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  • Formula to Suppress the footer option

    I have modified the original invoice footer with 2 format options by parameter field on Bill Type for user to select the format when printing.

    Footer A for Standing Billing
    Footer B for Tenant Billing

    Below is the formula from the existing sage invoice…

  • I will build custom report AR aging with addtional descripstion and project in crystal report. what table will be used ?

    [sage300erp 2018]

    I will build custom report AR aging with addtional  descripstion and project in crystal report. what table will be used ? 

  • Contract Billing Report Customization in Crystal

    I need to make a minor change to the L-PB Detail with Stored contract invoice format.  The CNAME in TS Billing Field Names is giving our group name instead of the Company name.  We have 5 companies and I need it to give the correct Company name based on…

  • Blank stock AP check printing and signature, Sage 500?

    Is there a way to print blank stock checks in Sage 500? My AP person doesn't want to use pre-printed checks. Also, how do I add a signature to the AP check print form, Sage 500? I'm so used to having source code, I was a former developer, so I'm having…

  • Issue with Crystal reports prompting for SQL sa password.

    We are migrating Sage to a new server. When I move over the custom crystal forms, some of them are prompting for a sa password before running. I have checked all my database connections. There is one difference between the two database connections - when…

  • HELP! I have no idea how to build a report in Crystal and utilize it in Sage

    I am a complete newbie to Crystal Reporting and have watched several tutorials, but they are all for stand alone spreadsheets. I have no clue how to use information within Sage to create a custom Crystal report and how to connect the two of them.

  • SQL Password Prompts in -some- custom reports and intermittently Sage Inteligence

    Hi Everyone,

    Our company has ~20 custom reports setup in Sage 300 as well as a handful of Sage Inteligence reports created by our finance team. Recently, 2 of the custom reports have started prompting for SQL login credentials at the same time Sage BI …

  • Automatically run Crystal Report & email. Sage 300 2018.1 on Windows Server 2012 R2


    The requirement is to to be able to run the Crystal Report on a preset day and email it out - without manual intervention. The report is not parameterized. I have hard coded the dates.

    Is this possible using Windows Task Scheduler or is there an…

  • Cannot change script language from VBScript to JScript

    I would like to change the scripting language in an event in a Form Script Editor, when when I change the Language pulldown menu from VBScript to JScript, I get an error dialog with the text

    Script language changed. Modify existing script's syntax to…

  • Sizing Micr Font on AP check form

    Does anyone use Wells Fargo Bank for Sage 100 check printing. They require a specific font layout size and spacing that we are unable to get. If anyone has a check form for Wells Fargo I would love to get the crystal file. Any other suggestions on fitting…

  • Reprinting Order Confirmation

    Dear All,
    I would like to reprint order confirmation with different completed status in OEORDH & OEORDD.
    So I edited the selection formula in crystal report (oeconf01) like that.

          ({OEORDH.COMPLETE} = 1 or {OEORDH.COMPLETE} = 2) or
       // order header…

  • Bin/Shelf labels


    I created a custom label report in Crystal using the Mailing Label and Report Wizard and it works well in Crystal. I saved it and am trying to open it from within Sage 300 2014 PU3 and I am getting the Error:LoadLibrary message.

    Has anyone…

  • Can I add the user name who is printing the form on the form?


    Can I add the user name who is printing the form on the form?

    Thank you!