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  • Sage 300 financial reporter

    Hi there,

    Can someone help me out an FR function here. I am new to the FR designer.

    I am using a report template that was created before me, function is below, but it returns the date format like 5/31/2021

    =FR("PERIOD")&" Months Ended "&FR("END")…

  • No reports work on Sage 2020 PU2 Virtual machine. Other workstations work

    We have a Sage 300 2020 PU2 installation that works on most workstations, but one virtual machine running windows 10 Pro 64bit does not work. 

    The issue is that when we print a report - any report, it runs the database record select and then stops before…

  • Formula to Suppress the footer option

    I have modified the original invoice footer with 2 format options by parameter field on Bill Type for user to select the format when printing.

    Footer A for Standing Billing
    Footer B for Tenant Billing

    Below is the formula from the existing sage invoice…

  • Commitment Count - Total & Unique

    Is there a canned report (or a canned report that would require minimal manipulation) to determine the total count of commitments that were issued in any/all jobs over a given period of time?

    We're trying to determine:

    1) How many commitments were…

  • modify original

    HI I new in the Crystal report area and I would like to modify some standard reports that came out the box and when I do this, as soon I run the parameters input change complete, How I can maintain the same format.   for example: 
    this is the original report…

  • TsRange and SQL based reporting with Crystal reports

    Is there an alternate method to get the same functionality as TsRange when using Crystal reports against the SQL replicator? I was thinking I could use a from-to command but not exactly sure of the syntax.

  • Sage 300 2019 Report unable to use View Table as Data Source

    Hi All,

    Problems found when we had started doing new forms/reports for Sage 300 2019.

    Recently we found out that when using View Table as Data Source, the reports are unable to generate any results in Sage 300 2019, while Sage 300 2018 or earlier version…

  • Formulas to pull out First name & Middle Initial separately

    I am looking for a formula (in Report Designer) to pull out the first name & another to pull out the middle initial.  I know it's fairly easy to do in Crystal.  However, I'm trying to avoid completely re-writing this report. 

    Any & all help is…

  • Forms alignment out after upgrading to from Sage 300 2012 to 2018

    Before upgrade: Sage 300 v.2012; 2 pc with 2 printer (same model), User share the same OE invoice & cn/dn Pre-printed forms on dot matrix, no problem with alignment..

    After upgrade to V.2018 – Alignment is wrong for both pc. I changed the alignment…

  • SQL Password Prompts in -some- custom reports and intermittently Sage Inteligence

    Hi Everyone,

    Our company has ~20 custom reports setup in Sage 300 as well as a handful of Sage Inteligence reports created by our finance team. Recently, 2 of the custom reports have started prompting for SQL login credentials at the same time Sage BI …

  • Inserting a running total from a Formula field to OE Invoice report

    To all Sage300 Report and/or Crystal Report gurus:

    I have an item optional field that holds a number value that I need to use to compute a quantity for each line item for which I need a running total in the footer in the OE invoice report (OEINV01.rpt…

  • ..\a4wdp.c

    Datapipe report runs well in Crystal Reports preview, but when placed on desktop this error is received "..\a4wdp.c line 372".

    Copied datapipe.ini file for ICSLOW and commented out stock report and entered my report name and parameter.


  • Can I add the user name who is printing the form on the form?


    Can I add the user name who is printing the form on the form?

    Thank you!

  • Error message when trying to edit Sage 300 Certified Payroll report

    I am using Crystal Reports 2008 to edit the Sage 300 Certified Payroll report (UP71A/ENG/upcprj1.rpt).  When I open the file in Crystal, it first gives the error message, "The saved data will be discarded since one or more formulas failed to compile."…