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  • ROG - Answering Yes to "Do you want to receive the complete purchase order?" blanks out Item Code with UDFs

    I have 20+ UDFs in ROG entry and they have been working fine over the past 2 years.  Now managers want some of these UDF to be required.  When I mark just 1 or several or all of the UDFs in ROG as Required, no Item code appears when I select 'Yes' to "Do…

  • Optional Field Value. entering error

    Optional Field Value. Attempt to modify a different record than was retrieved.

    Im getting this error while trying to enter new value for the optional field. Kindly help.

    Thank you

  • Generate PDF from UDF and create save/email functions from Sales Order/Invoice Data Entry custom tab

    Hello everyone,

    I created an extra tab in Sales Order/Invoice Data Entry and I have a few questions: 

    Most importantly, how can I use the data that's selected and inputted here to generate a PDF or other type of document? Each of these fields is built from…

  • What is the maximum number of UDF's you can create for the Sales Order Detail table?

    In general is there a maximum number of UDF's per table.

    And is there a maximum number of UDF's that can be added to a form? In particular, I am looking at adding 120 UDF's to the Sales Order Detail line - is that possible? It will be Sage 100 Premium…

  • sage one cant export bank details

    Hi everyone.

    I am struggling to export the bank details I spent hours loading into Sage one. You can extract Allot of details but not what I need. I tried creating a user field which I named Bank account, Br code and bank name and was hoping there was…

  • fed ex Return label

    I trying to determine if MAS200 can create a RMA and also create  FEDEX Return label and send it to the cusotmer?

  • Lenght Item Description

    I there, 

        I'm new in Sage X3 V8

    My Company has large Item descriptions with more than 30 chars lenght so we need to use both description fields, description 1 and description 2, but this 30 chars limit start to make a lot of troubles for the user…

  • Document item scanned when shipped

    During our shipping process we scan all inventory from the pick sheet into shipping data entry.  I like to create a process that using a UDF will track that the item the was scanned into shipping data entry.


    Item A quantity 2   Item A we scan…

  • Dependent UDFs

    Here is what I am trying to do:

    basically UDF # 1 will have options A, B, and C.  UDF # will have options A through Z.  If opton A is selected in UDF #1 then the user will be able to select A-D in UDF #2, if option B is selected in UDF #1 then user will…

  • New to Sage 100, need to customize some defaults and to access Crystal Reports

    I won't go into great detail but I am not getting the training I need from my employer and joined here to find answers to questions that I should be able to find myself in a normal working environment. I would like to fix the alignment for check printing…

  • Change default text for a discount

    How do I change the default text for a discount so I don't have to change it each time I apply a discount while entering payments?

  • I want to start using customizer and Custom Office to be able to email forms to multiple people within a company, where do I start?

    I have been using MAS since 1987, but have never used the above features. With the demands of customers lately I need to be able to email a variety of forms to multiple people within a company. Right now it is taking way too long to scan documents in…

  • Printing Row Numbers in Takeoffs

    Does anyone know how to printing row numbers in takeoffs?

    Would be great to reference the row numbers on the printed PDF takeoff

  • Ability to change the Extend Price Calculation in Order Entry


    Is it possible to change the Extend Price Calculation in Order Entry?

    Right now, our products are sold by the item number and the length. For example, a wood pole may have an item number called,"WP". We cut the WPs based upon the customer's request…

  • Can I add the user name who is printing the form on the form?


    Can I add the user name who is printing the form on the form?

    Thank you!

  • UDF from PO Material Requisition Issue linked to Item Transaction detail UDF

    I want to link data in a detail line of PO Material Requisition Issue Entry through to IM_ItemTransactionHistory. 

    But when I try to pull a data value into the IM_TransactionPosting table, none of the Business Object sources listed are from the PO Mat…

  • Trying to update Sales Order Header UDF from Invoice Entry getting error

    I'm trying to update a user defined field in the Sales Order Header table using a script from Sales Order Invoice entry from the Table - PreWrite event. The script saves the USERCODE from the session object into a UDF in the Invoice and then tries writing…

  • Add CI_Item field to Item Maintenance

    I want to add field [Category4] from CI_Item to the Item Maintenance, but can not seem to find it in Custom Office User-Defined Field and table Maintenance.  Can anybody help with that?  Thanks.

  • Is there a way......?

    I'm trying to create a custom dialog button in custom office on the SO Entry Detail screen to show some UDFs. The button would need launch a screen that allows me to put some UDFs that are linked to the line. If I create a custom dialog button in that…