 databases running on Azure.

    I redirected the Custom Reports to the new Azure server with the SQL sa user name and passw and it's working fine inside the SAP Crystal…

  • Customize forms using Crystal report.

    Hi Guys,

    Does anyone know how to customize Sage 50 CA reports using crystal report? Version 2020

  • Crystal Report - APCHK03 does not display the cheque amount in text after upgrade to 2018

    We have a customer that has used APCHK03 for many years and then after an upgrade to Sage 300 2018, that form does not display the cheque text amount.  The report itself looks OK in Crystal.  Any suggestions?  It is a standalone machine running Windows 10…

  • TsRange and SQL based reporting with Crystal reports

    Is there an alternate method to get the same functionality as TsRange when using Crystal reports against the SQL replicator? I was thinking I could use a from-to command but not exactly sure of the syntax.

  • Crystal Reports - Linking tables from Timberline SM Data to Timberline Data Source - one table has a prefix while other does not

    I am trying to create a crystal report which will allow me to reprint a batch of open/unpaid SM invoices using information from two different tables, one from the Timberline SM Data and the other from the Timberline Data Source. 

    I have one table in Timberline…

  • Sage 300 2019 Report unable to use View Table as Data Source

    Hi All,

    Problems found when we had started doing new forms/reports for Sage 300 2019.

    Recently we found out that when using View Table as Data Source, the reports are unable to generate any results in Sage 300 2019, while Sage 300 2018 or earlier version…

  • ODBC access counts as active Sage50 users

    I'm looking a Sage documentation that says third party applications entered using CrystalReprts.UDL file counts as active users.  When I use an addon, Sage50 says the maximum number of users ....  
    Does anyone have information about this?