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  • Crystal Report Error

    I made a report with crystal report on my local, it all went well but when running on the client pc the following message appears

  • Report Designer - custom date formula

    Hi there,

    This is my first post in Sage 300 online Community, woohoo. I find myself in uncharted waters.

    I am putting together a custom date formula, where the date has DDD field, which means 3 digits for "day in year".

    Example would be that…

  • Commitment Count - Total & Unique

    Is there a canned report (or a canned report that would require minimal manipulation) to determine the total count of commitments that were issued in any/all jobs over a given period of time?

    We're trying to determine:

    1) How many commitments were…

  • Contract Billing Report Customization in Crystal

    I need to make a minor change to the L-PB Detail with Stored contract invoice format.  The CNAME in TS Billing Field Names is giving our group name instead of the Company name.  We have 5 companies and I need it to give the correct Company name based on…

  • Sage 300 2012 invoice giving error while printing

    Getting the following error message while printing the invoice report from Sage 300 2012, product update 1 on the client machine:

    Faulting application name: A4WCONTAINERXP.EXE, version:, time stamp: 0x503da4ab
    Faulting module name: ntdll.dll, version…

  • Crystal report preview issue - SAGE 300 2019


    One of the workstation, the print preview of any reports, the screen is printing at the center in a very small pages. Attachment is here. 

    Thanks in advance.

  • Forms alignment out after upgrading to from Sage 300 2012 to 2018

    Before upgrade: Sage 300 v.2012; 2 pc with 2 printer (same model), User share the same OE invoice & cn/dn Pre-printed forms on dot matrix, no problem with alignment..

    After upgrade to V.2018 – Alignment is wrong for both pc. I changed the alignment…

  • stock crystal report form

    Where do I find stock crystal report forms? I'm using 300 v2017 and looking for the most up to date version of oeinv.rpt

  • Issue with Crystal reports prompting for SQL sa password.

    We are migrating Sage to a new server. When I move over the custom crystal forms, some of them are prompting for a sa password before running. I have checked all my database connections. There is one difference between the two database connections - when…

  • Sage 2017c web screen printing

    We have Sage 300c installed and the Web Screens are accessible.

    However, none of the standard reports display on the web screen if accessing them from a workstation that doesn't have Sage workstation installed on it already. Is there a fix for this?…

  • SQL Password Prompts in -some- custom reports and intermittently Sage Inteligence

    Hi Everyone,

    Our company has ~20 custom reports setup in Sage 300 as well as a handful of Sage Inteligence reports created by our finance team. Recently, 2 of the custom reports have started prompting for SQL login credentials at the same time Sage BI …

  • Error message when trying to edit Sage 300 Certified Payroll report

    I am using Crystal Reports 2008 to edit the Sage 300 Certified Payroll report (UP71A/ENG/upcprj1.rpt).  When I open the file in Crystal, it first gives the error message, "The saved data will be discarded since one or more formulas failed to compile."…