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  • No reports work on Sage 2020 PU2 Virtual machine. Other workstations work

    We have a Sage 300 2020 PU2 installation that works on most workstations, but one virtual machine running windows 10 Pro 64bit does not work. 

    The issue is that when we print a report - any report, it runs the database record select and then stops before…

  • Commitment Count - Total & Unique

    Is there a canned report (or a canned report that would require minimal manipulation) to determine the total count of commitments that were issued in any/all jobs over a given period of time?

    We're trying to determine:

    1) How many commitments were…

  • Sage 300 2019 Report unable to use View Table as Data Source

    Hi All,

    Problems found when we had started doing new forms/reports for Sage 300 2019.

    Recently we found out that when using View Table as Data Source, the reports are unable to generate any results in Sage 300 2019, while Sage 300 2018 or earlier version…

  • Sage 2017c web screen printing

    We have Sage 300c installed and the Web Screens are accessible.

    However, none of the standard reports display on the web screen if accessing them from a workstation that doesn't have Sage workstation installed on it already. Is there a fix for this?…