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  • Report Designer - custom date formula

    Hi there,

    This is my first post in Sage 300 online Community, woohoo. I find myself in uncharted waters.

    I am putting together a custom date formula, where the date has DDD field, which means 3 digits for "day in year".

    Example would be that…

  • Formula to Suppress the footer option

    I have modified the original invoice footer with 2 format options by parameter field on Bill Type for user to select the format when printing.

    Footer A for Standing Billing
    Footer B for Tenant Billing

    Below is the formula from the existing sage invoice…

  • I will build custom report AR aging with addtional descripstion and project in crystal report. what table will be used ?

    [sage300erp 2018]

    I will build custom report AR aging with addtional  descripstion and project in crystal report. what table will be used ? 

  • Automatically run Crystal Report & email. Sage 300 2018.1 on Windows Server 2012 R2


    The requirement is to to be able to run the Crystal Report on a preset day and email it out - without manual intervention. The report is not parameterized. I have hard coded the dates.

    Is this possible using Windows Task Scheduler or is there an…

  • Sage 300 2017.3. Crystal Reports 2011


    My report opens in Crystal but not in Sage - it tries to open, there is a quick glimpse (flashes on the screen) of it opening and then nothing. No error message. I tried creating reports from different tables - all with the same result.

    Any pointers…

  • how to modify Crystal Sage 300 AP Ch advise to be similar to the 2 column 36 entryadvise from Sage 50.

    Client wants the cheque advise to have 2 columns on the cheque advise in Sage 300, as Sage 50 gave him 36 items on the remittance stub. (Just Doc # and Amount paid)

    How do i setup the sub report to do this?


  • New to Sage 100, need to customize some defaults and to access Crystal Reports

    I won't go into great detail but I am not getting the training I need from my employer and joined here to find answers to questions that I should be able to find myself in a normal working environment. I would like to fix the alignment for check printing…

  • Date Format

    I am building a custom crystal report off the AP Invoice Table. When I grab the APIBH.DATEINVC file, it shows 20,110,101.00. I want to convert it to 1/1/2011. I tried using the following formula:

    date({APIBH.DATEINVC}) but it does not work. Any suggestions…