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  • How to add a new crystal report to SAGE X3 V11

    Hello everybody

    I want the steps to add a report to Sage x3 V11 please.

  • Crystal Report DATABASE CONNECT

    How do I connect to the same database set: This is what I need to connect to.

    When I click on the left list. It is bringing in the table from different set.

  • Printing Multiple Invoices ERROR Crystal REPORT

    When I put a range invoice to print, which I do by going to an invoice and changing the parameter, I am getting the following errors. 

  • How to print multiple Report


    i need to print two report in just one click transaction. I have created two separately reports that take the same parameters. How can i to print one after another?

    As shown in the preview image I added a row in "Crystal Report" section in Dictionary…