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  • Sales report by foreign currency


    We have sales in US and CAD. For the Sales Report by Customer : Is there a way to have the information in foreign currency, instead of CAD.


  • Inventory Summary vs Group Inventory and services

    I am trying to get a download of inventory ready for our Year End. I have categorized and noticed there are discrepancies in value.

    Through Reports

    1) Inventory and services summary approx. $450.00/Inventory icon same

    2) Inventory and services list-$451…

  • How can I get a report like the Check Activity Detail report with only YTD Totals for all employees in a specified date range Using Sage 300?

    How can I get A report like the Check Activity Detail report with only YTD Totals for all employees in a specified date range Using Sage 300?

    The Check Activity detail report is just what I need with just a bit of modifications.  The report only need…

  • Slow Performance during Report Phase Job Started and Printing X3 V12

    Hi, my company is in the middle of a migration from SAGE X3V5 to SAGE X3V12. R093.001.00019

    When running a report in X3V12, the querying part (Job Started Phase with the green bars) takes an extra 1-3 minutes on average than it did in X3V5. In X3V5,…

  • Report of Additional Costs

    We add inbound freigh as an additional cost on our inventory purchases.

    How can I pull a report that tells me how much I'm spending on inbound freight?

  • Daily generated report

    IS their a way to generate a Daily report of income coming into the business. That could be sent out by email? 

  • Job Cost Detail Report

    Is there a report that shows all of the posting detail for a specific job?  I am looking for a job cost detail report that shows the detailed cost for each cost code.

  • AP Pending Invoice Register with Detail

    We have started using the enter pending invoices function. 

    How do you print a pending AP register with detail that shows the distributions so I can proof the invoices?


  • Labor Hours by Cost Codes

    I need to be able to show number of hours for the year by various cost codes but can't seem to find a report that will do that.  So for example, 1/1/2021-06/30/21 I need to see how many hours were entered with drywall cost codes, electrical, etc.  Any…

  • Sort customer by region and sales

    Is it possible to create a Report sorting the Customer by Region/Country AND by Gross Sales?

  • Union Paygroup Report

    Hello All,

    We use the Union Paygroup Report (5-1-7-31) in Sage 100 Contractor to pull information for our monthly union remittance. This report can only be run by period end or check date. I'm looking for a way to run it for the entire month (i.e. 1st…

  • Balance Sheets ran for same period don't match

    We use Sage 50 Quantum. I ran a balance sheet for period ending 12/31/20 back on February 24th 2021.  Today I ran the balance sheet for the same period 12/31/20 and the retained earnings GL is different from the report I ran in February. I am wondering…

  • NYS EO 162 Workforce Utilization Gross Wages Reporting

    Does anyone have a report that meets the NYS requirements for the EO 162 Workforce Utilization Gross Wages Reporting?

  • PO wont display amount

    When I print my PO to PDF the amount is displayed by #### symbols. Is this a formatting error? I attached a snapshot of what it looks like. Thanks!

  • Report showing jobs associated to companies?


    Within a datafolder we have numerous companies - all with jobs associated to them.  Is there a report or easy way to show what company each job is associated to or show a list of jobs associated to a certain company within a datafolder?

    Further to…

  • Sage 300 financial reporter

    Hi there,

    Can someone help me out an FR function here. I am new to the FR designer.

    I am using a report template that was created before me, function is below, but it returns the date format like 5/31/2021

    =FR("PERIOD")&" Months Ended "&FR("END")…

  • Running Quote Reports

    Is there a way to run a report in sage that lists all the pending quotes not yet awarded? The only report I can find is the Pending Delivery Orders by customer. 

  • Crystal Report Page Layout not previewing any width greater than 8.5"

    I created a Sales Report in Crystal Reports 2016 that has 20 columns of Summary and then those 20 columns have sub-reports that I have linked to provide the Details by simply clicking on the hyper-link of the Sub_Report name.  I added the Sales Report…

  • Field Section of 'Add Condition'

    If I add a condtion to a report, it lists a bunch of items in the Field Section.  How do I add an additional field to that?  Right now 'Owner' is an item in the Field for Job Lists.  But when I view the same report in our Archived database, 'Owner…

  • W2 Reports

    Is there a report or a small set of reports that I can give to our accountant to produce our W2's?  A summary of the W2 information?

  • Payroll deductions and expenses doubled?

    Hi everyone,

    I have just come up to something that baffled me terribly and I need your help.

    Since I started using Sage 50 (back in 2015) I've always printed my Deductions and Expenses Summary report and based my monthly payment to CRA on it thinking…

  • Print List of All Jobs from 2015 - present -

    Please forgive me if already answered somewhere, but I could not find it. 

    Sage 100C - I need to print a list of all jobs from 2015 - present. Just need the Job Number, Job Name, Job Address.

    This should be so simple, but I was not able to find it. 

  • Reports not present


    I recently upgraded to sage 50 pro 2021 (from 2003) and my financial and tax reports are not showing up in the report center.

    Any ideas?  Do I have to reinstall?



  • Sage Intelligent Reporting vs Liberty Reports

    I am a long time user of Sage 100 Contractor (formerly Master Builder).  I need more flexibility in data reporting from the system.  I have read that Sage Intelligence Reporting and Liberty Reports are two add-in options.  If you have experience with either…

  • Does a profit and loss report exist in Sage 50?

    Does a profit and loss report exist in Sage 50?

    Web search shows it exists in new cloud versions, but I cannot find one for Sage 50 US. If not, does anyone have one I can purchase and import into Sage?

    I would like the report to include income, cost of…